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Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii – 07

「ネトゲと、それぞれの夜」 (Netoge to, Sorezore no Yoru)
“Online Games and Their Nights”

Man, this week’s episode was freaking awesome from start to finish.

General Impressions

Boy where do I even start? Between a fantastic depiction of what it’s like to play games with friends to an almost too realistic scenario of what happens when you hang out with people other than your significant other, this week’s episode may have been one of the better episodes. And honestly, that’s saying something when you consider just how freaking good every single episode of this show has been.

Starting with the game-centric part of the first half of the episode, I think I’m in love with how the showrunners handled everything about it. With a good mix of game and real life constantly clawing at each other to be the main focus, we were treated to this whimsical masterpiece that showed off what it would be like if our characters were somehow whisked away into some “other world” scenario. But as if that wasn’t enough, the show even tossed in Nao as a fresh reminder that normies live a very different life compared to Otakus. God, can you guys imagine some kind of spinoff that animated did everything in this kind of style? It would be fabulous.

Changing gears, it was nice to see both couples get a chance to flaunt some of their stuff without their significant other there for once. Looking back at it, there haven’t been that many opportunities to see what happens when you split the couples up — something that I thought may have been a bad thing until I realized too much of that would probably push this show in the wrong direction. Because if there was one thing I learned this week, it’s that the dynamic between everyone is definitely where the magic lies since it’s kind of tough to keep things going when the people talking are too similar. Luckily, I think it’s something that works well in moderation and given the situation, felt reminiscent to something like a palette cleanser. Still, you have to give it to the show for giving it a shot since it’s never bad to try something new, especially if you’ve been doing the same thing over and over.

Anyways, another great episode that did just about everything right. From reinforcing the relationships between our two couples to demonstrating that the show can successfully dive into different types of presentations, there was more than enough to have a fun and engaging episode. With only a handful of episodes left though, I hope the show isn’t afraid to try things like this more often since it definitely feels good to change things up every now and then. In any case I’ll catch you guys next week — see you then!

May 24, 2018 at 11:32 pm