「死出への誘い」 (Shide~e no Sasoi)
“Invitation to Death”

As expected after a brief foray into the inner workings of goblin hierarchy, Overlord is ready to get down to mainstream business. Or in other words, let everyone’s favourite skeleton start doing the spooky. Yes boys and girls we’re back to setting Demiurge’s Ainz’s plan of world domination into action, something which wouldn’t be the same without a few new worthy sacrifices built up for the purpose. You may not know who half these poor guys (and cutie pies) are right now, but trust me, you will soon enough.

After a good deal of buildup and worldly exploration this is arguably the point where Overlord starts properly spreading its wings. While this arc specifically won’t see much “new” until all is revealed at the end, with Demiurge having devised a nation building plan and Ainz as Momon dabbling in sightseeing and security detail you can probably start piecing a few things together. Not much of a spoiler to guess what ruins our ragtag collection of Workers—i.e. contract Adventurers—will be exploring for example, or why the reward for doing so is significant. The real question is why Ainz would in some roundabout fashion want a bunch of unknown weaklings to set foot on his property, much less potentially make off with some valuable items. His valuable items. Not many clues as to this right now, but given one of the Empire’s most important magic users happened to meet with Ainz beforehand and an ostracized imperial noble supposedly arranged the expedition you can bet a bit of secretive puppeteering is at work. Remember last season’s Demiurge demon roleplaying? Quite likely the end result here will be the same.

Such sinister scheming though wouldn’t be complete without its unintended victims supporting cast and on this front we also received the full kitten caboodle. Besides brief appearances from Brain, Climb, and co., everyone’s favourite Princess Renner also returned to the fray, although sadly without any of torturous rape faces which add to her endearing charm. Well, yet. There’s also the appearance of Emperor El Nix and his Imperial Knights who’ve been well-teased in the OP and ED thus far, but the big feature lies with Foresight and our four merry Workers who got the incredibly short sighted idea (tragic irony at its best I tell you) to investigate a set of “ruins” you don’t want to visit. To be fair of course their magic user Arche could make good use of the reward given her family troubles, but third tier spells and special abilities or not, you know exactly what’s going to happen to that cute face—Albedo and Shalltear broker no female competition, and we all know what Cocytus and Demiurge think of compassion. Unlike Climb who’s fortunate enough to retain yandere-level protection (the best protection), Foresight’s members, among others, are not likely to see their task through, for when Ainz kicks Demiurge’s his plan into motion, someone is going to have to play the scapegoat.

All these poor bastards can do is hope a few of them are allowed to tell the tale of their harrowing adventure.

Random Tidbits

Putting up fake appearances by spending inordinate amounts of money on luxury things might seem like a modern phenomenon, but disgraced nobles like Arche’s parents here did actually do such stupid things in the past. Landed elite, especially in the Victorian era were made or broken by their social circles, which themselves were largely maintained by lavish parties. The more lavish the party, the better your guests, the more opportunity to find a new money making scheme, so many often went into significant debt just for the networking capability. This naturally was an economic death sentence for many families, but a few did actually succeed against all odds (ex. Winston Churchill’s family).


  1. Climb not Clive (was wondering who was Clive XD). Also the Death Knight chained under the ministry of magic is a naturally (a rare spawn) found in Katze plains and not one of Ainz DKs (he keeps them all at Nazarick at the moment)

      1. Some authors could certainly learn better, but a lot of the time I think the names are chosen out of theme or quirkiness. GATE’s author for example named a few characters on cocktails; I imagine a similar thing is a work here with the likes of Climb and Brain.

