「そうう」 (Souu)
“Passing Shower”

Man, things got really serious, really quickly.

General Impressions

After some rather carefree episodes, it was a little shocking to see things dive so deep onto the other end this week. Starting with the key point that I’m sure we all want to talk about, let’s leap into Tachibana’s current state as well as her feelings about everything.

Honestly, it’s a little tough to figure out just how Tachibana feels about everything and I think that’s a-okay. Looking at her situation right now, it’s not tough to picture just how confused she must be when her emotions are being violently jerked around in all directions. Besides the whole Kondou situation which feels like it’s been put in indefinite hold, it feels like she really hasn’t figured out what she wants to do about running again. Thinking back to early parts of the season, I don’t think she’s progressed further than not wanting to deal with it. Which honestly isn’t all that bad when you consider just how much mental anguish it was probably causing her.

That said, I don’t think Tachibana’s situation necessarily gets her off the hook. While she does have the right to look after herself, I think there’s something to be said about considering the people around you when it comes to things that also affect them. And for Haruka, I think it’s actually awfully selfish of Tachibana to completely ignore one of her closest friends. Don’t get me wrong, Tachibana doesn’t seem like the kind of person who’d be able to go out and express her feelings to just anyone, but seeing how enough time has passed for her injury to reach the point where physical therapy could work it back into shape, it just feels bad that she hasn’t addressed whatever is going on between her and Haruka. Especially when you start thinking about how close the two were prior to all of this going down.

Changing gears for a second, can we talk about how positive things have been for Kondou recently? I love how we’ve been lucky enough to see him through his transition from someone who was just existing to a motivated guy trying to get back on his “creative” horse. Truthfully, I never thought we’d get to see him so happy, so quickly. So yeah — good on your show for giving Kondou some happiness already!

Overall, a great episode that seems to be setting us up for another great payoff. However, I think this series is only get 12 episodes so it remains to be seen just what can happen in the span of a single episode. Luckily, if there was a show that’s been able to pack a punch with single episodes, this would be the one. Hopefully we’ll be in for something great next week!

See you then!


  1. Tachibana for sure could (and probably should) have kept in touch with Haruka more, but I feel Haruka is being very selfish as well. Earlier she said that running should not be the only thing keeping these two together, but apparently it’s all Haruka can think about. Just because another girl with the same injury was able to get back into it does not mean Tachibana is the same and Haruka needs to realize this. Sure, maybe Tachibana does just need a little push, but it feels like Haruka is acting more on what she wants than what is good for Tachibana. Of course they are still young (and human) so they are by no means perfect.

    It would be nice if it ends with Tachibana running again though since then at least they can both (probably) be happy.

    1. It’s really easy as an outsider looking in to make that type of judgement. Tachibana at this point is lost and while Haruka is her friend, she also represents the track team in her mind. Being around her is painful since it represents the past that Tachibana has lost so she distances herself from things related to running. Right now Tachibana is moving herself away from her painful past and trying to find a new place to belong.

      So yeah the question is should Tachibana try to remain friends with Haruka if it’s painful for her to be around her?

  2. Again there’s some mad cut and paste from the manga going on here, but unlike the episode before last, I don’t think it’s worked as well here. Especially if it’s made Takaii feel that “the whole Kondou situation” has been “put in indefinite hold”.

    I still can’t wait for the last episode, though – not because I want it to finish, but because I’m really curious as to how it’s going to end.

  3. A shame that they need rush the story so much to end next episode, it undermines Akira and Kondo development. You may get the impression that Akira and Kondo will return to what they love because Haruka and Chihiro pushed them.

  4. Let’s face it, the reason why Haruka is so scared and distressed, is that the basis of the friendship between her and Tachiba was “run.”

