「私たちの輝き」 (Watashitachi no Kagayaki)
“Our Own Radiance”

I think everyone found exactly what they were looking for. Also, if you didn’t cry during this episode we’re not friends anymore.

Final Impressions

Since I’ve basically said all I could say throughout these past two seasons, let’s jump straight into the Final Impressions.

After experiencing Love Live Project’s first attempt at bringing a group of idols to the screen, I always felt a little odd whenever someone asked me about the show. By no means was it bad, but there wasn’t really anything that spectacular about it. The girls were okay, the songs were good, and if you were a SIF Player you could feel smug as you interacted with fans who just played the game.

Fast forward to the announcement of Sunshine and you could hear me moaning from a mile away. Blinded by my “love” for our original nine, I clearly remember being super disappointed that instead of more µ’s content we were going to get nine new girls. With absolutely nothing to base that discontent on, I remember thinking how these girls looked nothing like the originals and were probably all going to have recycled personalities. I don’t know why I was so salty about this at that time, but I remember the opening episodes for the first season not doing much to alleviate that baseless discontent.

For those of you who don’t remember, I think we can all agree that the first season of Sunshine had its fair share of issues as it tried to find its pace. From Chika getting compared to Honoka to Riko being this curve ball character who we assumed would link this spinoff to the original, it definitely took some time for the show to really figure out what it wanted to do. Toss in drama that the third years had and the rather ridiculous circumstances behind it and I wouldn’t have blamed you if you stopped watching.

That said, I think there was a very clear and specific moment where the show realized what it wanted to do and where it was going to go. That moment my beloved readers would be when Aqours scored a cold hard zero during their qualifying performance. Besides being a giant surprise, I loved how it demonstrated that Sunshine wasn’t going to be some kind of carbon copy of µ’s.

And from that moment late during the first season, this second season turned into a wild rollercoaster that had me shed more tears than I’d like to admit. And while I’ll pass on re-living through all those tough moments since I don’t think I have enough tears left to handle that, I think the strongest point of this second season was the fact that there was so much “failure” mixed in with all the success. Because, without something to keep our girls grounded to reality, I doubt the story would have had the impact that it did. In addition to that, I loved how more than half of the episodes had longer than average run times. With scenes transitioning in or out of the opening or ending sequences, those few extra minutes here and there really helped in knocking out those last few tears that might have been hanging around under your eyelid.

So if you haven’t already figured it out — Love Live! Sunshine!! was absolutely fantastic. With a strong setup during its first season and an impressive finish during its second, we received a fleshed out story that somehow gave ample time to all the characters involved. For those of you who may have tapped out during the first season, I would HIGHLY recommend catching up. You’ll be happy that you did 🙂

Before I go — thank you to everyone who’s been keeping up with the posts! It’s been a blast to go on this journey and I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did. And, if you missed it, there’s been a Sunshine movie announced! Thank god there’s still a little more of our girls still coming.


  1. I watched Love Live Muse. I play SIF. I watched Love Live movie. I watched Muse’ic Forever. Yes I grew up watching Muse and I was rather sad that Aqours came in. I still support Aqours and I like how they’re different from Muse.

    Sunrise clearly stated that Aqours is the successor to Muse in season 1 episode 3 and 9 episodes later, Sunrise gave the final farewell to Muse by the blessings of Loli-KamiHonoka of Space and Time, time traveller PanaRin, the 9 members of Muse, the beach and train station and finally KamiHonoka passing the proverbial baton over to Chikan. Come to think of it, in it’s entire run, season 1 episode 12 is still the best Sunshine episode ever.

    Sunshine may not be top tier but it’s certainly fun and enjoyable to watch. Among the 3 shows, Side M, WUG and Sunshine, I look forward to Sunshine and Side M. WUG may be more realistic in portraying idol life but seriously, season 2 is being dragged into the mud by the studio. It’s really cringy to watch and I pity WUG themselves for having to go through that garbage of a studio and bad production.

    Compare Muse to Aqours, I like how Aqours have to go through blood, sweat and tears to get to where they are today and still, they couldn’t win it all. True they may be the winners of Love Live but the one competition that they couldn’t win was to prevent Ura High from closing. That I think, makes Aqours more relatable than Muse. Don’t get me wrong. I love Muse as well. It’s just that the thing that draws me to Aqours is different from Muse.

    Enough of that. Time to talk about the screenies

    Damn I need to stop reading hentai. I just can’t imagine Shitake having d- at several points during the Sunshine’s run.


    Onee-chan is not pleased. Loved her face here.

    Man… The door closure scenes started to hit home that come December 2018, I’ll be doing the same thing as well.

    This was beautifully done

    Till the end, You are still showing us why You are the perfect Aqours girl… Wait… “You is” or “You are”??? I’m confused… Damn…. 26 episodes on and I still am confused.