  2. Glad you knew how real the pretend to be rich game went.
    Workers, I think Soldiers of Fortune would sound cooler but that is in English. Unreliability and a backstab nature are built into the Soldier of Fortune (mercenary) history so you pick that up faster in English if you know it.
    I love how the Emperor is showing how the great autocrat can create a great society at lightning speed. Having the totally transforming of the country leaders Peter and Catherine the Great I am sure a major reason many Russians look for the next great autocrat to rule. But replacing autocrats with another good one has been historically doubtful and the fights over power often destructive and bloody to the country. Thus although Democracy has major flaws it still is the best long-term government, I include Constitutional Monarchies in democracies which have a week president type system with a royal instead of a more ignorable president.
    I hope Ainz can continue the Emperor’s reforms later. Ainz can be like the Emperor, bloody to power but stability and prosperity to those who survive the takeover.
    I wish I had a copy of article several decades ago which covered how a well run Lawfull Evil government has many similarities to a Lawful Good government as a wise ruler knows a content population is way more efficient and pays way more taxes. Well, run Evil governments are rather rare as Evil often distracts from efficiency.

    1. Main problem with Lawful Evil aka Tyranny governments is their tendency descend into rival coteries vying for favor of the supeme ruler, which tends to destory efficiency (see: Germany, Japan during WW2), and when the ruler inevitably does some grave mistake, there is no one that can correct him.

      1. yeah that was side-effect of Madhouse focusing only on Enri’s POV of vol. 8 events, in LN Enri’s visit to E-rantel had multiple POV of the same situation (the Guard/mage, Enri and Ainz/Momon).

        The receptionist was freaking out at that time was because Ainz/Momon had gone via the back entrance and had roundabout asked the guildmaster Isaa/Aizac (not too sure which is the correct pronunciation) on the details of Enri’s request as Ainz though it odd that Lupusregina hadn’t reported anything that would warrant Enri having to make a request at the adventure’s guild and in doing so he kinda broke proper adventurer protocol regarding requests(which why Ainz was so pissed at Lupusregina later).

        This kinda ties in with the Difference between Adventurers and Workers being shown in this arc

      2. Weren’t we kind of clued what was going on by showing us Hamsuke’s shadow behind guild building? Why would they spell out everything for everyone and waste precious air time. I would rather them cover less obvious things and only hint at them.

      3. @Devastator001
        Ah, I see, thank you sir. So the desk receptionist was panicking because her Boss asked, as the boss was asked by Momon. That makes sense. I thought she was panicking because she saw the danger of Enri’s situation, meh.
        “so he kinda broke proper adventurer protocol regarding requests”
        Really, there was a protocol? Didn’t know. I guess Ainz/Momon gets special treatment for being so strong.

        Anyway, I hope no one will brag about the Goblin Horn, a lot of robbers would want to see Enri if they hear about it.

      4. @Greed

        Yeah as an adamantite adventurer Momon does get pretty much a big leeway on the things he can get away with, but at this point in time he dislikes owing favors to the guildmaster as Isaac/Ainzac was pretty incessant in buttering up to Momon (ie inviting him to hi-class brothels, fancy parties etc.) partly because the guildmaster wants Momon to keep using E-rantel as his party base.

    1. While I presume no one in the whole expedition will survive, Arche and her party actually are the only ones with slim chances of survival.
      Because her tlaent allows het ot gauge the power of her opponents, she (and rest of the Foresight) are the only ones likely to recognize the trapo they are walking into…
      that of course gives them only slim chance to flee, but still better odds than the others.

    2. She actually has two fates differing between the original web novel and the light novel. They’re DEFINITELY going to go with the LN version but afterwards it’s worth checking out the web novel version and it’s … associated doujins…

      1. Is the webnovel even being translated anyways? I know the lightnovel is translated, but didn’t know the webnovel was as well. Kinda curious how some of the events play out as some characters and events have been added or changed between the 2

  3. This episode gave me the “death flagging” feeling.

    Honestly, I feel Arche should just murder her parents and hide their bodies. I am pretty sure fantasy worlds don’t have the best detectives, and I don’t think anyone cares about a fallen Noble, who is also a disgusting father; I would be shocked if those disgusting parents are willing to sell their own kids to slavery. IF anything, Arche can murder her parents and tell the local authorities “my parents were planning a coup d’etat, so I had killed them before they can do anything.” Sigh, Arche should have left her parents sooner, I am pretty sure she is in no obligation to pay her parents’ debt. I am wanting to see an anime where such lousy parents get killed off.

