「私達にぴったりだと思わない?」 (Watashitachi ni Pittarida to Omowanai?)
“Isn’t This Perfect for Us?”

Okay before any hate comes in, how can you expect people to play Beach Volleyvall without the appropriate attire?

General Impressions

Seriously though, I thought this week’s episode was actually pretty good. For me there was a nice balance between pushing the story forward and giving us some fun moments to keep things balanced. Starting with the later, never in a million years did I think I would hear a good reason for wearing skimpy tight fitting swimsuits for playing Volleyball in. But lo and behold and in just four episodes Harukana has convinced me that there’s just enough merit to do things the way we see it without diving into anything incredibly fanservicey. That said, I’m glad that we have Kanata here to keep things grounded since were it left up to Haruka, things would probably be slipping left and right.

Changing gears to the more serious part of this week’s episode, boy am I loving how the story is handling Haruka and Kanata’s relationship. As cousins who rarely saw each other, it would be kind of strange to see them in full sync less than a few weeks in. Luckily the story realizes this and is doing it best to make sure that it’s covering for this fact. First covering Kanata’s trauma (which still isn’t a closed case but getting better) and then moving to the dynamic between her and Haruka, I can’t wait to see just how much better the two are once they finally level up their “relationship” with each other.

All that said, I think if there was one thing I was a little disappointed about it would be the lack of volleyball recently. After the first episode where we had a pretty fun exhibition match, I’ve been craving something similar to that and the show just hasn’t delivered. Maybe my expectations are in the wrong spot, but I hope I’m not the only one who’s waiting for some more actual volleyball!

In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week! Sorry about the later than usual post — I’m flying internationally and it’s been tough to keep up with things with spotty internet here and there. That said, let me tell you, it’s real awkward trying to take screencaps of this show in public when there are families just dying to stare at your screen only to be greeted by a screen full of Haruka’s chest. God speed to me next week.

P.S. God Narumi is so cute. If only she could show up more!


    1. Does Hanebado have similar yuri vibes?


      So we got a Fubuki lookalike in Hanebado, Hibiki and Murasame lookalikes in Island, and now a Mogami lookalike in Harukana Receive. Them shipgirls are everywhere this season. 😛

      That said, let me tell you, it’s real awkward trying to take screencaps of this show in public when there are families just dying to stare at your screen only to be greeted by a screen full of Haruka’s chest. God speed to me next week.

      Takaii, perhaps you need some sort of monitor hood, like this one.

      This show reminds me a bit of last season’s Pretty Derby: light, fluffy, and sporty, but this time the energetic girl is the one providing emotional support/healing the more reserved one. I don’t mind the cranked-up fanservice and yuri vibes, but like you I’d like to see more matches.

      Magnus Tancred
      1. I love that monitor hood, obviously an essential accessory when travelling with a laptop! Really though all you need is a privacy filter for the screen so people sitting next to you can’t see what you’re working on.

  1. So with this fabric pattern and the implications that come along with it, will spectators and competors notice it when the two go out to play some real matches? And if so, how will the duo respond? (other than mortification on Kanata’s part)

    1. If anyone actually notices, Kanata will explode into a cloud of pink embarrassment while Haruka will probably just stand there all proud or maybe even yell out “That’s right, she’s mine! Back off!”

      Of course if anyone is going to notice it’ll have to be Narumi, so here’s hoping for a funny moment of embarrassment between friends rather than something too dramatically serious.

      1. Judging by what we’ve seen so far of Narumi, I don’t think she does funny moments of embarrassment. She seems far more likely to run off with tears in her eyes.

      2. As I think about it, it really should be part of the story. In many respects, it already is. The partner relationships seem to be incredibly important, including the intimacy the partners all seem to share and the show’s creators have put a lot of time and effort into developing this aspect.

        I could definitely see Haruka reacting that way, along with Kanata — who gets embarrassed easily and often but doesn’t deny. I’m not sure what to expect from Narumi yet as her situation is more complex… While she has put Kanata behind her at least physically, and has a new partner with all that this entails, I don’t see the emotional side of her as having given up Kanata yet. Maybe the four girls need to, umm… have a match.

  2. This episode just reminded me why I stopped wearing bikini briefs. On that note, wouldn’t it be more convenient to use boy shorts? I know it’s rather rare on female swimwear, but still…

    As for the beach volley itself, I think they’re doing a good job in explaining it in a simple and natural way. For someone who has never played it competitively it’s rather educational. Though I do worry how the Harukana pair will up their game in competitions. Right now it doesn’t look like they can meet Narumi’s team in a tournament, unless it’s the preliminaries.

    I’m guessing this pair will be their next opponents.

  3. This entire series is fanservicey, with high school girls in baithing suits, might as well call this Baywatch maybe Dead or Alive volleyball. Regardless what we call it the girls figure are well developed. Sex sells this show is no different.

    1. This anime is based on a manga that has as its publication a magazine focused only on stories of girls with rare appearances of males. This same magazine publishes K-ON.

      This show is only for yuri fans or idol fans (who hate to see men near their waifus).

      It does not go very far in terms of history. Watch only with focus on fanservice.


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