「新しい世界」 (Atarashii Sekai)
“A New World”

Alright once we’ve all finished collectively picking up our jaws from the floor (or revelling in being proven right, who can say), let’s admit it: this episode was bloody awesome. Annoyance at yet another week long break or not, Franxx knows how to come roaring back in style and did so the best way possible. Answers galore, over the top histories, and hints of some seriously fun fights (and revelations) to come, we got it all this week—and that’s before remembering there’s still four episodes of this glorious chaos in an anime to go.

Since the beginning the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue was when Franxx would reveal its Trigger (and Gainax) origins. When would the massive secret be revealed, the alien invasion, the universe-damning special power, the method for humanity in all its base feebleness to fight back and secure a place for itself? With every passing week it seemed we wouldn’t see such a game changing reveal to the chagrin of some, but as is often the case, patience can indeed pay off. The klaxosaurs, rather than being Earth natives, are foreign aliens, taking refuge against another species (the Virm/VIRM, 404 acronym not found) who deem their power to great for the universe to handle. All the original klaxosaurs—i.e. the klaxo sapiens—are dead barring the princess, either by absorption into their biological weapons or through more conventional means. And APE (at least a plurality of it) just happens to be a Virm infiltration force using humanity as a tool to find and wipe out the klaxosaur remnants. It’s still up in the air just what humanity’s own origins are in all of this (whether actual klaxosaur offshoot or a product of natural evolution), but one thing is clear: we’re playing with the big boys now.

These reveals though are only half the picture as we also have received a full understanding of parasite and Franxx. As expected Hiro and friends were designed to be klaxosaurs, but of the sapient variety instead of the bioweapon form. Given the klaxosaur control system (one male and one female) and what happened to the original klaxo sapiens it’s easy to guess that parasites are thus not liquidated at their end as much as die off, being incapable of staying something no non-princess klaxo sapiens apparently managed to do. Stampede mode, Zero Two’s animalistic behaviour, the very parasite label? It all makes a lot of sense now given the Franxx’s bioweapon origins. Hiro and Zero Two of course are the odd ones out in all of this, being properly revealed as legitimately special for the former and artificially created in the latter, but in the greater scheme of things, these tidbits also mesh nicely. Hiro’s uniqueness for example has been known for a while, but in relation to the aforementioned parasite lifespan, it suggests the parasite creation program could actually produce artificial klaxo sapiens should certain variables (and potential stimuli) align. His arguably “pure” status is also why he seemingly meshes so well with the princess, for if Hiro is a “true” klaxo sapiens (notice their colour match) it makes sense he would be compatible with his fellow “species” no matter the physical initiation. Would be tragically ironic for Zero Two of course, NTR-ing her so late in the game, but with Hiro quickly proving to be the key to it all, but you can expect a few more of these ground breaking darling shakeups before the dust properly settles.

As for everyone else, well, don’t expect peace and quiet either. As easily guessed Kokoro and Mitsuru won’t be held ignorant for too long, ring removal or not both will reacquire their memories toot sweet because saving people is good, Futoshi suffering never loses its lustre, and a baby might just be on the way. How the reveal of what powers the Franxxs affects the parasites is a huge unknown at the moment (Zorome is going to take it hard for example), but it’s reasonable to expect our good guys to rally behind the darling couple in name of a happy ending and kissing scenes. Of course the Nines are part of this unknown given their Papa loyalty, but any fight between them and Squad 13 probably won’t last too long now (unfortunately) considering the true enemy has made its appearance. With everything effectively flipped on its head and a three-way free for all likely to make our acquaintance before too long—can someone say Darling Wars?—it’s anyone’s guess how this turn of events is going to play out.

Franxx may have answered a good number of our questions, but you can bet it isn’t the start of the fun yet to come.


  1. As engaging as this episode of NTRling in the Franxx was, one thing really sticks out.

    Did Dr. Franxx seriously engineer an entire series of robots that necessitated farming and maintaining an entire slave race, sacrifice his wife and his fap hand, and shave half his head for the sole purpose of riding his loli dino oni waifu?