    So the Empire can use the undead. Ideally, the undead can make disposable soldiers. Wonder why no one seems to have done that yet, except Ainz.

    On the side note, I now want to look for more anime that has elves.

    1. Main problem with undead in this world is that large concentrations of undead in an area can cause the the natural spontaneous spawning of uncontrolled and also stronger undead. Which is why the area Fluder was is was so heavily guarded.

      This is the reason why the graveyard in E-rantel is completely sectioned off and there are periodic patrols to cull the lower ranked undead in order to keep them from reaching a critical mass.

      The chained death knight is a naturally spawned one from Katze plains (where the empire and the kingdom do their annual skirmish so lots of death in the area) and when they’re not at war both empire and the kingdom send patrols to cull the undead numbers there.

    2. For Arche and her parents it feels like she’s too good of a person to just kill them, and it sounds like she doesn’t have the money to leave with her sister yet, but she will after this job. Too bad, since this is a world where the nice ones don’t make it, especially where these people are going…

      1. “she’s too good of a person to just kill them”
        Sad that we often see anime where the compassionate often get extorted while the inhuman have a higher chance of survival. Sigh
        I recall this noble was sensible enough to love his child, refusing to use his child as a tool for things such as ambition and so forth. In Arche’s case, her parents have no redeeming features. They look like the type of nobles that are willing to use their daughters as tools, not minding the idea of having their own children marry off some abusive husband and so forth. As you said, I guess Arche is too kind to kill off her parents, which is something I feel she will regret NOT doing, her parents seem to be same type of parents as Hayate the combat butler.

    3. Given disgraced nobles still retain a good deal of stature their murders likely wouldn’t go unnoticed. Landed elite have a tendency to stick together no matter what as killing one often opens others up to a similar fate and those holding power are naturally adverse to encouraging that. It’s very likely if Arche had killed them someone would have eagerly looked for the culprit, if to either ingratiate themselves with a noble family (a commoner) or use the chance to make off with the family’s remaining wealth (a fellow noble).

      There’s a reason the family still retains their land even with all of their outstanding debt after all.

      1. ” It’s very likely if Arche had killed them someone would have eagerly looked for the culprit”
        Well, your logic make sense. Still, as I mentioned earlier, she could have used an excuse like “My parents were planning to assassinate the emperor, so I had killed them to prevent that.” oh well

      2. No worries you’re definitely not wrong Greed, my comment was more about having someone search for Arche in the first place. After she is apprehended (if ever) she likely could get off considering her status and potential arguments (ex. plotted assassination as you mention), but before that there would be people looking, whether to correct a perceived wrong or simply profit off of the situation.

      3. I see, thank you sir. it was interesting talking to you about this.
        Sigh, and you are right, there are many greedy people, in the world of Overlord, that are willing to find ways to get money fast.I just hope Ainz can quickly rule the world, I am sure the world would be much better when he takes over.

  4. oh boy the floor guardians will have some fun
    or possibly the Pleiades will suffice
    and survivors with the un/luck to flee the dungeon will go back to the base camp guarded by Papa Bones himself (and Nabe!)
    this will be a glorious massacre

    1. You’re not the only one, I really think Overlord is one of those series best binge watched than watched weekly. The slow buildup lends quite well to watching several episodes in one go.
      Alas coverage demands personal sacrifices though 😛

  5. I feel like this quest to Nazarick is also part of Demiurge’s plan, maybe along the vein of introducing it to the world and showing off the group’s power at the same time. Plus, they could use this “invasion” as an excuse to beat on the Empire later when Ainz officially announces it as his own independent nation.

    I know that at least 99% of these Workers are gonna die(or wish they were allowed to die while being kept in Nazarick for some experiment), but I wonder what would’ve changed if they’d given Ainz an answer that he didn’t see as “worthless”. For that matter it feels like there was a bit of a misunderstanding there: “money” is such an obvious answer that I kinda think Ainz was asking more like what they would do with that money, but since that was there big answer Ainz might’ve misunderstood that they were just going for the sake of getting rich.

