「旅下手さんとキャンプ会議」 (Tabi Heta-san to Camp Kaigi )
“Clumsy Travelers and Camp Meetings “

This episode is a great opportunity to delve into something I feel like I haven’t talked about as much; Rin as a character. It is meaningful that the series is patient and attentive to ensuring that Rin acts on her own terms. Her insistence on camping solo or being to-herself is never seen as a flaw that needs to be corrected, nor is her eventual embrace of other campers forced on her. Her comfort with being on her own is something that gives her solace, and the other campers on the show are never pressuring her to challenge her social awkwardness. This is prevalent in the previous episodes where you see Rin as a normal person who just likes their alone-time, and doesn’t feel like they’re dominated by the notion that they’re not a people-person.

In Episode 10, her decision to join the Out Club for Christmas camping isn’t seen as one they made for her or something that’s forced on her; it’s a choice she makes after reflecting on Nadeshiko’s company, the experience of camping with a group, and her current hardship of spending more time trying to get to the Jinbagata Campgrounds than enjoy her time there. I am curious about what making a pressed dumpling would be like, and twice as curious about the Houjicha tea the two hikers gave her.

The last portion of the trip, however, was best spent on Nadeshiko’s side as the Christmas trip planning begins. Aoi’s after-work trip to Nadeshiko’s house established the connection they have to getting stocked up on meat to grill on Christmas, courtesy of Aoi’s work gifting her a pass for free meat. Inviting Ena also got them a fancy tent and the cutest chihuahua, Chikuwa. The other girls came through as well with Chiaki’s paycheck netting her some extra camping gear and Nadeshiko offering to make breakfast. Rin’s linclusion was also valuable in giving them the idea to head to Asagiri Highlands to meet all of their requests to camp at a grassy park near Mt. Fuji.

The pieces are coming together to complete the OP hangout and first episode’s flashforward, but the puzzle piece came in the form of the Out Club’s new advisor Toba-sensei. In a changing of the guard, the previous advisor, the Hiking Club’s Ohmachi-sensei, he gleefully transferred his power to Toba-sensei. Despite it looking like her situation will be made easier by not having so much of her time depleted from TV dramas and drinking, it’s the latter that automatically caused Nadeshiko to connect that dots on her secret identity as the drunken lady in the woods. Toba-sensei has her work cut out for her to not come off as enthused about bacon and beer as she’d like to be, but it’s easy to see why she would resonate so well with viewers who also love themselves some campside drinking.by the fire pit. With the next episode gearing up for the Christmas campout, it’ll be extremely exciting to see how the trip fares with everyone in the main cast involved.


  1. Whats the thing with little girls and meat?

    Anyway, I laughed seeing Rin struggling with “japanese problems”.
    Seriously, would you even think for a second about making a 29km detour instead of finishing that 500m path because of a sign board blocking just half of the road? “Break the law? Unthinkable”.

    1. really, sometimes i do not understand you. Do you want to discuss about Anime or do you like to bash here and there a bit about Japan/nippons culture?

      Anime or Japan/Nippon culture, chose wisely

      1. Uat?
        Both, maybe.
        But seriously, makes me think that if not by the japanese “follow the rules” culture (strictly as they do) that sign wouldn’t be a “problem”.
        Light the lantern and walk a short 500m unknown path or risk a equally unknown 30km without knowing if there will be another obstacle at the end? Shouldn’t be a problem, shouldn’t even be considered.
        But I’m not really “bashing”, I found it funny to see how Rin reacted.

      2. Japan/nippon is also an country with high earthquakes.. Perhaps this sign is there because rocks has blocked the road or worse, and also it is in the Night. Visibility is down to the light of the spotlight. She is lucky that she do not feel lost, because of her Mobile Navi. She always know where she is.. panic would occur when she has no signal.. or lose GPS

        But i bet you had that taken into account, right? 🙂

      3. it was mostly fear, and the Darkness add to it. The call gave her a bit courage and calmed her down.. it has nothing to do with “Law and order”

        No streetlights, alone on this road. Surly hearing the sound of insects.. So Rin here had an little panic, do not know what to do. Lucky she asked for help

    2. Well, meat is considered quite a delicacy and is quite costly in Japan.
      The land doesnt lend itself to large-scale herd grazing, so much of the protein supply came from the seafoods in classical Japanese cuisine.

