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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Hen – 16

「さくらと苺鈴のおともだち」 (Sakura to Meirin no Otomodachi)
“Sakura and Meiling’s Friend”

Not one, but two card captures this week? Amazing.

General Impressions

Alright, before we talk about ANYTHING else, let’s hop right onto this Kaito-is-a-bad-guy train because I’m so freaking happy to see the story acknowledge that he’s more than just some perfect butler who wants to do whatever he can for Akiho (more on that in a second). Because after weeks of nasty glances and his eyes covered in shadows, it was rather enlightening to see him bust out some time-shifting magic after making a huge blunder by revealing he knows more about Sakura than Akiho knows. If anything, seeing the “always perfect” Kaito make a blunder felt like the more rewarding thing in quite some time. Backtracking to that other point I was talking about, it makes you wonder just what Kaito is up to that he needs to act in such a deceptive manner. I know I called the guy “a bad guy” earlier, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if his reasons ended up being something a bit more morally ambiguous. If I were to guess, I would put my money on Akiho needing some from Sakura and that something is probably magic related.

All that aside, it makes you wonder if Kaito is the one who’s behind the Clow Cards turning blank and these new Clear Cards appearing in their place. Looking back at it, it probably takes an immensely powerful wizard to use time warping magic. And if he’s able to do that without breaking a sweat, it isn’t too hard to believe that he’d be able to mess with other things like the Clow Cards. God, if only we knew a little more about him since at this point it’s basically a crap shoot until the story decides to reveal some more information.

Besides that, we had a fairly standard Cardcaptor episode. Sakura did her thing and we even got to see Meiling jump into the fray with some of her awesome Kung Fu / fighting skills. In the character development department, it looks like Sakura is slowly becoming more confident in herself and it looks like Meiling may have been able to push her ever so closer to being able to confront her feelings about Syaoran (and vice versa). Last but not least we even got to see two new cards getting captured which hopefully means were getting closer to whatever happens when Sakura manages to capture all of them. All in all, not too bad of an episode!

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys next week where it looks like things may be getting a lot more intense! See you then!



April 29, 2018 at 10:00 pm
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