    It’s not like you’re going to tell a total stranger how you’re saving up to protect your little sister from your parents, or to have enough money to travel around and spread the word of God while helping frontier villages, but I would’ve been interested to see if those answers would’ve changed anything. I mean, Ainz doesn’t let Solution eat innocent people as a treat, so he’s got some compassion left for the good.

    1. Plus, they could use this “invasion” as an excuse to beat on the Empire later when Ainz officially announces it as his own independent nation.

      Interessting idea. Maybe Demiurge wants to weaken El Nix’ nation as well, has he did in season2 with the neighboring nation. So when they are both weak he could take them both out in one go.

    2. It’s likely the expedition is an excuse for Ainz to subjugate another ruling elite given there’s little other explanation for allowing it in the first place. It’s not like the Workers are particularly valuable after all, and we know of no experiment requiring Adventurers or similar folk.

      As for the answer I don’t think it would’ve mattered how they might’ve responded, but I think you’re right that Ainz was expecting something different than simply wanting money. He for example treats money as little more than a means to an end (building up Ainz Ooal Gown) and probably expected the Workers to answer similarly. When they didn’t it probably surprised and disappointed him by suggesting these men and women had nothing they really wanted in life. As a result Ainz had no qualms about implementing Demiurge’s plan. Makes me wonder if learning of Arche’s motivations would change how Ainz intends on treating some of his new guests.

      1. Well the main reason a noble would rather hire workers vs adventurer is that workers don’t leave a paper trail.

        As posting a similar request would leave a paper trail as the guild would have to do an initial survey in order to confirm the difficulty of the request etc before posting it at the guild board.

      2. I was under the impression that Ainz’s question was supposed to be about what the merits are being a “Worker”. Even if he was asking in a round about way, I don’t think he worded that properly. During the early part of the episode, it looked like he was wondering why people would become a Worker instead of joining the guild.

        Can’t say if the answer could’ve changed things, but at least it doesn’t look like Ainz will feel bad about what will happen to them now. Like he said, “The die has been cast”.

  6. If those characters now die in the span of 2-3 eps, i feel this ep was a total waste of time. They again teased so much bigger world building and instead we get some minor characters sitting in a bar talking about meaningless stuff.
    The directors sometimes go way overboard with connecting every dot on the table.

    1. Well am guessing they’ll wrap up vol. 7 events in the next 3 eps (depending how much of an ep they’ll devote to each of the worker teams POV my guess is 1/2 an ep per other teams then around close to 1 ep for the Foresight team as this basically a big arc that pretty much spans 3 vols (although they won’t be covering vol. 10 events :P)

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20III/Overlord%20III%20-%2006%20-%2008.jpg
    Lots of blond(es) in this country. Nordic representation?

    I’m with a lot of commenters above. This has all the earmarks of a huge setup into Nazarick by Ainz and Demiurge. All I see for the next two episodes is a massacre, which is a shame, because of the backstory in this episode. Arrogant nobles? Money problems? Guilds with adventurers who can’t say “no”? But what would you expect in D&D, where a group of 50-60 Level 6 characters assault an epic-level lich’s tomb, complete with 50+ paragon-to-epic-level custom-made NPCs?

    Tell an informed table of roleplayers that they’re about to assault Nazarick as 6th Level players and the rules-lawyers will quit immediately and leave the house, followed by the metagamers, powergamers, and down the line.

    At first I was highly annoyed by Ainz’s “Ah. Sorry. It was a foolish question.”, but maybe it was just Ainz seeing their 100% future deaths as unnecessary. No real boasters in this Workers crowd, just common joes trying to earn a gold piece. Given how Ainz’s staff see humans as nothing more than common fodder to boot, I’m not seeing a single survivor out of the group.

    1. I think it’s more along the lines of Ainz trying to get a feel for their motivation as there are less Workers back in E-rantel (most of those were information brokers and back-alley thugs) and this is the first time he met Workers of a higher caliber (as I recall all 4 of the worker teams are equivalent to mithril rank). As found the normal jobs of adventurers being just professional monster slayers being such a banal occupation, he was curious on what drives the workers as they are not bound by the rules of the adventurers guild.

