「動乱最終決戦」 (Douran Saishuu Kessen)
“The Final Battle of the Disturbance”

While still unclear whether this season of Overlord will match up to what we got before, there’s no denying this one is seriously determined to try. With Demiurge doing, well, Demiurge things and bringing Ainz aboard with little warning, we got the full meal deal of one hit knockouts, crazy love at first (or second) sights, and one princess who definitely doesn’t belong behind the levers of power. It was a slow buildup getting to all the tasty goods, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t worth it.

I mentioned last week how Demiurge’s appearance was likely orchestrated with the intent on advancing Ainz Ooal Gown’s position, and while this still holds true, it seems it wasn’t as thought out as originally hypothesized. Ainz hilariously enough had no knowledge of what Demiurge intends (although it helps for authenticity), only learning after receiving a job request from Lord Raeven of all people and serendipitously encountering the masked guardian. Considering Ainz as Momon was contacted before Demiurge appeared, this suggests Demiurge’s contact was someone high up the power chain, with Princess Renner being the top candidate. Why? Because Renner holds a lot of sway, and that power comes in handy for doing for Ainz Ooal Gown what certain government officials did for the Eight Fingers. How Demiurge actually plans on benefitting Ainz Ooal Gown by involving Ainz as Momon remains to be seen, but full bets now on that mystery off-limits person last time being someone important to Renner or the likes (*looks at Climb*). Someone high up literally made a deal with the devil and the reward was not insignificant.

Of course Ainz’s prominent involvement was overshadowed by other forces this time, most notably another masked vixen. Never imagined Evileye for the smitten cutie pie type, but lo and behold cutie pie swooning for Papa Bones—why yes I’ll take a second helping of that please. Also extra points for the cargo carrying tactics, 10/10 best way to impress princesses in the making. It’s unclear what’s up with Evileye’s comments about her age and silent heart right now, but considering her strength (and that mask) I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she’s a closet undead of some variety—it’s certainly been hinted towards previously. Wouldn’t hold a candle to the Renner shenanigans obviously, but then when does anyone outside of obsessive female Floor Guardians match up to blonde yandere crazy face? You have to feel for Climb at this point, when your wannabe lover is willing to see you dead just to bring back in a more “manageable” form you got to wonder if the destination is worth the trip. Well, unless Climb happens to be that mystery person mentioned above and winds up surviving the trip to hell. Now that would be ironic in all the best ways.

With only one episode left and Overlord setting up to give us the best fight(s) this season, the show is certainly ready to go out with a bang. We might not get all the missing answers to some questions or even wind up with a proper conclusion (because cliffhangers are a thing), but I imagine the results won’t disappoint. After all, got to send off this winter season in style somehow.


    1. Evileye should know it is impossible to fight while carrying someone like a princess lol. Anyway, Evileye said that her heart hasn’t beat for a long time. So I can’t tell if her actual heart, or a figurative heart, is beating. I am curious if Evileye, or people like Evileye, can procreate.

      Sometimes you wonder if Ainz ever notice when girls passionately stare at him. Now curious if he can notice eventually. Anyway, I can’t blame him not noticing due to Evileye’s mask, I can’t imagine how Evileye can even see through that mask. meh

  1. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20II/Overlord%20II%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2007.jpg
    Well, it is almost the end, of this season. Sad that dragon, from episode 1, won’t show up again. I was really curious where did that dragon learn the word “YGGDRASIL” from. At the moment, I can’t tell if that dragon was a player or maybe he just learn a lot from Ainz’s world (specifically the world where Ainz lived as a human being and not just YGGDRASIL)

    I am sure that is a smile worth protecting.
    I can imagine that Raeven REALLY REALLY doesn’t want his son to marry a princess. While yes, Raeven may gain more political power yet I am sure Raeven is thinking that there is a 99.9 percent chance that his son will be in grave danger if he marries the princess.

    So, aside from being some parlor trick, is there anything that these flames do or they just cover things up like a curtain?

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Sort of wish we can see her facial expressions. Oh well, I hope Momon is able to see Evileye’s face eventually. I think we, the audience, will see her face (not sure when), but not sure about Momon.

      1. I can only congratulate you on staying away from spoilers.

        Though, with your in-depth knowledge of anime, tropes and attention-to-detail, you seem to already have figured everything out. 😀

        But a skull-face is unlikely, as that’s actual hair around her mask.

  2. Now that’s the Yandere face I was expecting of Renner! XD

    That final scene, I found mimicking the Marquis and the 2nd Prince after seeing Renner’s true face 😀

    Although Madhouse definitely was rushing some stuff they did touch some of the major points of Vol. 6 so no major complaints XD (defintiely loved Evileye swooning for Momon)

    More details on Evileye
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. From another part of her anatomy? Lol I had to laugh at the misconceptions abounding here. Evileye seeing Ainz as the brave handsome warrior (if you’re into bones). Papa Bones seeing Evileye as a little girl (not) and being wary at him (nope, just swooning at the sight of you).

