「少年の思い」 (Shounen no Omoi)
“A Boy’s Feeling”

Ah there’s nothing like when you get the band/party/assassin crushing super group back together. While it seems the fallout from Solution’s sly appeal to ossified authority may have to wait a week or two yet, Overlord certainly made up for it by finally linking together all (well, most) of this arc’s key players in an amusing fashion. It may have been an episode for the chitchat and philosophical musing, but that doesn’t mean the fun and games aren’t close at hand.

Arguably the most intriguing part this week wasn’t so much bringing together Sebas, Climb, and Brain as the talk of mindsets and talent versus effort. This debate always comes up in one form or another in every walk of life; whether due to logical simplicity or momentary ignorance we always tend to treat talent as an end all be all, the binary determinant which predicts all matter of success and failure. Such thought, however, is naïve because talent is nothing more than a head start. Sure a talented individual can reach greater heights than the eager upstart, but if that guy doesn’t invest in his talent (i.e. improve it through effort), the upstart putting in the effort will eventually become better than him. Climb for example may be the upstart in question, but his determination and drive is why no one (including Sebas and Evileye) ever refuses to help him. That singular focus ensures Climb will only keep improving, and while he may never become as great as say his idol Gazef, he will be able to outmatch those who’ve grown complacent and make it through scenarios others can only dream of. After all Brain, for all his latent warrior talent, buckled under the weight of certain death when Shalltear came knocking last season, and yet Climb stood firm (well, mentally firm) in a similar situation. As Sebas succinctly put facing death shows the true measure of a man, and Climb proudly displayed his for all to see.

What makes this life lesson the more impressive was who was doing the teaching. We knew about Sebas’ honour from rescuing Tuare for example, but his brief lesson with Climb and accepting the help of retainer and warrior both showcase a level of chivalrous manliness not at all expected from a member of Ainz Ooal Gown. Treating humans fairly and aiding them when it helps Papa Bones out sure, but actually giving time and energy with no clear benefit in return? Now that’s just awesome. Whether due to Sebas’s nature (and his creator’s influence) alone or more recent development is unclear, but it further reinforces the idea that Ainz’s Floor Guardians and Pleiades are not living in a void, that they will change over time as new situations and experience make their presence felt. As mentioned last time Ainz is going to love seeing what Sebas is getting up to, and while the head butler may have to tone down his courteous acts (or at least tune them more towards benefiting Ainz Ooal Gown) once Solution’s call is investigated, don’t expect these pleasantries to simply disappear. I still wager Sebas, much like the new and improved Cocytus, is going to quickly become the new face of Ainz Ooal Gown’s public relations strategy, grumpy blonde maids be damned.

In the immediate future, however, it’s party crashing time as butler, warrior, and retainer head off to show us their stuff. Whether as fun or not as watching Sebas catch daggers while helping struggling apprentices is up in the air, but I do know the results are going to be glorious.

Random Tidbits

Lakyus may not be Darkness of Konosuba infamy fame, but damn can she channel her inner masochist on request. Extra points for Evileye, Gagaran, and Climb all taking the playacting seriously too, now that was perfection.

Also who can forget Gagaran: “you praise me, we do snu snu—god wills it.” 10/10 would fear again.


      1. Evil eye’s somewhat a chuuni too so, but Lakyus’s sword is a Show Spoiler ▼

        and though it wasn’t shown in S1, Khajit’s orb of Death is a sentient magical item created locally that was awed by Ainz death aura(currently it’s in Hamsuke mouth). Yggdrassil items are high spec, but they can’t become sentient as far as I know.

        So yes Lakyus is just being chunni

      2. @Devastator001
        About what you said about the sword
        Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Yupp pretty much fantasizing, I took it as Lakytus role playing for the day when she can actually use that sword for real. Nothing wrong with it of course, a healthy imagination can often keep you focused on the task at hand 😛

  1. The new members of Blue Rose might be my favorite yet. Fun combination with warrior and mage. I hope it turns out the mannish warrior woman has tons of adventurer beefcake on the side, that would be the cherry on top for me.

