「野球とソロキャンプガール」 (Yakyuu to Soro Kyanpu Gaaru)
“The Outdoor Activities Club and the Solo Camping Girl”

Now that Nadeshiko is back from her trip with Rin, the Outdoor Activities Club has their next trip planned out. It was fun to see the prep-work that the club made to plan for their camping excursion to Fuefuki Park, and how much effort was put into staying warm on a budget. Their attempt to make their summer sleeping bags work in the winter weather by wrapping Chiaki up in tin foil, bubble wrap, and cardboard was hilarious, as was the end-episode practice they had using Nadeshiko as their prop to run through their set-up routine. Chiaki’s straight face as she’s heads into adversary after adversary definitely amplified the funnier moments in the episode. The in-depth details on what kinds of sleeping bags they would need for the winter was informative, and showed us Chiaki and Aoi’s understanding of camping that they weren’t quite able to act out until Nadeshiko joined.

Their trip to Fuefuki Park also gives the anime an opportunity to explore different types of camping grounds. So far, we’ve only seen camping surrounded by rural parks that are within the closest proximity to Mt. Fuji. However, Fuefuki Park has more contemporary surroundings than the campsites before it with a view of the city being the most prominent sights to see aside from Mt. Fuji’s peak in the distance. Additionally, there’s modern cafe and Hottokeya onsen nearby the park, giving the girls a chance to wind down with a few activities outside of camping thrown into the mix. One fun fact is that Fuefuki, Yamanashi is the inspiration for Persona 4‘s Inaba, so some of the city’s architecture might look a little familiar to fans of the game. Still relatively within the countryside, but it’ll give us a chance to see what role urban surroundings can play in some camping experiences.

A pivotal character to show the contrast between modern and rural camping is Rin, whose trip to Kirigamine in Nagano is closer to the woodsier surroundings of the other camping grounds we’ve seen so far. Because this is the first part of the trip, we’ve yet to see the differences between Nagano and Fuefuki’s camping destinations, but the break that Rin took at a cafe off of the highway to get some borscht does give some insight to the warm, rustic feel for the destinations near Kirigamine in contrast to the sleek, contemporary cafe that the Outdoors Club can get parfaits from. They do have live cam broadcasts on their light poles though, so that’s new fangled tech!

Aside from the two camping experiences being shown side-by-side, we get a ton of valuable information about Rin in that we get to see parts of her personal life. Her mother, like Nadeshiko’s sister, is on-board with her hobby, and even sends her daughter off as she muses about where she gets her search for adventure from. And like Chiaki, Rin has a steady enough income to anticipate the payday that let her splurge on lunch despite Fumoto Campgrounds costing so much. It should be interesting to see where the two trips go from here since they both sound like very cool destinations, and the night time cityscape sounds like an exciting new discovery for our cast.


  1. I really liked that this show did’t make Rin’s desire to go camping on her own a bad thing and the Outdoor Activities Club was accepting of her. She has changed a bit though, keeping in touch with the others as both camping trips run in parallel.

    Still, we need more talking pine cones!

    1. The way that the show handles Rin’s personality is great, she is clearly a bit of an introvert but this is simply seen as part of who she is, not something she has to be cured of.

      1. Indeed, that’s why this is true “slice of life” anime and not some drama desguised as slice of life.
        Rin also shows that you can perfectly enjoy loneliness without beeing flaged a social case, i like that.

    2. That’s one thing I really appreciate about Yuru Camp. In many other shows, Rin would have been pressured to mingle right away with the rest of the club in order for her to be integrated into the group forcefully and unnaturally. With this show, we’re given both of their paths where Rin is able to enjoy her solitude yet also want to share her moments with Nadeshiko’s group and slowly become adjusted to the idea of wanting to hang out with them too. She’s not treated like a killjoy or a problem for her desire for her own space, and that’s a refreshing take the series has with its main circle of friends.

      1. I think i want to watch more of this Anime.. Slow, peaceful, Landscape pictures

        Why not look after the “homeless” on the street, to get some tips for sleeping outside… they could use some sleeping mat

    1. It would make it easier to lay the heavier items on top of the rolling case, and hopefully find something that can secure it if its too hard to balance. Or roll it diagonally so you can give the backpack a ride on-top of the sleeping bags. Or just take a couple of Nadeshiko’s items but still have her carry a couple of her tote bags or cases.

      Though I guess they figured it’d be funny to see Chiaki and Aoi have to face the consequences of being too generous about taking all of Nadeshiko’s luggage.

      1. or (to play the cliche)

        You snap with your fingers, call “Sebas” and an Butler suddenly appears with an Helicopter and prepare the Luxus Camping site, with all stuff. Internet, TV and such.. but then why go camping? 🙂

    1. The BGM is top tier. If it’s not the cozy feel of the folksy guitar strings, its that funny kazoo that played during the goofier scenes like when they boxed up Chiaki for warmth.

  2. It is interesting that 4 episodes in solo girl is still, well, flying solo…
    though there is bond forming steadily via social media that for once work as intended…
    loved how our resident genki girl managed to stay ahead of her friends despite being saddled with big backpack instead of using hand cart…
    this show is almost perfect healing/relax one, from beautiful landscapes, to theme of freindship to amazing soundtrack

    1. That scene with the Dog in the back window of the car, let me expecting that this Car would lure her to the others, and both would meet.. But seems like she did not fall for this “Kawaii trap” distraction

      btw, Nice CGI Animation.. (the shaking of the exhaust pipe. Nice little detail there)

    2. Handcarts are great for short distances but the longer you have to go the more strain is put on a single arm & shoulder, in contrast a proper backpack spreads out the load in a better and more natural way even if the basic action of carrying it requires more effort. Even at my age I can still easily carry 20-25 kilos long distances with a good backpack but the thought of having to drag the same weight on a small handcart or in a wheeled suitcase more than a kilometer or two is a bit daunting.

  3. Today i began to rewatch Ep 01

    and it made me remembering my own youth.. in my youth i was also raised in an village with much Wood around, and i also loved to got into the Woods.. but not in the night 🙂 Alone the creepy sounds it made… But this was not the cause, because in the Woods there where also Snakes…and you never know if the next step will be the end of an small cliff..

    But anyway.. Yuru camp Episode 01, made me realize what i have “forgotten” while move to an City.. But lucky if i need these Nature memories back i just need to walk around 20-30mins

    But camping?.. Perhaps someday when i do not have any “responsibilities” on my shoulder

    1. i know these kind of shops from my youth.. It’s something like the old mom-and-pop Shop/corner shop outside in the villages.. before supermarkets rent them useless

      and you could put all your stuff on an list and then pay at the end of the month.. well with the paycheck… impossible today…

    2. I’ve come across some of these in my trips to small towns where you’ll go to a cafe and there’s tchotchkes and cases scattered around the front of the store before you can get by the counter. Usually decorations for the kitchen or living room with Curlz MT font and flowers/bees everywhere. They might have some specialty lattes, but the baked goods and tea selections are more impressive.

      In busier areas in the States, this is more commonly seen as the layout Cracker Barrel has in their entrance. Want blueberry pancakes? March through the crowds hovered over the antique toys and candies by the front counter.

  4. Isn’t weird to say this is my no.1 anime of the season? Because, deym. This anime is super comfy to watch and keeps me smiling.

    Looking forward to see all the girls camp together soon.


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