「剣を求めて」 (Tsurugi o motomete)
“Seeking the Sword”

Oh yes now this is an SnS development I can get behind. What Clive finally appearing and inserting a dagger throwing a wrench into things? Please, we’ll get to the blondie in a bit. No I’m talking about cute pirate girls complete with eye patches and pink surf hair. Move over Asahi, your cute smile has nothing on Alwida this week. Of course Satsuki is still winning this horserace, but mostly because when it comes to body building, the girl does it right. I mean we all remember exactly where that cake is going, right? Right.

Alright cutie pie comparisons and best girl rankings aside, it was certainly an interesting week for SnS. While the show is still inundated with aggravating structural issues in (virtual) world building (guilds and magic system your intricacies confound me), a willingness to overlook them for the moment—at least until end post time don’t even get me started—alongside the start of SnS’s conflict does yield some fun points of interest. Clive obviously is the big one this week, with his “surprise” return to Subaru and that cliffhanger ending pointing to an answer which may be broader than it is deep. We know that Asahi is alive and well for example considering past teasers and Takanori’s own musing this episode (hard hiding it at this stage), so the question becomes who took her and for what reason, of which there’s a few possibilities. It’s reasonable to assume Clive is involved considering the literal knife in the back, but this feels like a distraction away from the real culprit(s). Elicia after all still appears good (if only for the moment), and her and Clive’s past talk firmly suggests Clive’s recent actions are a test to finish awakening the Senses of Haruto, Satsuki, and Asahi. Remember cute pirate girl? Her frown says all it ever could about Clive coincidentally stumbling across his old Subaru friends.

Of course it’s possible Clive and Elicia are after Asahi for their own reason—i.e. steal her from the kidnappers—but the quick mention of yet another secretive guild in Gnosis (not to mention Clive already having plenty of opportunities to whisk Asahi away) likely puts this potential twist to bed. A guild with the power to delete the accounts of those snooping is concerning enough, but top it off with the fantasy-esque hooded garments worn by the likely scientists in Asahi’s flashback? Yeah the show isn’t really trying hard to muddy these waters. An organization with a good deal of power is looking for a way to utilize a very strong ability in a specific manner and likely hopes through competition that someone can find the way to make it work. I cannot say I know how it will all play out in the end (shameless anime only viewing for the win), but I’ll be incredibly surprised if SnS doesn’t now turn into the race of who can awaken and utilize Asahi’s Sense first.

With a red stone likely waiting to restore Asahi’s missing memories (and powers) and one last Subaru member in Nozomi set to make her (re)appearance, it won’t be long now until the real battle finally gets underway.




  1. gnosis = probably those guys in hoodies in OP… anyway looks like the only characters left to show up aside from the hooded folks is that guy in what looks like a hospital bed (that i suspect is CLIVE), nozomi, and that shadow shrouded girl in side view that “looks like” asahi but not sure. oh i forgot to say that there is one in the hooded folks beside (left side)of what looks like the leader of gnosis that looks like and will probably match clive, look at it well and you will notice that cross string in chest part which can be seen in clive’s avatar costume look for it in OP and compare it with this pic.
    point is, he is one of gnosis more likely. that statement of clive before he leaves in one scene of today episode that shows subaru’s past and the strange action of the ship that haruto and gang used and the clive’s act on the last scene more likely supports this theory

    I wont be surprised if nozomi is one of them too if OP is to be based.

    1. typo *the strange action of the ship’s captain* addendum: 1. clive also stated he changed his name in episode 6. probably that would be his current IGN in gnosis. 2. why i suspect that the guy on a hospital bed is clive, = his eyes is drawn in the same way as clive. 3. nozomi could be also the girl in shrouded with shadow (drawn with the same hair style and color (i thought it was a bit of whitish-grayish sort at a quick glance so i thought it looks like asahi.)

      looking at my bunch of hunches and theories and predictions, i cant help but think that clive and nozomi are the big bad. as hinted by OP (possible clive in hooded folks that is probably gnosis and nozomi showing a somewhat look like a remorse while holding her “dive gear”) thoughts fellow RC?

      1. yup that girl in OP shrouded with shadow, and is seemingly evil, wearing black color dress of sort is nozomi. i checked her character info (to see how she is drawn in official anime site and compare it with asahi and look again in the OP theme in that specific part, i noticed that between asahi and nozomi, only nozomi has some sort of ahoge drawn in her hair. now i smell fish.

    2. Personally I think the jury is still out whether Clive and Nozomi are truly evil. No doubt they are involved with whatever happened to Asahi, but I’m wagering it’s in an infiltration sense where both want to rescue her but have to play the evil part until they can find a suitable means. Thus Clive’s (and Elicia’s) focus on awakening the Subaru member Senses which are assuredly critical to Asahi’s revival and which in Haruto’s case probably needed a bit of physical stimulus.

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me if some inspiration came from there, though most anime (female) pirates usually follow the same visual script. Have to ensure the viewer knows exactly what they’re looking at after all.

  2. “with his “surprise” return to Subaru and that cliffhanger ending pointing to an answer which may be broader than it is deep.”

    Nope, that seemed pretty deep to me, Probably reached some of his virtual organs. ^_^


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