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「ファンレター」 (Fanretaa)
“Fan Letter”

For another setup episode, I must admit that this week’s episode was actually pretty good. Also, Ika Jam anyone?

General Impressions

If we’re being honest, there’s actually not a lot to talk about for this week’s episode. With last week’s episode handling a good chunk of the setup minus M’s introduction, we were left with just a lot of time between LLENN and Pito. Time that, as much as I want to criticize, was pretty fun to watch.

If I were to compare this week’s episode to something in real life just like the past few episodes have been like watching PUBG: The Anime, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch if this week’s episode was just like all that down time you have with your friends before the next big event. Be it a Raid, Clan War, or just prepping to hop into queue one more time, the time you spend just chatting it up with your friends can be super fulfilling and I love that we got to see Pito and LLENN just shoot the breeze for a while. Because not only was it fun just to see such a stark difference in their personalities, it was really fulfilling to see LLENN slowly start drifting toward being a “gamer” and not just someone who plays games to escape from reality.

On that note, I also thought it was a damn shame that we saw so little of Karen this week. Sure, the show is about LLENN and GGO, but I’m really hoping that we’ll get some more focus on Karen outside of the game. Her insecurities with her height isn’t something you see all that often and I think it’d be great if the story was able to somehow capitalize on that point. Luckily, it looks like the story isn’t going too hung ho with the gaming side of things since the short monologue from Karen at the end was pretty damn good when it came to verbalizing just how she feels and what she wants to do from this point on.

Overall, not too bad for another setup episode. Luckily, it looks like we’re back to the present and I can’t wait to see just how crazy things get from here on out. In any case, I’ll see you guys next week where we’ll hopefully get to see M rock some of those sharpshooting skills of is (or LLENN using that knife hidden behind her back).



April 23, 2018 at 10:42 pm