    Because goddamn that’s some dedication. What a fucking hero.

    1. Pretty much :P, although to be fair he didn’t sacrifice his wife, she chose to be the sacrifice test subject. If anything her death encouraged the doctor to pursue his dream of princess riding that much harder.

    1. They took thier time with the secret twist this time.
      I think it was earlier in Kill la Kill.

      All the character development took up lots of episodes.

      Kill la Kill was wacky.
      Luluco was wacky.
      Little Witch Academia tame down a little tiny bit.
      Franxx as a partner title is pretty grounded.


  2. I don’t think it was said that the Klaxo sapiens were aliens, I think they are in fact from Earth all along. The dialog in this episode from the princess seems to suggest as much.

    1. Could very well be, wouldn’t be the first time I’m wrong haha. For me the bit about the Virm opposing them and the klaxo sapiens being chased underground suggested they originally came from off planet. Makes some sense too considering the Virm fleet is just a reconnaissance force; if the klaxo sapiens were from Earth, the Virm probably wouldn’t waste their time with infiltration, they’d slag the whole planet and recover the Star Entity afterwards.

      1. The klax are clearly Earthlings. In her telling of the backstory (at 20:45), the Klaxosaur Princess says, “A long time ago, when we were attacked by invaders from the expanse of space,…”

        As for VIRM’s APE strategy, I don’t see what difference it makes whether the klax are Earthlings or aliens. Regardless, I guess the strategy can be rationalized as VIRM being more careful after their first defeat. (It’s harder to rationalize a global defense that can protect only one side of the planet and why VIRM obligingly attacked on that side. Maybe a world with Lamarckian evolution also has a flat Earth.)

      2. Yupp definitely wrong haha, thanks for highlighting that proper, I probably read the subs too fast and my memory did the rest.

        Regarding the strategy I meant that if the klaxos are actually from Earth (which they are), Virm likely knew where they were beforehand, so they have little need to try and infiltrate—just nuke from orbit until eliminated. I’m guessing in this case though it comes down to what the Star Entity can do and how many casualties the Virm are willing to take securing it.

  3. Ok…
    I’ve already forgotten what happened, a reminder by the adult to set things back on track.
    This one has a creepy smily foxy poker face.
    Feels empty, just a loudspeaker?
    Introducing herself as a Code huh…
    (Miku wonders on future job propects in the organization, lol)

    Onto the “key” matters.
    Its Zero Two in Strelizia plugged into the “Star Entity”.
    Sound like Devil Gundam lol.
    Its it the thing behind K-Princess in the opening?

    The H-Horni…
    A spear?
    Doesn’t have the slick looks of Longinus’.
    Dr Franxx thinks it not necessary.
    Hachi thinks otherwise, still aligned with APE.

    Some strong reconditioning Kokoro’s been given.

    The Pastel Mops should wear pink! 😛
    Everyone are tools in the Sages’ ambitions.
    Would be nice to listen to each Sage’s sob story.
    Or are they even human?

    P13 finally one squad in harmony.
    Kokoro and Mitsuru heads cut out though…

    So the K-saurs have other bases?

    Ok, they can make a Musou game for this 😛

    No conditioning can stop human potential!
    (Cue Gundam Unicorn music)

    Damn, feels like Zero Two is going to die.
    The opening…
    Dr Franxx’s grim look.
    This talk about after the fighting.

    Gran Crevasse looks pretty man made.
    “Ther bottom”
    Or is it just the elevator?
    A man-made elevator to the caves of an ancient civilisation.
    The elevator floor suddenly look a lot wider when it reached bottom.

    Oh so K-Princess is 001.
    Namesake or she is created too?
    Wasn’t she in the GC?
    She came from the skies.
    Where was she?

    Klaxo sapien…
    The people of the ancient civilisation.

    Dr Franxx, after all those years.
    Its still in his head.

    “Love triangle”

    “Our child”, as in k-sapien relic?
    Woah K-Strelizia!
    What is the stats of this False Love form compared to te True Love form?

