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「㐧漆刻」 (Dai Nana Koku)
“The Seventh Moment”

The Seventh Moment has solidified the encompassing issues that have been arising with both the Yukawa’s and the True Love Society in how a lack of trust or transparency has been rippling alliances in both parties. The morale issues come at the religious cult with full force as Sagawa confides his plan with Shiomi on what exactly he plans to do with Stasis. His goals align with his general curiosity about how the founder of the Society has been able to survive as long as he did in Stasis, and his aim to surpass time through eternal existence while Shiomi refuses to let Stasis fall under anyone else’s power works to only benefit himself. While it works in Sagawa’s favor, he’s overheard by Miyao, a follower who was under the pretense of finding the stone for spiritual enlightenment, is very unhappy about the prospect of being used. It’ll be interesting to see how Sagawa’s secret will work out in his behalf given how cornered he is by Miyao and his followers who aren’t as keen on being tools for Sagawa’s immortality.

On a related note, Juri has lead most of the Yukawa’s towards their own encompassing goal of destroying the stone once they recover her brother and transport Majima’s family with her. Although this is something that her party’s current members agree with, Takafumi continues to be a wild card as his resentment begins to take hold of him while he reflects on how they’re shutting him out of the conversation to destroy the stone. Additionally, this episode cemented Sako’s allegiances as his desire to support Majima has caused his interest in working with Sagawa to waver. It’ll be fascinating to see how it all plays out with the conflicting interests of Sagawa and the Society as well as how the Yukawa’s will be able to handle both outsiders who want them to succeed and the undoing that Takafumi could do if his personality becomes a factor in their downfall.

Despite the episode being more keen on showing us the division and morale between the two parties, it was one where Majima was able to gain some form of closure in finding out her brother is still alive. Although she has endured a terrible degree of suffering with her family’s disappearance, it became the catalyst for Juri to step up to the plate, and gives her the resolve to take on the family’s responsibilities for the pain that traveling to Stasis has called. Ultimately, its her compassion and empathy that helps spear-head their campaign to destroy the stone, and restore balance so that no one could abuse Stasis for their own gain. Over time, the revelations of her family history, Stasis’ effect on those around them, and the agony that Majima bears in her situation allowed Juri to develop further as a character by taking on the mantle of deciding the fate of the stone. Their stone is in the Society’s hands at the moment, but with Sagawa getting ready to distort himself with Stasis, we’re in for a wild ride to the finish line.


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February 18, 2018 at 3:49 pm
  • February 18, 2018 at 10:49 pmZJZJ

    I didn’t really expect them to just find the master stone like this, but at the same time it’s simple, acceptable, and makes it interesting. Now I’m just waiting for the father to screw things up.
    This show has really been consistently interesting from the start.

  • February 19, 2018 at 7:16 amtsu

    this is a really great show!! It’s probably the one I’m enjoying the most

  • February 21, 2018 at 3:44 pmRenaSayers

    Every family has to have 1 loser. This is starting to look like family feud.