「舞い上がる火の粉」 (Mai Agaru Hi no ko)
“Soaring Sparks of Fire”

You know I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from Overlord’s romp through the baddies this week, but I can say the results were worth it. Sure we never really got to see Sebas go all out and wreck face (gut punches don’t count), and Brain’s engagement was more bluster than exertion, but never fault the show for making these moments fun. Plus it’s all topped off with an adorable new nickname for Shalltear so life is looking up. Yes, Shallty is confirmed cute name—live with it.

As has been the case for Overlord these past couple of weeks, the theme of inner strength and the importance of its application was once again front and centre. It was an excellent showcase of the talent discussions from last time, for while Climb was constantly made out to be weak, this episode hammered the point home. The kid might have all the necessary tricks and a strong knack for discerning enemy deception, but even against the weakest opponents he struggles at best. Climb might have had Succulent’s number in terms of physical strength for example, but his lack of practical experience doomed him. It was ultimately Climb’s courage and determination which kept him in the fight, a drive his enemies could never understand given their own selfish focus. Of course Climb would have died if Brain wasn’t there to save the day, but this is part of the lesson here of fighting for others: if you fight for your teammates and give your all, you will always have someone there who has your back. It may not be immediate, but mutual support builds mutual trust, and it is these bonds which ensure the team always overcomes the individual in the end.

Part of the satisfaction too (at least for me) was how Sebas again personified this lesson perfectly. While undeniably fighting now to correct his mistake of involving Ainz Ooal Gown with the Eight Fingers for example, Sebas initially went through the brothel to help remove a demon off of Tuare’s back. Sebas never went in with the intention on slaughtering everyone (as Solution would happily do), but simply to find and eliminate the ringleader. Much like Brain’s realization of using power for the sake of others, Sebas did it from start to finish and showed how the results (via the respect of Brain and admiration of Climb) can make the difference in mindset worth it. Whereas Succulent instilled fear in others and took what he wanted, Sebas built up trust which can cash in later for favours (if desired) with Brain and Climb. Sebas of course doesn’t need any help when it comes to such enemies, but the principle of his moral choice stands. In the fight this week only one side received sufficient reinforcements, and it wasn’t the one who got their kicks out of beating innocent girls.

The real fun, however, is what comes next after this opening salvo. Probably to no one’s surprise the Eight Fingers won’t take a beating lying down, and have assembled the remaining Six Arms to show those upstarts who’s the evilest of them all. It might—will—end badly for all of them, but don’t say they didn’t try, especially when the Blue Rose also looks set to pop in at the best (worst?) possible moment. Then we have the Solution shenanigans as Ainz is apparently now ready to find out just what the hell is going on with the head butler. This bit could honestly go either way (given the issue of Shalltear’s earlier rebellion), but I imagine Ainz will quickly see through things, especially when the Eight Fingers inevitably come knocking for their punishment.

Things are about to get a little hectic in Overlord, and I for one cannot wait to see the results. After all, we’ve got one princess just begging for her chance to shine.


  1. The close up shot of Renner’s crazy eyes is a bit much but everything leading up to it, from the monologue still in that oh so sweet voice to the facial muscle adjustments to her dark inner thoughts while flawlessly acting another facade culminating in that ED splice, THAT was aces. Just very unsettling…and a bit of a turn on tbh (what don’t judge)

    Lol at the small fries roll call at the end though XD

  2. I’m glad they are pushing princess sociopath out the door, she is revealed much later in novel world, this will hook audience and built hype for next season which is undoubtedly their goal with this, and I’m glad it is. Hopefully it will not take 3 years for season 3 to come.

    1. Amen. Although volumes 7 and 8 are basically a series of short stories more Overlord is always good. While nearly impossible, I would love to see the Battle of Katse Plains in Book 9 animated. Book 13 is going to be released in Japan next month so hopefully the Ainz-sama hype train keeps the anime viable.

