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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Hen – 07

「さくらとお庭でおにごっこ」 (Sakura to Oniwa de Onigokko)
“Sakura and A Game of Tag in the Garden”

While it may not have been much different than last week’s episode, I really appreciated that we got to see a card with a different personality than the ones we’ve already seen.

General Impressions

Overall, I thought this week’s episode was actually pretty good. All things considered, it was a nice mix of slice-of-life elements with our typical new-card-a-week setup. However, I think the personality of the new Flight Card is what really tickled my pickle. Specifically, I thought it was cool to see a card finally appear that wasn’t out to wreak havoc and/or harm Sakura in the process. Looking back at things, every single card up until this week has done something that you’d consider hostile. From locking Sakura and her friends up in an inescapable room to trying to slam her straight into a giant Sakura tree, it wasn’t that much of a stretch to assume that every new encounter would be a dangerous one for her.

But after this week, it looks like we’ve finally broken from that pattern and encountered a card that seems to be in it just to have some fun. With a ribbon like appearance that had a personality reflecting its appearance, it was cool to see Sakura exploit her strongest charm point — being friendly and open. Because even if she can do some awesome flips and can hold her own in a fight, it’s clear that she isn’t the type of person who’d go out of her way to physically fight. And when you factor that into the way she behaves while in Cardcaptor mode, it creates this awesome moment where instead of having a disconnect between the everyday Sakura, we get to see her find success just be being her regular ol’ self.

Besides the actual meat of the episode, there were also some pretty cool moments that were note worthy. Amongst all the awesome scenes with Kero-chan and Tomoe showing off all of her sweet tech (the drone was kind of ugly, but the quality from a lens that tiny was impressive), the coolest thing this week had to be when Syaoran summoned his sword. Besides looking like the cool kid I remembered from the original Cardcaptor series, it’s cool to actually have some confirmation that he’s still a capable person when it comes to handling magic.

Anyways, with the story foreshadowing a big battle to come and Sakura quickly racking up new cards, I can’t wait to see where all this leads to. Hopefully we’ll get to see sooner rather than later since it looks like we’re going to swing over to Akiho’s place next week and hopefully that means we’ll finally get some of the answers we’re looking for.

Catch you next week!



February 18, 2018 at 9:27 pm