「雨雫」 (Amashizuku)

I’m not sure if my fragile heart can keep up with the pace of this show.

General Impressions

Boy, if you were expecting this show to follow the typical pace of most romance shows, I hope you’re ready to admit how wrong you were (because I am). Instead of subjecting us to a ton of cheesy moments filled with enough anticipation that you might die from an aneurism from the pressure building up inside of you, it felt like someone hit the fast forward button and hit play right at the juicy parts.

Specifically speaking, I think we have to give some major props to Tachibana for her blunt and straightforward attitude. As someone who could easily be called socially clumsy, who would have thought that her personality would be the very thing that catapulted her straight into exactly where she’d want to be? Honestly, I was downright surprised when we saw Tachibana go for it again this week when she once again attempted to express her feelings to Kondou. Besides doing it in such a dramatic fashion (soaking wet while standing in the pouring rain), I wasn’t actually sure what her intentions were since the events that lead to all of this happening kind of threw me for a loop. Thinking back to the really depressing flashback we saw right before, it wouldn’t have been all that surprising if Tachibana properly revealed her feelings and then just disappeared for a little.

But time and time again, this show has demonstrated that this isn’t that kind of show. And just how Tachibana is when someone tries to invite her out, we got to see a genuinely interesting moment as she put the metaphorical romance-ball into Kondou’s hands. Something that, as much as I thought I’d have trouble handling, wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Starting off with the most obvious thing, I’m glad Kondou didn’t leap at this opportunity in some weird or creepy way. As the older person in this situation, it’s reassuring to know that he tried his best to change Tachibana’s mind while also respecting her feelings and her decision to act on them. That said, it is tough for me to imagine someone dating someone else with a gap of over 20 years between them (28 if we’re being specific). Besides the obvious culture gap, I can’t even begin to imagine how bad the social backlash would be.

Luckily, it looks like we’re about to embark on an adventure where we’re going to find out some real deep and personal things about Tachibana and Kondou. Seeing how they each have their own demons to face, I’m hoping this show can transcend from being more than just a romance. If anything, maybe this whole romance this is a ploy to distract us as the plot tries to tell us an even deeper and more invigorating story between two individuals who are trying to overcome their inner struggles.

Who knows. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week. See you then!


  1. Or it could turn into a Fatal Attraction type of story. You never know. She didn’t just step out of the house to confirm her confession to him. She’s willing to do a lot. That said, it’s an interesting (and positive) contrast to those countless shows in which the sound of a fireworks or a passing train is sufficient to end a romance before it ever begins.

    I kind of like how Kondou sort of thinks in an ongoing stream. You’d have to be thinking a lot of random and not always coherent thoughts if you found yourself in such a situation.

    p.s. Did you happen to watch Gamers before writing this?

      1. Not really. But Tachibana is seriously serious. I think that’s just her nature however so I don’t think anybody needs to lock up their bunnies just yet. However, I’m not sure that there’s been anything thus far that’s incompatible with the show going in that direction, however unlikely. It helps make her an interesting and appealing character however. She has incredible drive, doesn’t really know what she’s doing, and is relentless in the pursuit of her prey. It’s all making for a pretty interesting show.

  2. Another beautiful episode, with the story just beginning to open out. Yes, Tendou does try to brush the confession aside until Tachibana presses him for an answer, and even then he attempts to rationalise things as you might hope a responsible adult would do, but damn it all, wouldn’t a lot of people in that situation be tempted to try it?

    Besides the obvious culture gap, I can’t even begin to imagine how bad the social backlash would be

    I wouldn’t think there’d be much social backlash in Japan other than from their immediate peer groups, which in Tachibana’s case she’s not likely to take much notice of anyway, and as for a culture gap, they do have a common interest which hasn’t been touched on yet in the anime.

  3. “maybe this whole romance this is a ploy to distract us as the plot tries to tell us an even deeper and more invigorating story between two individuals who are trying to overcome their inner struggles”

    Exactly this, this is the reason I like this story.
    Again, I would be perfect satisfied even if the two don’t end together.

  4. This is why we deseperately need more mature MC (both in age and thinking ability) to make the right pace. Kondou was brilliant on his approach on the situation: logical, but keeping the door opened, because both of them needed it, even if they’re not conscious about it. Akira’s straight apporach was also nice to see. She want this to work, period. You don’t need anything else around, just wait for the other side answer.
    The chemistry is there, and I don’t care if they remain platonic all the way, the whole atmosphere feels nice, real, and it’s a breath of fresh air from the usual pussyfied male MC (although we have that idiotic Yoshizawa to fill the trope)

  5. HalfDemonInuyasha
  6. I have to imagine that there’s some very serious stuff coming about his previous wife, or at least that’s what I perceived as foreshadowing in that quick moment where he became young again.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how they handle that topic.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Koi%20wa%20Ameagari%20no%20You%20ni/Koi%20wa%20Ameagari%20no%20You%20ni%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2015.jpg
    This breaks my heart…
    And also pulling my heartstrings away. God, Akira is gorgeous…every moment is so captivating <3 and i really love the raining season, they really made used of the elements to create this week's atmosphere! So cozy i just wanna snuggle in my blanket and get lost in the moment.
    Oh Akira….i cannot stop myself from falling for you '////'

    onion warrior
  8. “there is no way she would like older guy like me…”
    “you could have been my daughter!”
    “how can i defuse that minefield?”
    Kondou shows some very natural reactions for a decent middle aged man
    Cant wait for those 2 to get ona date.

    and last but not least:
    those eyes… those eyes!!!!!
    I’m drowning in them, and so is Kondou I think..


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