    In part, it was fine, since “running” was of the utmost importance to both, and they attributed it to their own identity. That was the part that Haruka most treasured of Tachibana, when the accident happened, and Tachibana had to recover, at first it was fine because it was only a matter of time, but during that time Haruka began to be aware that a distance was being created between both since what joined them most had disappeared. That started to create fear and anguish in Haruka that maybe “running” was the only thing that kept their friendship, which worsened when she saw that her friend doesn´t make any signs of wanting to run like before, and seeing how now Tachibana may get away from it, makes Haruka feel that she is seeing little by little loses her best friend since childhood, how Tachibana is losing herself, and the fact that there are now things that she doesn´t know about her (That she likes a man in him 30s), has reinforced that fear.

    And for Tachibana, “running” was very important to her, because it was a part of her identity, a part of herself. And suddenly, out of nowhere and without warning, she loses it, she can´t run anymore, she doesn´t know if she will run again as before, and everything she had done or had represented her until now, she loses as if nothing…
    I think Tachibana felt somewhat betrayed and empty.
    Betrayed by what she loved most, and emptied by having lost a large part of herself.
    At that moment it was when she met Kondou, and helped her because he made her aware of a simple truth, she could still enjoy her life and continue being herself, even without running.
    Therefore, in this chapter, when Kondou indirectly brings up the subject, she gets angry, since the person who had taught her that truth, was telling her to run again. I guess she was offended and hurt.

    (The reason why I think Tachibana felt betrayed by the “running” is that she now tries to avoid it, and she has many doubts about whether to do it again or not, to the point of getting angry with Kondou and Haruka when they bring her the subject .)

    Haruka is selfish by not considering the feelings of Tachibana, but the basis of that selfishness is the fear of losing her friend, and seeing her friend lose something they both loved with passion in the past.
    Tachibana is also selfish for ignoring her friend, but she was the main victim of the accident, so I doubt that she would start thinking about how that affected other people, besides she didn´t want to know anything about “running” for a while, she wants to take a break from the subject, and since Haruka is always running, she began to avoid her unconsciously.
    But as Haruka was always by her side, I doubt that Tachibana has the fears of Haruka, since she has never considered losing her childhood friend, but has accepted that her relationship with her has changed since the accident.

    Actually I may be wrong or misunderstand some things, give me your opinion.

    1. Almost a classic BPD response from Haruka, in that she’s so afraid to lose Akira as a friend that it’s making her behave in a way that will for sure make that happen. But hey, there’s hope of a reconciliation right up to the end of the last episode. Isn’t there?

    2. Regarding Haruka, I don’t see her as being particularly selfish, at least not in any meaningful way. She might be wrong about Tachibana’s feelings but how is she not considering them? At this point, she feels that Tachibana stopped running because she was wrong about the injury’s long-term effects and now that she’s learned that Kurata has been able to run again and post her personal best, she’s connecting that to Tachibana.

      If she is wrong, is that not mostly due to Tachibana not revealing her actual feelings and of closing herself off? Haruka is working with what she’s got from her, which isn’t much. But she knows her friend more than anyone does, including how much she loved to run, so I’m hesitant to call her inconsiderate.

      And as for Kondou, what if he has been wrong all these years? What if he unwittingly led Tachibana astray? Perhaps he’s the Pied Piper of high school girls — well of one anyway.

      For what it’s worth, I think Kondou’s re-growth has come about because of his relationship with Tachibana. She’s causing him to reflect on things that he had considered behind him. Or at least, to look at them from a different perspective — from that of a youth. And when combined with the chance encounter with his old friend, everything has turned upside down for him.

      I think that the most important moral of the story is that you need to dust yourself off and get back up on the horse. Or at least, that if you just walk away, you haven’t dealt with your fall. Tachibana is making a great effort to get closer to Kondou and to learn about him even if the gap between them is great. I hope she can pivot and make even half that effort to regain her bond with Haruka and to start rehab on her injured ankle. Walking away from the most important and most involving aspect of your life isn’t necessarily freeing, at least not if merely hung up in the closet.

      I think he’s coming to grips with that and perhaps, with his suggestion that she try running again instead of working seven days a week, is trying to put her back on her path.

      I dunno but this is what the show has me thinking about.


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