「月夜の晩に」 (Tsukiyo no Ban ni)
“On a Moonlit Evening”

A satisfying ending for a satisfying show.

General Impressions / Final Impressions

With how Netojuu is structured, I don’t think we really need a separate section for the general post and Final Impressions for this one. So instead, we’re just going to have one big ol’ wall of text to trudge through this last episode.

Starting with the second most important point (besides Sakurai and Moriko’s relationship), I was absolutely enamored with how the story finally addressed Moriko living life as a Elite NEET. Because out of all the things that I loved about this show, the one thing that really concerned me (albeit only in the back of my head) was how Moriko managed to survive after quitting her job and retreating into a mostly online-only life. I assumed she was probably living off of her savings, but when you take into account things like rent, bills, food, game subscriptions, and fancy computer peripherals, it’s a little tough to believe that simply savings would handle all of that. Possibilities of some kind of side income aside, I really appreciated the inner struggle Moriko had as she questioned whether or not the way she was living was okay. Not only did it reinforce the idea that Moriko understands that the current way she’s living life may not be the most acceptable, but in a strange roundabout way it managed to tie in her struggles in the past surprisingly well. If I were to try to describe the feeling it evoked, it felt like a perfect mix between nostalgia and reality where the highs felt great and the lows really hit you in the gut.

Transitioning back to what I think was the most important point of the episode, I can barely keep my hands still enough to type how happy I am that Moriko and Sakruai managed to overcome all their insecurities and awkwardness to become a bonafide couple. The most amazing part of it all though had to be how the episode managed to keep us hanging on all the way until the end to reveal that their relationship had matured enough for them to be secure enough to hold hands. Thinking back to the first twenty minutes or so, I remember getting a little angry with just how dodgy the story was being — the largest offense being that stupid dryer interrupting what at the time would have been the best opportunity for the two to confess their feelings for one another. That said, had I not been blind with rage I probably would have realized that Sakurai walking Moriko home (and making it all the way to her apartment!) was a pretty good indication that we were going to see some kind of happy ending by the time the episode finished. In the end though, we did get a rather romantic ending where we got to see Lili and Hayashi watch their counterparts experience the same kind of joy and happiness that they had inside of Fruits de Mer.

At the end of the day, Netojuu no Susume is your typical romance story that happens to utilize MMORPGs in an effective way of building up relationships between people who in any other situation would be one hundred percent incapable of doing so. But I think categorizing this show like that does it a disservice with just how well it utilizes some concepts of “isekai” to really change things up. With our main characters essentially living two lives, it was a blast seeing how experiences from one would intermingle with the other, eventually bridging the gap and combining those two lives into one single one. Add in a handful of extremely memorable side characters (Browai and Kanbe come to mind) who all did their part in helping move things along and you have a great setup for an extremely exciting show that’ll have you waiting on the edge of your seat for the next episode.

Anyways, thank you to everyone who have been keeping up with the posts! It’s been a blast watching this show, and I hope you guys all enjoyed it as much as I did. Stay tuned for our Winter Preview which should be coming out within the next few weeks and I hope you all have a great holiday (MERRY CHRISTMAS). Catch you later!

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  1. Worth mentioning that Crunchyroll will be showing the 11th episode/OVA when it comes out.

    Anyway, what a great show, so cute and I could really empathize with Moriko’s social awkwardness.

  2. At first i had really low expectations about this show, but then i was so utterly surprised that i quickly found myself waiting every week, just to get my 20 minutes of mori mori-san and company to warm my heart…

  3. Definitely a cute show that I looked forward to every Friday. It’s not deep or complex but the characters definitely grow on you and their short falls are so relatable. I think the relatability is also what may or may not sell the show to people. I’ve seen people say that no 30-something year olds would act the way Moriko and Yuta do, blushing and stammering like high schoolers around each other. I have a feeling those viewers, for one reason or another, don’t see themselves in these characters and so the show (which is heavily character driven) just didn’t click for them. For the rest of us, I think Moriko’s situation gives us someone we want to root for, because not only do we see ourselves in her (be it as a geek, an introvert, a worry-wort, or all of the above), there’s probably also the element of wishful fulfillment, that we can meet someone like Moriko or Yuta, who would appreciate us despite our shortcomings in the social sphere.

    1. Agreed!

      I am a bit iffy about 30 year old’s behaving like kids in many shows. Personally, I didn’t get into my first relationship until I was 20. However, I am incredibly aware that this was VERY unusual and I was super aware of it at the time. Also, as a 30+ year old woman right now – I want to see people of my age BEHAVE my age. That tends to be my biggest gripe with adults being presented as teens.

      That said, I’ve fully absorbed in Moriko and Yuta’s relationship right from the get-go. Also, as a geeky introvert the character’s were really easy for my to relate too. At the end it had all of the sexual awkwardness of shy introverts getting to know each other and ‘sounding each other out’. One thing I hate is when anime doesn’t show the physical awkwardness between not-quite-couples in anime because… irl, thats a pretty big deal.

      I loved SO much about this show (my favorite of the season actually) but I really wished that Yuta’s character had had a few more flaws. I felt he was a little -too- perfect.

  4. I’m gonna miss this show.
    Everyone’s adorable. Morimori-chan is my favorite girl for this season, and it’s been really fun and heartwarming seeing her development in each week. That goes for Sakurai-kun as well. Too bad we didn’t get to see much of other guild members in real life.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Netojuu%20no%20Susume/Netojuu%20no%20Susume%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2007.jpg
    “My 30-something former office lady can’t be this cute!”

    Also proof enough that Mamiko Noto’s still got it when it comes to voicing characters that are downright endearing.

    “You can be my wingman anytime.”

    That “suggestive suggestion” though… XD

    Anyway, a rom-com anime that has characters older than high-schoolers is a breath of fresh air (and perhaps a sign that I should be watching more of these). As much as I like the whole awkward sweetness of high-school rom-com anime, there’s already one too many anime of that genre and I can no longer easily relate to it (despite the appeal of cute high-school girls) as I’m already WAY past that stage of life. (I’m not griping because I didn’t experience those things when I was younger or had a sham romance! *sighs* OK, perhaps I am.)

    That being said, can’t wait to see Yuta and Moriko’s actual date in the OAV episode.

  6. Dream come true for every MMORPG romance out there, you can imagine now Sakurai and Morimori having their rigs right next to each other and playing like a couple <3

    Expecting another episode since it says Dec 15 is the ending date, hopefully the drier won't mess up that kiss again xP


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