「最強最高の切り札」 (Saikyou Saikou no Kirifuda)
“The Ultimate Trump Card”

Ahh yeah, now that was a satisfying conclusion. It may not have been the most action-packed fight night some probably were expecting this week, but Overlord definitely got the most out of its last hurrah for winter 2018. Ainz and Demiurge got to duke it out in all the act breaking glory, Evileye continued to show why she’s a cutie pie of the highest caliber—and I mean cutie pie, just look at that vampire face—and by hell did Brain prove his worth as a manicurist in the best way possible I’m not sure Climb and friends appreciate the meaning behind that good nail clipping, but then again he wasn’t the only one having issues this episode. Seems Entoma also has a few full-throated problems of her own, although I imagine Hilma would disagree on the severity. Eaten from the inside out? Sounds kinky.

The highlight though rightfully rests with Demiurge and his plan, which as fully expected involved expanding Ainz Ooal Gown’s reach in ways hilariously unknown to even Papa Bones himself. The Eight Fingers takeover was obvious after a point, but there was also intention on requisitioning all Eight Finger warehouse materials and a few (well, more than a few) citizens for a bit of work duty. Yes, painless death now counts as work, because Demiurge reasons. While Demiurge is one of the more independent Floor Guardians, his scheming is the cherry on top showing just how far Ainz’s subordinates have come since Cocytus’ lizard training, with many guardians considering—if not outright implementing—strategies they previously would never have considered. It’s fantastic for Ainz considering his future intentions of course, but comedic ignorance and lavish displays of loyalty also raise a very real risk: if the Floor Guardians become too independent, some might stumble across thoughts of Ainz no longer being essential to Ainz Ooal Gown. Highly unlikely right now given obedience is literally coded into each guardian’s genes, but if another player or two were to appear? Yeah, all bets are off.

Before we get to deal with the potential intrigues of actual rebellion, however, first Ainz Ooal Gown must conquer the world, and that means starting with the kingdom. This is where the slower burning elements of Demiurge’s plan factor in, as the now permanent Jaldaboath “threat” and increased attention on Momon ensure a fluid political landscape which Ainz (or the Floor Guardians) can easily take advantage of as they see fit. We already have the start of this after all given a certain ruler is now mighty interested in mage and warrior both, and you can bet that curiosity will see some pretty significant political changes before too long.

It’s kind of a good thing then we won’t have to wait long to find out what’s in store because—surprise!—Overlord is back for round three in the summer. That’s right everyone, this season is actually a split cour (god bless Madhouse’s soul), which means no final impressions from me yet because—surprise!—there’s still half the show yet to go. I never imagined we would see new Overlord this quickly, but hey, I’ll gladly take it. With the world conquering adventures of Papa Bones and friends only now really kicking into gear alongside some serious foreshadowing, the best of Overlord is yet to come.

Stick around boys and girls, summer is going to be glorious, and not only for the pleasant weather.


  1. A busty blonde Shalltear is some sort of blasphemy. I mean… what’s the point exactly? Everyone else tosses on a mask and that is the entire extent of their disguises but Shalltear goes for a full makeover and it doesn’t even matter as the one person she even runs into immediately knows who she is.

    1. Hey I thought she looked great! Even if it breaks character haha. Shaltear is well known for stuffing her bra, so she just went one step further this time. I forgot the reason why Brain was able to recognize her though. It’s been awhile since I read the novels. Seeing him so ecstatic about being able to cut her nail was hilarious to the max. 4 simultaneous slashes directly on such a small area is an insane show of accuracy haha.

    2. people already know how she looks and dresses since she caused trouble and was supposedly slain. so, to avoid even a chance of confusion with the vampire that Momon supposedly slain, complete makeover

    1. And a big hoooooraaaaay on that – greatly enjoyed these last 13 episodes!!! The show is also going to be renamed into Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls Outside Of Nazarick? (looking at you Evileye-chan) 😛

  2. What can i say, i love it, no OP or ED, entire episode felt like they were trying to use all the time available for the story and hook people in hopes of peaking interest and building hype for season 3, but then episode ended and there was no “to be continued” or “overlord will be back this summer” but surprise surprise it will be back in the Summer. noice.

      1. It kinda is since those things are usually reseverd for final episodes in order to maximise the available time for the big final of a show.
        Not that i mind it much here, didn’t really like the OP and ED this season around. first season had a nice track for beginning and end but this one, i didn’t care for to be honest.

      2. In general it’s atypical and usually reserved for pilot episodes and finales, but quite a few shows have dispensed with OPs and/or EDs if the story called for it. IIRC Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho did it numerous times for example, which helped greatly when it came to pacing.

