「王都動乱序章」 (Outo Douran Joshou)
“Disturbance Begins in the Royal Capital”

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Slow and steady with a heavy dose of dialogue may be Overlord’s modus operandi, but damn does the show know how to make it three kinds of tasty. Ainz going philosophical? Princess Renner proving her worth? Albedo doing her thing? Oh yeah we got it all—and then some. And to think some people believe you always need action to make things interesting.

Probably to no one’s surprise Sebas’ “trial” went about as expected: he proved his loyalty, Ainz found a use (albeit unexpected one) for Tuare, and Solution was left wondering why the world secretly hates her. Given the previous fanfare with Shalltear it’s to be expected that Ainz would worry hard about Sebas’ intent and actually test in the most efficient manner possible, but it’s quite surprising that the idea for it was ultimately Demiurge’s—honestly I never saw that coming. Once again it shows the subtle, but significant change reverberating among the floor guardians, as where Ainz’s old dictates are now open to objections and suggestions that Ainz is willing to use when the situation allows. Part of it may be Ainz already having the idea and waiting for another to voice it, or even a sense of pleasant nostalgia, but Ainz is slowly allowing his subordinates to assume greater, more independent duties. As the remark about blind sides to Demiurge shows, Ainz understands he cannot know everything and must use others to cover for certain weaknesses. Conquering the world—let alone ruling it—takes more than one man, and Ainz is doing everything to ensure he has the best team possible for the task.

What shows just how “moral” (i.e. won’t kill you without a reason) Ainz’s approach is becoming are the actions of this week’s other titular character in Princess Renner. Last episode’s tease was more than enough to hint towards great terrible things, but I never thought we would learn the truth this fast, nor that it would be of this particular variety. Marrying Climb and having his babies all the while leaving him tied up in the dungeon? I like my kinky sex games as much as the next person, but there’s something seriously wrong with this picture. That, however, wasn’t even the best part. Watching the faces of brother and noble shift between disgusted shock and horror and hesitant interest was hilarious, especially after Raeven realized he would get some royal grandkids out of the process (whether they live and thrive is another matter entirely). For such an unassuming girl that obscene display of psychopathy arguably makes Renner the greatest and most intriguing danger this size of Ainz Ooal Gown and openly raises the question of some characters’ fates going forward. We know what’s coming for Climb for example (i.e. not the satisfying snu snu), but the Blue Rose? Something tells me our little princess won’t hesitate to make them die horribly if it makes Climb look more like the man of her fantasies. There’s a lot more scheming than originally thought occurring, and all of it is going to very quickly come to head.

With a Demiurge-led taskforce going after a kidnapped (unsurprisingly) Tuare and Renner sending her newly minted cannon fodder off on a raid or eight, next episode is going to be spicy. I couldn’t get more excited.


  1. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20II/Overlord%20II%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2027.jpg
    How many female anime characters give this sort of face expression? Seems familiar to me. I am curious if Renner either loves Climb or she loves the fact that Climb is a “puppy that can be trained.”

    On the side note, Raeven is obviously the best dad I have seen so far among Nobles in anime. A power hungry Noble wouldn’t mind using his son, or daughter, as a political tool and would happily have him/her marry a person from royalty, regardless of the personality of the prince or princess. However, the father obviously is showing good character, his reaction was gold, refusing to allow the princess (who he sees as a monster) have his son. Obviously an ideal parent.

    And Jesus, has Ainz-sama ever seen Albedo’s collection?

    The horror. I realized that I am illiterate. Anyway, those fools have angered Ainz-sama, they shall feel a punishment worse than DEATH.

    1. She does truly love Climb, but by the time she met/picked up Climb, she had pretty much went off the deep-end.
      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Lucky so far that the manga and Anime do not show more “intima” Fan tools of Albedo of Ainz-sama, and just stay with pillows

      You know… the “Bone finger of your master!”.. i let the mind cinema for you to decide

      1. It’s in the manner of speaking. Compare Pandora’s Actor vs Ainz. The next hint was Ainz mentioning he’d “like to see this Tsuare woman”, which is strange considering he should have already met her– as evidenced by Sebas’ confusion. What I’m curious about is where Ainz was– I mean, why send Pandora’s Actor in the first place?

      2. When he teleports out, his voice goes out of character entirely.

        What I’m curious about is where Ainz was– I mean, why send Pandora’s Actor in the first place?

        If Sebas turned traitor, Ainz’s assumption is that he would have turned to another, yet unknown faction. And if a faction powerful enough to lure, coerce or compel Sebas existed, then that meeting could have been a trap for Ainz.

        Essentially, Ainz is still expecting some extremely difficult opponent to show up, and acts accordingly to preserve himself.

    1. Damn really? Never even guessed at the possibility, although it makes a lot of Ainz’s mannerisms make more sense (ex. the handkerchief throw).

      Surprising the show never actually highlighted this, it would have shown just how worried Ainz was about betrayal.

      1. Well to be fair, even in the LN it wasn’t really clear (it hinted via Seba’s inner monologues observation like how Ainz managed to snap his fingers despite being a skeleton, dramatic throwing of the handkerchief, etc), But Sebas was more concerned with the killing intent being eminated by Cocytus, Demiurge and Solution at the moment. XD

  2. After reading that Renner shares her seiyuu with Kato, I can think of no better person to voice mono-tone lines. The change to yandere was a little unnatural but Renner was acting so it’s fine.

    1. Not quite how I imagined Yandere Renner, but quite a good interpretation, I always imagined her eyes going dead when she goes yandere (sort of like Maika goes when into her S mode) XD

  3. Overall Sebas’ Trial is pretty well done, although the lack of Sebas’s inner monologue and lamentations does lessen the impact(understandable given the constraints) vs the same scene in the LN (you literally feel Sebas’ dread every step of the way of meeting with Ainz) XD.