  2. about the beacon: Perhaps its something like Pizza there. If i am right, Pizza there are expensive. If someone order an Pizza for you you can not reject it. because in comparing to us, its an fortune for them.. So perhaps Beacon is the same.. But Japan has some good quality corned beef industry..

  3. Aoi’s after-work trip to Nadeshiko’s house established the connection they have to getting stocked up on meat to grill on Christmas, courtesy of Aoi’s work gifting her a pass for free meat. Inviting Ena also got them a fancy tent and the cutest chihuahua, Chikuwa.

    Nah, Aoi-chan never went to Nadeshiko’s house. Aoi mentions she’ll be letting Nadeshiko and Chiaki know what she’ll bring when they are back in school after the exam break, before deciding to buy a steamed bun and going back home.

    And Ena didn’t get a tent, she bought a fancy sleeping bag (for 45,000 yen!). Aoi mentions that the Outclub together with Rin have enough tents for them all, so Ena only needs to bring her sleeping bag and some clothes.


    That Chikuwa is darn cute though!

  4. Yuru Camp continues to hit all the right notes. I love how this series gives Iyashikei vibes, while being fun and informative. I also like how this series is secretly (well, not really secretly) a food Anime. Here’s to another great episode!

    1. Well, our Solo loving Camper has learned to be independent while camping.

      This includes to lose some fear in the dark (well, when she arrived she know what to do)

      cooking with the camping utilities, how to set them up. preparations, cleanup after, packing back into the bag

      do not get lost so easy (thanks to the Mobile Navi) and also have always someone on the Mobil. trough Whatsapp or direct calling

      Also she is no “newbie” anymore. I bet her Grandfather teach all this cooking and build up the tent that she can do it with closed eyes

      But, the first thing she learned was Independence. But real one are.. own your own money, wash your cloths and all that stuff parents do

  5. Very much agree with what you said about Rin’s character. I really like the way she is portrayed as an introvert and it not being a negative at all. My favorite aspect of the series has been seeing the friendship between Rin and Nadeshiko blossom. On paper, it would seem the two girls would be polar opposites and not get along at all with Rin being someone who really enjoys spending time by herself and Nadeshiko a huge extrovert who thrives by being with other people and yet they both are able to accept each other and respect their differences with neither’s traits being seen as a negative. Nadeshiko continues to invite Rin to go camping with her self and the other club girls but doesn’t get mad or sad if Rin turns her down and Rin doesn’t get annoyed with Nadeshiko texting her while Rin is out on one of her solo camping trips.

    It really is handled very well.

  6. Hojicha is great by the way, and unlike a lot of other ‘green’ teas it takes milk quite well. It’s not super rare, though not common, if you’re interested a lot of the vendors on the /r/tea list will carry it. I’d make a recommendation, but I’m Australian and most of the places I buy from are based (and only ship to) here.

  7. I’ve just enjoyed Rin and Nadeshiko meeting in the middle and having fun doing so. There’s no doubt Nadeshiko loves hanging out with plenty of people and Rin enjoys some quiet solo camping. But in some ways they seem to have the best time together. Not too many people for Rin’s taste. But for someone who can get a bit scared when out in the dark alone like Nadeshiko, two is enough to take care of that problem.

    Can’t see Rin embracing regular camping with the larger club. And I’m also glad that the show isn’t pushing her to change. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying solo activities. I do think though that she is finding camping with Nadeshiko to be almost if not as enjoyable as camping by herself. Someone she gets along with that shares her enjoyment of camping and doesn’t pressure her to abandon her quiet camping? That’s a precious friend.

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