    Star Entity sounds like the controls of the planet.
    One True God 😛

    Next episode K-Princess documentary?
    More details would be good!
    No need too much fighting.

    Klaxosaurs are weapons of Klaxo Sapiens.
    Klaxosaur tech is used to crate Franxx.

    So she is the only one Klaxo Sapien left.
    Why struggle so much?

    Zero Two has red blood.

    Almost thought Klaxosaur weren’t weapons until Dr Franxx confirms it.
    The line before made me think its evolution, was it forced onto some K-sapiens?
    Why were weapons needed at that time? Civil wars?
    I assume its long before humans discover magma energy.

    Nice, some confirmation for the theories.

    The epic is coming…

    Suddenly the humans became the third party in some space wars.

    A giant Strelizia, a giant spear…ohhh!

    Oh…so thats why they needed weapons.

    This is the turn of events I was looking for to set a season 2 in.

    Maybe the Seven Sages or some are Klaxo Sapiens as well?
    Ok they are VIRM.
    Oh…its just those 2 that went to assasinate the K-Princess that time!
    Thats why they were so super.

    Disturb the universe’s peace?
    VIRM is some space police?

  4. I think how humans came about should be the same?
    Perhaps its VIRM vs Klaxo that brought about the dinosaur extinction?

    Ok…I see it.
    Perhaps humans could be a product of VIRM or Klaxo.
    Or their existence had a hand somehow in human evolution.

    The Klaxo aliens – termed Klaxo sapiens by Dr Franxx.
    They became 2 forms at some point in time, circumstances not said (not known by Dr Franxx).
    One form is energy which went into the planet’s magma to become Magma Energy.
    The other is the bioweapon Klaxosaur which is Klaxo sapiens + Magma like Ninja Turtles.
    Klaxo sapiens pilot Klaxosaurs in male female pairs.
    The form split is the Klaxo aliens preparation for the next fight with the VIRM.

    VIRM through APE manipulate humans to take on the Klaxo aliens, use the K tech against the K.

    Perhaps the last big fight caused big losses on both sides that it took this long for a rematch.

  5. beautiful too dam beautiful,your too beautiful Darling in the FranXX. ah sorry i went abit crazy like doc franxx. but dam da endgame episodes are startin off with a huge bang like WOW WHAT AN EPISODE. i got da feelin dat Hiro will go full Kalo Sapien to save da world and beat bak VIRM. all i can say iz im on pinz and needles waiting for da next episode (dam shuld have watched dis ep a day before da next 1)

  6. Kokoro is pregnant

    Called it

    Now my next prediction. When she gets her memories back and tells Mitsuru during the final battle that she is pregnant with his child he will get distracted or decide to fight with nothing held back for her and get killed

      1. Kokoro knew it was a possibility. After reading the book, she planned on getting pregnant at some point anyway. With the memory wipe, she now feels sick but has no idea why.

        Ian Albert
  7. As dazzling as this episode was, I can’t shake the feeling that it was the exposition dump equivalent of an anvil dropped on the audience’s head. Made for entertaining viewing, but not always for the right reasons. ????

    Cue that History Channel aliens meme.

  8. Loved it. All the reminders of Trigger and Ganix from the start had me watching for clues but I think some got them without knowing the authors. There were several things indicating huge secret would come up as a twist so anyone thinking it broke world building did not get the key mentions and remember the superweapon construction along with Giant Hand and why Grand Crevasse was so special. For short bit, I thought Klax was a failed experiment with single pilots and thus why Grand Crevasse looked like an overrun human base. But that did not quite fit with masked leaders.
    Aliens were on my list episode one for why leadership covered heads although I liked the joke Planet of the Apes as why they covered heads. I had a civil Klax war, two competing ancient civilizations, and aliens as my top secret reveal with a hidden human rebel faction possible but not big twist enough.
    Many think this twist ruins the world building and the dystopia plot but I disagree all the what are humans and the foolishness of humans are still valid no matter the nature of the Villians leadership.
    I hope that tons of character building were not in part to really make us feel the deaths.


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