  3. That announcement is a welcome surprise, especially since the CM suggests we’ll get to vol. 9, which I’m sure people are hyped for.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Show Spoiler ▼

    Wow surprised that they’re coming back after a season break (not that I’m complaining) XD. Ideally thay’d start off with Vol. 8’s events and then link vol. 7 and 9 (chronologically that’d make more sense)

  5. Oh, wow. I’d heard about season 3, but had no idea it was coming so soon. Neat.

    It’s been a while since I’ve read the books… would that catch the anime adaptation up to the light novels? Assuming 4 episodes per book, that’s 1-3 for season 1, 4-6 for season 2, and 7-9 for season 3… aren’t there only 9 or 10 novels, or have there been more while I wasn’t looking?

  6. I really liked some more Pleiades action,
    but the star of the episode was Evileye.
    Come on glomp-hugging Momon?
    I can certainly imagine her in future joining the Nazarick-based harem… after all she isn’t human after all.
    Also Sebas X Tuare ship has sailed so far that even some other denizens of Nazarick are calling wessing bells ringing.

    1. “I can certainly imagine her in future joining the Nazarick-based harem… after all she isn’t human after all.”
      Don’t think that can happen.

      BTW, can either Ainz or Evileye make babies? Just curious if magic can “solve everything.”

      1. Thank you Nayrael. Now wonder if Shalltear can make kids. Would be sad if all vampires can’t make kids at all. Poor Evileye. Notably, if it was confirmed that she is infertile, then obviously it means she tried to make kids but no luck.

      2. Ainz has at least one super level wish item, so I suppose that he could wish a baby into one (or all) of his female groupies. I think that he would be crazy to do so since it would just increase the competition. Is Ainz immortal? If so what would he need an heir for?

    2. Perhaps Evileye come from the same “corner” like Shaltear. So i see there the reason why they put the real Shaltear in this new makeover, to avoid this confusion

      Well, she fallen for Momo-san and Shaltear for Ainz-sama.. This Guy can not catch a break, because in the Castle an even stronger “groupie” awaits him

  7. I do feel that the fights were a bit rushed, which was why I was a bit apprehensive that they spent a tad too long with the Lizardmen. When I saw the stinger, I was amazed since they were the Emperor of the Baharuth Empire and his Royal Wizard, the latter being considered one of the most powerful human arcane spellcasters alive. They only really get much screen time in volume 9 with some cameo bits in earlier volumes. The announcement of Season 3 is certainly a pleasant surprise. So we will get to see the first epic spell cast in living memory in the New World.

    Of course I would not complain if they did Volume 7 as a two parter OAV instead so that they can fit Volume 10 in the next season. Makes sense since a theoretical season 4 would otherwise have to split Volumes 12 and 13, which are a two part story, into separate seasons otherwise.

    Likewise I hope a certain someone gets her WN ending and not her LN ending….

    1. Why do people blame the Lizardmen arc? As someone who finished volume 6 last week, I remember the events fine enough to say that nothing would change. Almost all fights happened off-screen, and the few on-screen ones have been animated by this ep. It’s the novel that was rushed, not the episode.

      1. Likely because it feels out of place in comparison to the other material. The characters are all brand new, the don’t have any relation to the familiar faces of Ainz Ooal Gown, and it’s not immediately clear what the purpose of developing a bunch of tribal lizards serves. For those who fell in love with the series for Ainz and friends it can feel like a completely different show, which while somewhat unfair (the lizardmen were essential for Cocytus’ development and Ainz’s plans for Floor Guardian independence), can be easily understood. I appreciate the arc for what it did, but I also think it could have been handled differently to remove a lot of the issues some had with it.

      2. I have to respectfully disagree. While I agree that many fights in the novel did not last all that long, practically all of them were truncated for the anime. The plot might not change but we get more eye candy featuring the characters from this arc. Let me pull up a list from memory.

        Sebas vs Six Arms
        Removed all of the counter attacks of the Six Arms including someone using an attack name similar to something Touch Me used to throw out and one of them going loco, stealing Sebas’ gloves thinking they were powerful magic items.

        Entoma vs Blue Rose
        Removed most of the back and forth fighting including Entoma’s trump card ability.

        Guards vs Demons (ie the first scene of Episode 13)
        Took out all the context and the aftermath. Why are the guards even there? Who was the guy who ran? Why are there even palisades? Why did Momon stop to help? Only novel readers know.

        Climb, Brain and Lockmeyer vs demon
        Removed their encounter entirely. To be fair it was skimmed over in the book too. However they also took out the problems with evacuating the refugees too. This was the reason why Climb refused to let Princess Renner meet the refugees which might puzzle some people who only watched the anime.

        Nabe vs Solution, Entoma and Lupusregina
        Removed the entire playact fighting.

        Momon’s Reward
        Took out the entire foreshadowing event about Momon’s reward from the King. The dagger itself is not significant but the reasons why the dagger was awarded to Momon and had to be conveyed by Marquis Raeven IS. It foreshadows a major underpinning of the circumstances of Volume 9.

        So yeah, a lot of things happened in Volumes 5-6 and some of it got left out in the anime, presumably due to time. While the Lizardmen was important in the sense that it developed Cocytus. The other two volumes set up circumstances that run up to Volume 10. The lizardmen make only token cameos throughout all this time when even Carne Village (which we last saw in Volume 1) gets two different halves of separate later Volumes dedicated to them and the politics of the Kingdom are crucial to subsequent volumes.