      1. Vol. 7 is kinda integral with all its dark element as it essentially introduces the Empire arc.

        For Vol. 8 as it’s a combi daily life in Nazarick and some foreshadowing, they can probably use the Enri and Lupusregina parts as they both have major roles in Vol. 9

      1. and i am happy for this decision. Because showing the guts of him, would trigger an heavy flashback of “grave of the Fireflies” alike Anime i watched, you know “grave”? But there was an other anime that resolve around the “aftereffect” of the Bomb from an child perspective.. There was an trek of peoples, that hold their own Guts in their arms and walking like zombies.. urgh.. “Barefoot Gen”.. It’s harder then “Grave of the Fireflies”

  3. “Sebas never went in with the intention on slaughtering everyone (as Solution would happily do), but simply to find and eliminate the ringleader.”

    I just want to say that it’s completely false. In the novel, Sebas brutally kill every one of the people working in the brothel (with the exception of the girls).
    Here is what happen in the novel, put into spoiler in any case, but it should have been shown during this episode, so it not really is one :
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I guess they didn’t want to show Sebas in a bad light, or maybe they wanted to focus on Climb vs Succulent, but yeah, Sebas wasn’t going in only for the ringleader.

    1. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the LN, the manga and the anime all having slightly different scenes, and I don’t really think that automatically makes the LN’s version the One True Sebas just because he came first.

    2. Not surprising they chose to leave that out, I think the intention was to play up the Eight Fingers as the most evil ones here and let Sebas and friends slide into the hero role. Harder playing that dichotomy off if you have Sebas brutally slaughter everyone without a care in the world.

      I imagine we’ll see Sebas’ “true” side soon though once the sh*t actually hits the fan.

  4. oh boy… poor fools of the Six Arms that will be facing Sebas next week…
    I have just read that word of God (author) is that
    Show Spoiler ▼

    and that princess… now I understand why soem have whispered of her as a monster…
    Yuno Gasai redux?
    also having the fat scumbag getting his just desserts served by Sebas was most satisfyying since Kuribayashi went “just dont kill him” on Zorzal in GATE

  5. was surprised though that they decided to end with Zero and the six- arms introduction, would have been better to end it with Sebas coming back to the Mansion and Solution waiting there with the “Ainz-sama is waiting for you…” part.

    Can’t wait for Ainz meeting scene next week XD

  6. Sorry, but Succulent sure sucked. Even if he is the weakest member of Six Arms he shouldn’t have had that much trouble disabling/killing Climb. In the amount of time that he spent monologging about his combat techniques, including his weaknesses, they could have resolved at least two of this week’s cliffhangers.

  7. We are getting close to the muddling of the ranks.
    An orichalcum rank can not being beating by lower ranked adventurers if we go with the description of their supposed strength ( not sure if they explained it that way already in the anime, although the LN did before this part in the anime… ) and climb who is placed at a capped gold rank should not be able to beat stronger opponents then gold thanks to that.
    Meh, probably something overlooked by the author on accident or on purpose in order to make an interesting fight.
    As for princes renner, she a lot scarier then just your average demon in that world.

      1. Welll…
        Show Spoiler ▼

    1. … Did Climb win that fight? I mean, he won the mental fight, but he also got his ass stabbed through and through. Thank God for healing potions.

      It seemed pretty clear Succulent’s kind of a shit Orichalcum rank anyway. Double-classing fencer and illusionist just means he’s probably even weaker than Climb in a sword fight.

    1. Agreed, it’s been steadily improving since the lizard arc and doesn’t look set to stop anytime soon. I’m not sure yet if it’s better than the first season, but this one is certainly doing the job just fine.

  8. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20II/Overlord%20II%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2036.jpg
    Gee, I would like to know what would happen to that certain maid in the future.

    According from what I heard, from people who read Maruyama’s tweets, Brain in the published books is supposed to be homosexual. Not to sound mean but maybe Brain fell in love with Climb, I can imagine doujinshi writers are grabbing their pens. I hope meeting Shalltear didn’t give Brain gynophobia.

    Is that the same orb Khajiit had in season one?

    Anyway, Sebas is too nice, Solution should have eaten that pig.

    1. Brain gay? That would be surprising, he never really gives off the impression. If true though I don’t know if he would be love in Climb, I’m pretty sure the age difference (and Climb’s love for princess Renner) would stop anything in its tracks 😛

      1. With Gazel. I think the way he want to chase strengh and technique battle with Gazel prove that he little by little didn’t notice he fallen in love with him.
        Or maybe… with new character or one of NPC?


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