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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii – 03

「即売会とゲーム会」 (Sokubaikai to Geemukai)
“Sales Event and Game Night”

God this show is so good sometimes.

General Impressions

An artist and a gamer — who would have thought this combination would be a match made in heaven? Looking back at the past few episodes, I’ll admit that I had some small concerns with the whole setup when it came to the romance side of things. But by the time the credits rolled around, I think most of my fears were adequately squashed.

Hopping over to Narumi and Hirotaka, I’m absolutely in love with how well their relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend has been progressing. It felt like only an episode ago where we saw Narumi too embarrassed to even look Hirotaka in the eyes much less go over to his place after work for “drinks”. That said, for those of us who felt a little cheated when we realized Hirotaka was just holding a get together for all of his friends, I’m sure that surprise kiss at the end was a nice consolation prize for the story messing with our emotions earlier.

All that aside, what might be the biggest selling point between Narumi and Hirotaka’s relationship would be just how blunt the two are with each other. Unlike other anime-couples that get stuck in some kind of situation where something gets in the way of them truly expressing their feelings, it feels like nothing will stop the two from expressing just how they feel (which is freaking fantastic). Sure, it might have something to do with Hirotaka’s personality as a whole, but you have to give Narumi some credit for being able to keep up with a guy like him. Luckily we also get to see and hear things from her perspective which is a nice way of balancing out all of Hirotaka’s bluntness.

Flipping over to Kababura and Hanako, it looks like the two seem to be doing well when it comes to romance. Even though they argue a bunch and aim some real sharp tongues toward each other, you have to love how cute the two are together when the stars align. Also, what occurred to me, was that Hanako’s seiyuu is Sawashiro Miyuki and when she turns on her angry voice toawrd Kabakura, I can’t help but picture Mordred yelling at him. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet.

Anyways, a pretty great third episode that I think did a great job in all departments. While it remains to be seen if this show will be able to keep things up, I think we’re in for a great run with what we’ve seen thus far.

Catch you guys next week!

April 28, 2018 at 3:07 pm