    It may not be as powerful or emotional as the beach side train station but it really is a poignant one. December 2018. All this will be repeated again.

    Velvet Scarlantina
  2. I agreed with you. Love Live Sunshine! has been a fantastic ride for me as well.
    Sure, the beginning of the series was a little rocky as it tried to find its identity that sets them apart from μ’s. And when it did find its own path (SS1/EP8), it was a non-stop roller-coaster of happiness, surprises and feels until the last stop. I found myself sniffing my nose or even crying for so many episodes, while cheering Chika and everyone to find their “radiance”, even if they couldn’t save their school in the end.
    Also, thank you for your reviews, Takaii. I’ve always look forward to reading this every week 🙂

  3. “No, I’m not crying! It’s just the salty sea breeze blowing into my eyes!”

    I was already steeling myself for a downright downer ending where Aqours lost despite their hardest efforts. But upon seeing the flag that said, “Love Live! Victory,” I breathed a little easier. But only for a while. Seeing the graduation ceremony for the third-years–the last batch of students graduating from Uranohoshi–seeing the classrooms, library, and school idol clubroom being empty, and seeing Aqours closing the school gates at the end of the day effectively pulled on my heartstrings.

    That said, it was heartwarming to see Uranohoshi’s students leave murals on the school’s walls and a chalk-drawn image of Aqours in one classroom (as well as learning that Shiitake gave birth to two cute puppies). Up to the very end, Love Live! Sunshine!! was still a roller coaster of emotions.

    Well, on to the last screenshot commentary for this season…

    – Ah, yes… I can finally see Riko and Rin Shibuya meeting in a park while walking their dogs and exchanging tips about taking care of their pets. (Also, a Pug? Interesting dog breed choice for Riko there. Reminds me of Frank from Men In Black, too.)

    – To quote Man With A Mission, “♪ Raise your FLAAAAAAAAAG!!! ♪” And raise it high, Mari. You’ve earned it.

    – (*sighs wistfully*) Au revoir, Aqours. T’was a bittersweet journey with you girls, but the whole thing felt like a good dream (especially that last number). Till we meet again in the movie!

    Also, a Happy New Year to everyone in RC! (It’s officially January 1 over here.) May the next year be full of great anime!

      1. Mika is (personally) the more sexy and stylish JK idol among the Cinderella Girls, but I won’t deny the “cool beauty” of Rin since I’m weak to demure girls with long, dark hair. Also, someone who once was afraid of dogs but now likes them (Riko) and someone who has taken care of a dog for quite a while (Rin)…the conversation between the two might be interesting.

        Another crossover that I’d love to see would be Yoshiko meeting Ranko Kanzaki and getting into a friendly contest of who can out-ham the other. Chuuni idols FTW!

        And since I almost forgot: Happy Birthday, Dia Kurosawa!

      2. I can’t deny that Mika herself is sexier than Rin.

        There’s this inexplicable sexy factor in Rin that makes slightly putrank Mika.

        Though we can’t deny the unholy sexy JK trinity that is Nitta Minami, Rin Shibuya and Mika Jougasaki.

        Velvet Scarlantina
  4. It’s also quite interesting how, with this finale, the fact that Aqours won Love Live! was almost a complete afterthought to all the emotion going on with the school’s closure. In fact, if it weren’t for the flag and the tiny flashback showing that they had won, it would have been easy to forget that they even competed in Love Live! at all, much less were the winners. I feel that it actually places Sunshine! a step ABOVE the first series where the focus was pretty much entirely on winning Love Live! and where winning was a HUGE deal for Muse. It really allowed a lot more focus on the characters themselves as opposed to the fact that they won.

  5. The journey through the 2nd season was just too full of roller-coaster emotions.
    In a way the story and the goal really surpasses μ’s story of brilliance.
    And can I say that Wonderful Stories was just simply awe inspiring good, and the many call backs to Aqours journey from 0.

    So as a final adieu to Aqours, thank you for your incredible journey. May we meet again in the movie.

  6. As a story, I thought Sunshine is much better than the original. The original’s second season (and even the first season) felt like the story line was jumping all over the place. It was so bad, that when I tried to watch it a second time, I had to stop because I was falling asleep.

    On the other hand, I like the music from μ’s much more than Aquors. I don’t find the Aquors’ sound as catchy.

  7. Well, I certainly think they achieved what they set out to do with this series. The dancing animation/modelling has improved quite a bit that I actually wished they remade the ones in the original series with current technology.

    Personally I still prefer the second season of the original series compared to sunshine. Not from the quality of the story, but from the tone and mood. The second season of Love Live! was silly and fun, it was also the reason I actually started following this series and SIF. The movie was still similar even with all those spices they added. Sunshine was just too serious for my taste.

    The mood is also why I’m probably one of the few who wished Chika was actually a Honoka clone. Chika’s mum at the end certainly gave an accurate description of her, and the creators of this series has certainly done a good job in showing that.


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