    Also, was it just me or did the anime skip that bit in the manga where Sebas explained Tsuare’s situation and asked Climb if his mistress could safeguard Tsuare? I missed it, since it muddied the waters slightly on whether Sebas was teaching Climb for his own gain or not.

    1. Yeah the episode definitely skipped over that part, although IMO leaving it out made Sebas’ training seem more chivalrous than he otherwise would have been.

      Also agreed on the characters, Evileye and Gagaran bantering this week (not to mention Lakytus’ little bit of playacting) just bumped them up a few notches in my book.

  2. Pretty tame one although there is a small difference in how his teaching is done here. Granted, it was most likely done out of convenience but in here it seemed like he was just directing a chilling aura in order to freeze the opponent while obviously missing as well. The novel on the other hand had it as a feeling of impending doom, in which the punch was an illusion created by his killing intent.
    They also removed some explanation Show Spoiler ▼

    Evileye is still as cute as ever and will only become more adorable when stuff goes on 😛

    1. Sebas was definitely missing on purpose, although given his power he never had to actually hit as putting the fear of god in Climb was enough. Makes it all the more impressive because it shows Sebas has a soft side and is only willing to push others as far as they’ll go plus a few extra steps—perfect teacher material.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20II/Overlord%20II%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2008.jpg

    Props for madhouse doing a decent job on Lakyus’inner chuuni

    I guess it was expected that a fair bit was lost in the transition from novel to anime, but in the novels, Evileye and Gagaran were genuinely worried about Lakyus and were preparing countermeasures in case she turns to the dark side ^.^

  4. Lakyus is chuuni
    Gagaran is out to take cherry from Climb
    but Climb entirely belongs to Princess, so much that he can challenge death
    and Sebas is one tough hombre. Cant wait for final fight of “his” arc to just show how much he outclasses those poor “adamanbandites”.

  5. I do think Overlord has some interesting things to say about talent. After all, it’s certainly true that Climb could overtake many talented warriors with enough effort and good mentors, but… that’s human talent.

    No matter what Climb does, he’s never going to reach the level of a vampire of black knight or lich. Brain, the second most talented man in the kingdom, is nothing compared to a Floor Guardian.

    Nazarick stacks the deck with inhuman talent. Dragons do too. So it’s interesting to explore that our villain-heroes are just… impossibly better not through any kind of talent, and to explore that with a variety of interesting human side characters.

  6. ep 09:

    This Show still has surprises for me, i like it. I did not speculate this reaction (well i miss Ainz-samas face to be honest) and the other surprise.. i was thinking of something different with her.. The key factor for me is or was her forehead medallion. But good play here, and i like it

    1. Overlord 2 with this Arc climbed my Top 3 watching Anime these season.

      My Top 5 Animes

      (old – new)
      1-1 Darling in the FranXX (The Anime Story is alive)
      3-2 Overlord 2 (protecting the innocent)
      2-3 Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho (the Seiyuss and characters are alive)
      4-4 Yuru Cap (out of the Box refreshing Anime)
      5-5 Mahoutsukai no Yome (Wonderful Magic and colors)

      of course i also have others on my list, but i do not want to bore you to death

    2. to be also honest here. i was expecting this arc from GATE, too
      When they storm the Castle and on their way they free the slaves he took in… But they made an cut and left all this out..

      Now i am getting it from Overlord 2.. Justice and protect the innocent and give them an new life.. GATE you had your job…

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20II/Overlord%20II%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2006.jpg
    I know i am a bit late, but i want to write my speculation of this Sword..

    This Dark matter.. Ups. i accidentally spied it out.. Yes, what we see here is perhaps the mysterious Dark Matter that exist and are part of our Universe, we can not see.

    She as the wielder need these magic tools to not lost herself to the Sword, to keep it at bay.. She is the Master of the Sword not the other way around

    i think/speculate

    Well lets see, what the future has in store for them

  8. So…in what way exactly is Sebas not human ? Abilities are abilities, but that’s all. I’ve googled it, and apparently there is nothing monstrous about him. At all.


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