    2. Don’t think we’ve reached that stage just yet, need a few more cargo carries before Evileye jumps on that pile of bones lol.

      Ainz completely misreading the situation was hilarious (especially his attempt at explaining it to Nabe), even though he’s already lost the ability to have such feelings.

  3. I’m still trying to accept that Demiur- ahem, Jaldabaoth, is executing project Gehanna on his own without any notification or pre-approval from Ainz. This should really be brought up at his next performance review.

    I love the way that he chooses to launch a flesh-eating slug attack. I would think that it would be pretty ineffective against anyone wearing full plate armor, and of course Ainz doesn’t have any flesh to eat anyway.

    1. As ordnance11 mentions Demiurge is one of Ainz’s more aggressive and independent Floor Guardians so such actions from him make sense. Also as seen with Cocytus and the lizardmen Ainz is striving to make the guardians more independent, so I imagine Ainz is satisfied with what Demiurge is doing. He can see (if only partially) what Demiurge intends, and for that is more than happy to play along.

      He might reprimand Demiurge later for not alerting him to the plan beforehand, but this is sort of thing Ainz wants his subordinates to do.

  4. Man, I’d love to see what’s going on under that mask. XD
    Her voice when swooning over Momon was still hilarious though.

    I think Zero was better off compared to this:

    From touching a wall of flame to her funny make believe, I’m starting to like Lakyus. Wished she has more screen time. Seems to be as interesting as Ainz.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20II/Overlord%20II%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2004.jpg
    IT should be noted that, according to clementine, while Momon is strong, in terms of swordsmanship skills, Momon fights like an amateur which I can’t blame Ainz since he was just a gamer and not an actual fighter in real life. So it surprises me that Evileye didn’t notice.

    Have to admit, while those two were burned to death, their bodies are surprisingly well intact, typical Anime logic.

    Anyway, a lot of things came to mind in regards to Lakyus. So revival is only a 5th tier magic, so Ainz should be able to use that weak level of magic, or maybe he has an NPC that can use Revival magic. Notably, Ainz needed a LOT of money to revive Shalltear so I guess reviving an NPC is different from humans. The other thing is Climb, so if you try to revive weak people then they turn to ashes yet reviving Climb seems to be feasible; unless maybe Renner is referring to another person, besides Lakyus, that can use revival magic that can even bring back weak people. Anyway, yes I know Climb is not weak but if someone, like Renner, is killed then revival is impossible.

    1. Maybe she didn’t notice because evil-eye is a mage, not a warrior where-as clementine was a warrior herself. Or she was just blinded out of love.
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. He did, but he also has some abilities related to reviving that are not explained besides a vague mention of him having it. As for why i say it is related to reviving, other characters with the spells and abilities either used it for those things or mentioned it being used for those things before this point in the LN (technically, before the end of this arc but i think it was before demiurge used those gehenna flames )

      2. Incase it wasn’t clear the first time, is Ainz’s ability to revive the dead limited to having the wand of resurrection? or can he revive the dead without an item helping him.

      3. @Greed

        He needs the wand to rez non-Nazarick people as he is a necromancer (the one most likely to have rez spells are Lupus and Pestonya as both have cleric classes, Shalltear in theory should also have access to it).

        For Floor Guardians and non-autospawned undead he can use the Yggdrassil coins to rez them. (Price varies according to level and race from what I gather)

    2. In the LN Demiugre explained to Evileye that Hellfire wall does damage directly to the soul, although they skipped that bit of dialogue here in the Anime.

      It’s the life-force (XP cost) it takes is rather high, although it never actually stated how much actually it cost. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. That matches perfectly with the Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 rules for Raise Dead. (The author’s inspiration for the spell system, class system and martial arts combat system, etc.)

        In D&D3.5, Raise Dead reduces the raised character by one level, and only leaves them with 1 HP/level.
        Reference: d20srd.org/srd/spells/raiseDead

        Yggdrasil’s levels run from 1 to 100, instead of D&D’s 1-20, and based on the spell-system it looks to be a perfect relationship of 5 Yggdrasil levels to 1 D&D3.5 level.

        Note that the level loss is to the character being revived. The caster only pays in expensive spell components.

        The only major difference seems to be that the penalty to Constitution for low-level nobodies (Tuare) seems much higher.

      1. It is more that this Momon sounds familiar to him as he heard ainz speak before in the first season. Fun little trivia, but gazeff only hears momon speak way later in the light novels as Ainz was trying to keep out of hearing range for fear of being recognized.

  6. I’ll admit I was a bit surprised when the nameless thief character Brain and Climb bring along actually turned out to be competent and useful. Usually standard animes turn characters like that into cannon-fodder. A different anime would have had him get stabbed in a cheap attempt to make the fake-Tuare reveal try and mean something more than it should have meant.

    “Hey, you all knew something wasn’t right with that Tuare they let out of the cell, right? Well here – we’ll kill a side character to make you care about the reveal!”

    Hat’s off to the writer for not going that route and making someone beside the main cast actually competent for more than dying as a plot device.


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