    1. Shame that the part of the conversation that reveals how those prostitute slaves that Sebas, Climb and Brain saved were killed by someone (it’s clear that Renner was the one who had them killed, and she then used this to pretend to be sad in order to get a hug and sympathies from Climb).

      1. Really, it was confirmed about the slaves? Didn’t know that.

        Anyway, Renner’s smile. Obviously the smile of one who would make a deal with the devil or even control the devil.
        “Oh Ainz-sama, you are such a generous and merciful lord.” I always love to hear Ainz’s subordinate say this but I wonder if Ainz’s “benevolent trait” had influence his subordinates in any way.

        Notably, I wonder what would happen if Tanya Degurechaff was in Ainz’s body. I am pretty sure that the human race would be in danger of extinction if that was the case.

      2. I should probably feel disgusted for such an abuse of power, but really that’s just downright hilarious. If she wanted hugs and sympathy she could just ask the poor kid, but I guess it wouldn’t be as genuine then 😛

    1. Agree, although it’s a pity that they skipped alot of details from the novel to fit in the FInale though, here’s hoping they do season 3 vol. 7 to 9 a bit better XD

    2. “And this is all thanks to the toxic level of cuteness displayed by Evileye.”
      IT is sort of sad that Ainz seems to be oblivious to Evileye being madly in love with him. OR does he know? Since Evileye did gave Momon a big HUG then I expect Ainz to find it obvious that he has an admirer. If not then it is sad that Momon didn’t see her face to notice that she was madly in love with him.

  8. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20II/Overlord%20II%20-%2013%20-%20Large%2015.jpg
    I wonder which sword is stronger, the one Gazeff is holding or the sword being used by Blue Rose’s leader.

    Obviously this world’s version of Gilgamesh (fate/zero); how many characters would take this sort of relaxed position. I expect this guy to have many treasures, and possibly a harem along with many kids.

    I will guess that he is the Overlord’s version of Dumbledore. I can guess that maybe he has an elder wand or maybe a Horcrux.

    On the side note, I am shocked with Brain. how did Brain manage to instantly recognize Shalltear when she looks like a completely different person? Notably, I wonder if the masks are part of demiurge’s Chuuni nature.

    In regards to Evileye’s mask, I am shocked in how durable that mask is since it was punched and managed to protect Evileye’s face so well.

    Anyway, Ainz now has complete control of the criminal underworld. I wonder how much info can he get now. MAybe he can get new World Items.

    Sigh, have to wait for season 3, is it coming this year or the next year?

      1. Depends really on how much they’ll adapt of Vol. 8 as the only really significant part in that volume pertains to Enri, Nefiria and Lupus’ development as those have an impact on VOl. 9. Long shot they could probably fit VOl. 10 in there for season 3 XD

      2. Just watch the annoucement trailer. There are sounds that would mean nothing to anime only watchers but would get Light novel readers very excited because they confirm volume 9 is being adapted and that Madhouse intentionally put said sounds in there.

    1. for the comparison between gazef’s and lakyus’s sword is like comparing Show Spoiler ▼

      1. In the right angel and speed: Helicopter effect
        rotate around her = Sword rotating shield or with 3 Swords she could clamp the enemey’s weapon

        There is so much possibilities.. Just let her “Creator” (Manga-ka or Animator) give the right skills

  9. I absolutely loved how the rest of the Pleiades had their get together while Alpha and Delta played around with Evileye. To be perfect they would have been sitting around a table drinking tea.

    1. Those are Lvl 1 Homonculi Maids, all of them are stationed at level 9 and 10 (they’re mostly the creations of Herohero, White Brim and another player which I forgot his name, who were all maid fanatics) a couple of them should have a supporting in Vol. 7 onwards

  10. Hurray for a third season. XD

    Alas, no Albedo in full plate armour, but at least we got to see some Pleiades action.
    Yuri and CZ complement each other well. Would love to see the whole unit working together.

    Did she increase her padding?

    I pity her now. Looks like Zero got off lightly compared to the others.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this season. Probably liked it better than the first season. One of the three anime I anticipate every week.

      1. Do not get me wrong. It is Ainz-sama.. He is some kind of “All Hail Britania!” Le Louche. He is still on the Dark Side, even if he has someone like Sebas-sama, that would kill if Ainz-sama orders him

        So, even if they are the “Main Actors”, they are home in the Dark Side that even overtake the Eight fingers for their own greed

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I believe that they skipped Hilma’s baptism because Show Spoiler ▼

  11. So just in this season Ains Oal Gown managed to win the loyalty of lizarmen, become the greatest Adventurer in the world, win the heart of a powerful (by that world standards anyway) vampire girl and destroy one of the most powerfuk crime syndicates in the world. Also Sebas got himslef a cute wife that sure as hel deserves a happy ending. Not bad Undead King, next step is conquering the world!.


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