  4. “Auge umd Auge, Zahn um Zahn”

    “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”

    This kind exits, too. I think it has the same meaning of “Kindness for kindness, evil for evil.”

  5. If Sebas would be an “Angel” or “Holly person”
    then some believers would ask/pray to him to ask to put on an good word in the ear of their God

    Thats the meaning of an “Holly person”, they where one of them “Human” and asking to help them out with God (convenience)

    Because all can see, Sebas care for Humans.. Well in this case, the urge to help the one in need and deserve it

    Yes, yes. Sebas could be an good candidate to become an “Holly person”.

  6. I read about Sebas’ murder-punch attempt in some book summaries on a wiki. I wish the perspective shifted to Cocytus as he intercepted it. I wanted to know how impressive it was, but a split second cut to a blocked attack is too prevalent in anime and tells us nothing useful.

    1. I’m not sure if Cocytus would have been the right guy to give us an impression as he could likely kill Sebas without breaking a sweat. We need to see Sebas actually use it against a half decent enemy to see its full effect.

  7. Just to make sure I got the end right, in Albedo’s room was that the “Ainz Ooal Gown” flag trampled on the floor and the “Momonga” flag hanging on the wall? It was kinda blurry so I wasn’t sure, but if so… the implications… oh, the implications!

    1. What implications? It was his, and he has discarded it because he now uses the guild’s flag as his banner.
      And Albedo will collect anything he discards because she’s stuck being programmed as a creepy stalker.

      These floor guardians don’t really have any sort of society and she’s first amongst her peers, so nobody has ever told her what she’s doing is creepy and weird.

      1. Except that the “guild banner” that should’ve been respected now that Ainz has taken that name–a name that represents all of Nazarick–has been stomped flat, while the “Momonga” flag is being treated with respect and is right there with the rest of her lovely collection. So not only is she treating “Momonga” as higher than the entire rest of Ainz Ooal Gown(including the other Supreme Beings), she’s actually defacing what is basically Nazarick’s national flag.

        Basically it’s like she’s saying that she hates how Ainz took a new name because he’s so great that there should’ve been zero problem if he’d said that from now on he represented Nazarick all on his own without paying the other Supreme Beings any respect whatsoever. Even for Albedo, that’s a level of fanaticism we haven’t seen yet.

    2. in the novel, it was described that the flag of “guild” Ainz ooal gown was a mess, without any sign of respect on it, trampled on the corner of the room. Albed also forbid any maid to come to clean her room because of her ainz dakimakura collection and those sorry state of the guild flag.
      Lastly, Albedo says that he longs for Momonga to use his great name again.
      Show Spoiler ▼

    3. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Imagine you know someone who is a military officer. The weight of what he says to you changes based on if you are an acquaintance or his subordinate given an order.

        More specifically about Albedo:
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Well, it has to do with the thing about how names have power according to studies in magic and the like ( and some programming as well, but that should be obvious as it concerns her settings).
        Ainz is part of the name of his guild. The great tomb of nazarick however is the name of the guilds base.
        Momonga however is the name he had before declaring his name-change in the new world.

        In the first episode, he changed albedo her settings to say that she is madly in love with Momonga. Not ainz, not nazarick but Momonga. Not sure if the LN or the anime said madly in love where-as the other just said she was in love but okay. She doesn’t really care about the supreme beings as they all ( with the exception of momonga ) left them behind. And since ainz ool gown’s members left her behind, she is reasonable pissed of at them.
        Show Spoiler ▼

        And if we look at it from a programming perspective, it becomes even more obvious. The programmed code ensures she blindly follows momonga as that is how she is programmed. She follows ainz for the reason that she is proud of nazarick and her position which is most likely and if/else statement that says that she is loyal to ainz ooal gown.
        After all, you can be loyal to something or someone like she is to ainz ooal gown, but if momonga tells her something that contradicts what he said as ainz, priority is given to momonga where-as the if/else statement regarding ainz gets secondary priority.

  8. Next dumb question. Why do Demiurge and Ainz/Pandora’s Actor hold Victim like he’s a purse dog even though he’s always been able to hover on his own before? Is it so they can instantly rip him apart in case the encounter with Sebas was a trap?

    1. Ya pretty much as Victim was designed to be easily killed and is considered one of the weakest Floor Guardians in terms of combat strength, his main purpose was to create a floor wide debilitating debuff, to combo with the Tabula’s 3rd creation Show Spoiler ▼


  9. “Solution was left wondering why the world secretly hates her”

    I don’t think Solution has any gripe with Tuare. Sure she doesn’t particular care for her but all her actions are making sure Sebas is acting in best interest Nazarik. Like when he tries to rescue Tuare near end she said “sure, just make sure you tell Ainz first time time”.

    1. Not personally yeah, my comment was more tongue in cheek than serious. Solution is simply irritated Sebas would first defile her presence with a human, and then actually try and hold onto her with no apparent benefit to Ainz Ooal Gown. After Ainz gave Tuare the seal of approval there was little reason for Solution to care anymore.

  10. oh well
    “Isaac gambit”
    trick as old as the Bible – and Old Testament to boot
    yandere genius princess… this is gonna be fun… probably not for anyone shee deems her enemy, and possibly not to Climb.
    oh boy…they kidnapped Tuare…
    …someone who EOG just declared protected by his own name
    next episode:

  11. Best part of the episode for me was seeing more of Ainz interacting with his original guild in the flashback, interesting point from the LN is the two arguing are the creators of Sebas and Demi so they really reflect the attitudes of those who made them.

      1. He got a lot of use out of it at the start, when the salaryman inside Ainz was freaking out.

        Kinda sucks that it sucks out even the honest joy he was feeling this episode, too.


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