「修学旅行はパンデモニウム」 (Shuugakuryokou wa Pandemoniumu)
“The School Trip is in Pandemonium”

This is a good example of what makes Hghi School DxD both good and sometimes uninteresting, and thus, there isn’t a huge amount to say. First, the good: this episode was silly. Which is really what this series is about. High School DxD is about being serious about silly stuff, and when Issei is summoning Rias and powering up by poking her nipples—I mean, I must be handling boobs wrong if this is the reaction to a nipple poke. Maybe I need to do both at one time. Still, it was hilarious! Though it was topped by Elsha and Belzard, especially Belzard’s last words. Nothing to say there, save to watch that bit at least three times. Hilarious!

As for the not-so-good, the Mischievous Dragon Yu-Long and Great Victorious Fighting Buddha were total deus ex machinas. Tense, edge-of-the-seat battles aren’t really what this show is about, but they couldn’t hurt, and that’s a classic case of a deus ex machina. Contrast it to the USJ incident during the first season of Boku no Hero Academia, where the protagonists had to work hard to bring in the cavalry, and then had to work hard to stay alive long enough for the cavalry to arrive, and you can see the difference. It’s not why most people watch this show, but it’d be nice if it tried harder.

As for the aftermath, also not a ton to say. Kunou is obviously sweet on Issei—that wasn’t for sure, but it’s also not surprising—and the girls back home being PO’d that Issei and the others didn’t keep them updated about what was going on is a no brainer. Seriously, that was bad boyfriend (and friend) behaviour right there. Definitely the best part is that Ravel is incoming (woohoo!), with the least good part the total lack of effort that went into animating the last few scenes. They didn’t even bother to animate their mouths moving. Though Koneko getting mad because she wants Issei to have some interest in little smaller girls was pretty great. It’s rough being you, Koneko-chan. Might I suggest magic? I’m sure there’s something that can help out. Though considering your onee-san… There’s still a chance.

Random thoughts:

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  1. https://randomc.net/image/High%20School%20DxD/High%20School%20DxD%20HERO%20-%2006%20-%2013.jpg

    Author’s afterwords on the cannons:

    The cannons were (LN illustrator) Miyama-Zero’s idea. He was puzzling over how to draw the Bishop and suddenly had a great idea, and so gave him two cannons on his shoulders. Looks a bit like the microwave cannons of Gundam DX. The Rook’s punch is a bit like Sudden Impact in “Big O.” Increasing power in an instant. The Knight is a reference to “Kamen Rider Kabuto” where there is a two stage transformation.


    Next story (in Vol 10) will be the match against Sairaorg… (and)…the inner workings of devil society. Please look forward to the spirited battle between Ise and Sairaorg.


  2. https://randomc.net/image/High%20School%20DxD/High%20School%20DxD%20HERO%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2004.jpg
    The face of utter bliss…

    …and the face of utter regret. (Yeah, I’d regret not motorboating Yasaka’s Raikou-sized melons, too.)

    As much as I like Kunou as a loli–and also like her over Nico Yazawa (*cough*seiyuujoke*cough*)–I’d love to see what she’d look like all grown up. Considering how…*ahem*…shapely her mother is, let’s hope that it runs in the family.

    I’m starting to see a pattern emerging: Whenever a group from the Khaos Brigade starts causing a ruckus, Issei and company are the first-responders who try to defeat the enemy–or at least hold out–until the Heaven, Hell and Fallen Angels alliance send someone powerful enough to make the enemy withdraw. (I wonder if that was agreed upon by the three sides during those meetings in the previous seasons? My memory’s a bit hazy.) It’s good that the next episode will change things up a little (or so I hope), and on the bright side, Ravel returns! (YES! YES!)

  3. I love how every bad guy absolutely flips out when Issei manages to even scratch them. Just shows how far they have their heads up their own asses before Issei pulls them out.

    While I agree that there should’ve been something before Yu-Long and Co. showed up, the show at least made a half-step of effort by having them show up through a dragon-summoning. I think the LN goes a little further to explain that the summoning wasn’t specifically for Great Red but just for the strongest dragon they could get or something, so Yu-Long could kinda force his way to the front of the line to avoid a catastrophe, cause Great Red showing up in the human world is never a good thing. It’s weak, but they kinda tried…?

    And now, let the “Great Cat v Bird War” commence! Ravel is a lot of fun, and she even makes Koneko cuter somehow, so this is just a great thing.

  4. I wonder how Cao Cao did master the “True Power” of Longinus. Is he in the end not an Human after all? Or did someone put him things into his ear and use him?

    1. Also, this prove us something important, that perhaps the Manga-ka or the direction has in his mind. Dragons are different then Gods… So Longinus can surly hurt Issei, but can not “1 hit Kill” him. Longinus is just an stronger spear with better penetration on Dragons, but not an “God Slayer”. Perhaps Issei, i mean Red Dragon King, need to play this last card and bet on it. To “catch” Longinus with his body, speculate that he would survive the impact

      Are Dragons not outside of the “Gods & Demons” loop like in the lately Bahamut anime? So i assume Lonignus is effective against Gods/Angels and Demons, but not Dragons because of their special thick skin

      So, if the Cao Cao vs Red Dragon King need an high peek, then let it be this “all or nothing” try how Longinus behave against Dragons

      – Well that would be my piece of mind for an final key battle part

      1. – Gods are be praised from their followers and believers, also Demons (Money, corruption and so on)

        – But do they praise to Dragons? So Longinus can only hurt “Faith” and “Prayers” based Enemy’s

        – My Base point of how Longinus power penetration works


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