「十分間の鏖殺」 (Jubbunkan no Oosatsu)
“10 Minute Massacre”

If there ever was an example of how to look cool while fighting in Gun Gale Online, the only example that should ever be used is how Pito took out over 20 guys with an evil smile on her face.

General Impressions

Before talking about that really charismatic and likable enemy that LLENN and Yuka found, let me take a few minutes to just word vomit about how awesome Pito’s fight scene was. From the music to the animation, all the way to the maniacal laughter coming from Pito as she obliterated her enemies, it was seriously the best thing I think this show has given us thus far. If I had one complaint, it’d be that the whole thing should have been a few minutes longer just so we could see more of Pito kicking ass. If I were to pick a specific point to talk about though, can we all agree that the choice of BGM for the moment was near perfect? It’s been a while since we’ve heard this song (the last time was when LLENN was duking it out at the end of the first Squad Jam) and the intro to it was freaking fantastic. Amping things up right before the action kicked off, I loved how it transitioned into that high BPM beat that perfectly flowed with Pito’s movements.

Switching over to LLENN and Yuka, I’m really digging how they prepared for this second Squad Jam. As a duo who have a distinct numbers disadvantage, I love how they’ve been utilizing various tactics to utilize their strengths. Alternating between utilizing LLENN’s speed and Yuka’s sniping prowess, it’s been fun to see how they take these two aspects and literally push them to their limits. However, I would be lying if I didn’t talk about how Clarence’s surprise introduction nearly stole the show for me. Besides trying to use the Play Dead tactic (which I LOVED), I really enjoyed seeing someone use the empathy tactic. Because if there’s one thing that most of my friends will comment on, it’s how I’ll randomly start talking to the enemy and somehow befriend them to the point where it throws off the whole game since we’ll actively avoid killing each other out of mutual respect. Something that’s difficult to explain which is why I was blown away when Clarence was a near-perfect recreation of that situation. It also doesn’t hurt that she went out of her way to cover LLENN after their short conversation with each other.

Anyways, another fantastic episode if you ask me! With the action cranked up to 11 from the start and tons of variety in-between all the firefights, I think this week’s episode was a great example of how you can have an engaging episode of SAOA:GGO without turning every single thing into a fight. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week where it looks like LLENN will have to duke it out against another “major” team. See you then!




  1. After watching Pitohui in action today I must I´m glad as hell this crazy didn´t end up in SAO, Kirito and Asuna would have ended 100 times more traumatized if they had to face her in Aincrad! It´s easy to picture Pitohui as the leader of Laughing Coffin or worse as the leader of the subjugation team that destroyed that Guild, anyhow I think she´s far worse than any of the Laughing Coffin survivors, at least they have the excuse that SAO made them go nuts but Pitohui was broken long before that….

  2. there were actually 2 10 minutes massacres in one 20 minute episode…
    Pito is crazy strong… and crazy… and strong..,
    Fuuka really shines with 101 uses for grenade launcher
    light flares
    tear gas cannisters
    non-lethal disabling rounds
    also P-chan the second shines with sound suppressor on

    bi the way even with that all awesomeness going on Clarence is the star of the episode
    -trading kiss from LLENN for ammo
    -saving LLENN with her own life

  3. that pitou… HOW ABOUT JUST LEAVE and IGNORE HER idiocy about killing herself and M? damn. if i were llenn i wont join SJ2 and just leave those who want to die, DIE. then comeback once everything is sorted out. aah i know that Show Spoiler ▼

    but F that… a crazy bitch will die as a crazy bitch anyway so why not leave and let her kill herself and spare yourself of future problems and trouble?. pitou would be forgotten in a few years time anyway.

  4. I was the only one who realized that the 6 leader was Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, JCVD (Universal Soldier outfit), Dolph Lundgren and the last guy who resigned before Pito could shot him was Chuck Norris? I laughed so hard when i noticed that cameo.

  5. Kirito-Asuna LLENN-Pito is just awesome. Lightyears ahead of their SAO senpais. I’d say that SAOAlter is a very horrible spin-off of SAO because it is thousands of lightyears ahead and better than SAO.

    I’d like to see Pito-LLENN whack Jesus Kirito’s group faces in the dust. Including Sion too.

    I like how they took stabs at SAO and GGO stories.

    Henrietta Brix
  6. The best stab at SAO is yet to come…let’s wait for future episodes.

    In-universe the Squad Jam teams (personally funded small-time event) are not at the same level of competence as BoB participants (Server-wide/international level tournament) yet. BoB players will have insane stats by Squad Jam standard – Yamikaze (the unfortunate guy sniped by Sinon) is so fast that he can dodge rapid fire from FOUR players firing simultaneously at literal point blank range, while LLENN only barely dodged a pistol shot from M.

  7. This series started out really strong but had a couple of pretty crappy episodes. Still, I think this is one of my favorite glutinous violence montages ever. Pito’s evil little cackles reminds me of Tanya the Evil.


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