      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. In an D&D Game is not the Money or reward the main attraction. No, in an typical D&D Game session the Experience is Life, its more valuable as the gold. To level your Character to gain more Exp to grown bigger is more important then Gold.. Sure it can help the way.

      But, in this case Money can solve really her problems? Could the money let her become Independence with her little Sisters? If they run away, Bis Sister must become the Mother for them. Is she ready for this? But lets see if she return alive or as an Undead Soldier under the banner of Ainz-sama

  8. This setup is more or less “Don’t Breathe” where a group attempts to steal valuables from an haunting area. Except Ainz did try to warn them but when greed came to their minds, Ainz saw he is a fool to think they have more noble motives.

    1. He also could ask them, what will you do with the reward you will gain?

      Some ones would invest in Beer and Whores, other in Fashion cloths or in an Big Meal, some other perhaps to buy more Slaves and so on… The good ones are still hard to see… But perhaps Ainz-sama are already thinking in “Black and White” or “cling together, swing together”

    2. The idea that people are “greedy” because they desire “money” is fraudulent to begin with, so this is a case of careless writing. Ainz didn’t delve deeply into motivations, and thinking that anyone would reveal their deepest motivations and dreams in a crowd of strangers is hokey.

      “Money” is just a fungible medium of exchange, and though people who don’t understand its nature in a modern economy can be called ignorant, few people are dumb enough to want money for its own sake. Instinctively, they want things like a better life, seed-money for their dream-job, a means to grant their own wishes.

      Ainz himself “should” know this, having to agonize over allocating his limited financial resources between different priorities. Again, the fact that he is conveniently “forgetting” his own motivations for money is either self-serving and feigned ignorance, or the writer is being lazy or accidentally left a plot-hole.

      1. Your confusing legal civilian work with basically criminal activity in the area of military activity. This is a raid into the territory of another country without permission. Adventurers in this world as guild members are regulated by the guild and government. Workers are just mercenaries which historically and even now have a poor track record often acting in criminal ways. In this story Workers often do illegal jobs. This is an illegal job. The Adventurer guild is in a grey area providing escorts which probably are not allowed to cross the border. Your point is valid for Adventurers but wrong for Workers.
        Ainz was just checking if they just the typical scum going for the dishonest dollar that is mercenaries in history and the even modern world including some of those working for the US.

  9. Ah, damn. I think this is the part I was warned about, when the morality issues start creeping in from every side in Overlord.

    Given Demiurge’s cryptic conversation in the flashback, I’m almost sure that this Worker expedition was manipulated by Ainz somehow. Perhpas it was him who gave the noble the information about the ruins. Meaning, if they all die, it was him who sent them to their deaths. Some of them are screaming for it (that swordsman with his… slaves?), but others, like the Foresight group, are decent people.

    Also, that mention about the 100,000 people Yaldabaoth took… I’m fearing the worst (also, surprised that a Medieval capital could have so many people to spare).

    1. Yeah the 100K people number seems off, Several hundreds or a few thousand should be right as Demiurge primarily only sectioned off the warehouse district and the immediate residential areas around that district.

  10. This part of the story will be the first major test if the anime will continue or end. Original fans may like the evolution of the protagonist’s cruelty throughout history, but most people (mainstream) do not like pure villains but rather anti-heroes. New fans who knew the story in the anime may not be able to endure what will happen if LN is properly sequenced.

    1. As long as the anime continues to be faithful to the material I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Season 2 was released in three volumes with a 14,000 yen retail price per volume(Less if there’s offers, such as online, you could get a bit cheaper like 10-12k yen). Season 3 will follow suit. The casual fans aren’t going to be dropping that kind of cash on the show, it’ll be the proper fans doing this. Madhouse will take a look at these sales and decide if Season 4 is a go or not.

  11. If you hire a mercenary and ask if he will do what you asked for money of course he will respond that it is for money. If he answers something else he is not in the job profile. Usually you do not hire someone who has principles to invade a place. Protagonist is being a huge hypocrite in this part of the story.


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