「舌戦」 (Zessen)
“War of Words”

Don’t you love it when a plan falls together? Especially when said plan wasn’t your own and you had no idea the plan was ever in motion? Because Ainz sure as hell enjoyed the keikaku (which means plan) this episode as schemes within schemes, crosstalk, and more than a little doubling down featured from front to back. Nation building is hard planning and even harder work, but hey, someone’s got to do it.

Probably the most unsurprising fact of El Nix’s apology this week was the guile—and hilarity—of Demiurge’s subtle manipulation of the moment. While the funnies are always a given considering the band of misfits we’re dealing with (seriously Ainz shock faces and calming magic will never get old), Demiurge (through Ainz) actually did some pretty impressive political manoeuvring here. The random trading of courtesy insults and treatment of equality for example was textbook diplomacy, utilizing the meaning of seemingly innocuous actions to direct and dictate long term policy. As Ainz mentioned, the whole charade served to make his plan for a country desirable for his enemies, as his displays of power and downright nasty use of Demiurge as intermediary provided the impetus needed to show what would happen should anger take control. Both sides of course know it’s a false front (even if Ainz was a little slow on the uptake—stop making me laugh Albedo), but for the time being the “alliance” serves as useful cover to lay the necessary groundwork for the real fight and conquest to come.

As far as such preparations go, humanity’s likely won’t be as thorough as it intends them to be. While El Nix certainly has the right idea in needing a united front (a testament to the guy’s shrewdness), he sorely lacks information on the true strength and reach of Ainz Ooal Gown. A little bit of thought for example would easily lead to questions about who Ainz has under his grasp in the other countries of man given Fludel’s treachery (looking at you princess), and any questioning of loyalty here should have him seriously consider the viability of actually turning one of the Floor Guardians against Ainz—i.e. what thing of value does he have to trade? Naturally this musing doesn’t touch on either Demiurge’s knowledge of what El Nix will try to do or the use of an aid in “convincing” Ain’z subordinates (remember Shalltear’s rebellion back in the first season?), but El Nix already had an uphill climb even before factoring these issues in. And don’t even get me started on trying to wrangle several states together into an alliance you freely admit you cannot suggest yourself. The man will try his hardest for his people and his empire, I’ll give him that, but when you’re dealing with the devil it’s always a question of just what you’re prepared to lose.

Mankind in part may be increasingly willing to stand up to the spooky scary skeleton, but when Ainz is ready to come knocking few—if any—will likely be ready to rise to the occasion.


  1. Me interpreting the puny emperor’s thinking pattern- “Currently all humans are fighting each other for stupid things such as glory, money, territory, and so forth. However, a common enemy now appears in the world, so mankind is in danger. Thus, all humans should ally with each other. After fulfilling our goal, humans can go back into killing each other like savage animals.”

    In honesty, because humans are doing a good job in destroying each other, the world is better off if Ainz-sama rules the world, he would at least improve the human death rate.

    Notably, I sometimes wonder what is the Emperor’s taste in women, so the dude hates women like Renner; well his tastes can’t be that bad since he saw Ainz’s maids to be pretty. I am curious when he said “next emperor.” I assume he doesn’t have a child yet. If he does have a kid, he should name him Lelouch. Anyway, I want to see El Nix’s face as he sees Ainz’s almighty power.

    I wonder what they are drinking, soda? Fruit punch? It seems good to satisfy a Gilgamesh-looking character.

    To see a Dumbledore-like character on his knees, I imagine even Voldemort would be terrified if he meets Ainz.

    Anyway. It is so good that Ainz’s subordinates are clever minded yet loyal. Most “clever” characters tend to be too ambitious, where they end up betraying the main character for whatever gains, yet Ainz’s subordinates lack a sense of ambition, only having loyalty.

      1. I wanted to see how big her magical aura was compared to Ainz.

        He did. Spoiler for future LN readers below.
        Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I wonder what they are drinking, soda? Fruit punch?

      Because they said about how it combined sharpness and sweetness, I thought it might be just orange juice – maybe they don’t have citrus fruits in that world.

      he would at least improve the human death rate.

      Maybe humans would stop killing each other as much, but with over 7 billion to choose from, I wonder how many humans Demiurge would want for his experiments?

      1. LN explains that it is Orange Juice, but fortified with magic. In the LN our dark elves are treated to drinks at the castle before heading back, and let the Emperor know his best drinks aren’t much. He took that to be a slight, but upon getting this OJ is shown to realize they were just telling him the truth. Which further confirmed his suspicions that getting out alive would be a major victory.

      2. “Maybe humans would stop killing each other as much, but with over 7 billion to choose from, I wonder how many humans Demiurge would want for his experiments?”
        If Nazarick has control of the entire human population then I am sure there won’t be a shortage of death row criminals, I am sure several thousand people can be “legally” be executed via experimenting or maybe be turned into human dishes.

        And thanks NaweG, I guess Fluder doesn’t have magic that can make good drinks.

  2. How many LNs have the anime covered so far (counting in previous seasons)?

    The author said in the latest released Vol 13’s afterwords he intends the next volume to come out in 2019, although he’s “…planning to write something long before that, so I don’t know how things will actually turn out”.

    PS. He’s apologized for the recent volumes being so long (Vol 13 was about 500 pages.)

    1. I think we are starting LN 7 now, from the workers invasion.

      Actually like the length of the new volumes, gives more substance to the world building, the goal of Nazarick, the different strifes of the other Nations. Just a shame that at times its long and mostly fixated on other characters and not the prime characters.

    2. Vol. 9 now actually, Vol 7 ended with the Worker invasion. Am wondering how they’ll fi Vol. 10 actually as Vol. 10 is mostly the aftermath of this arc, Vol. 11 can be a stand-alone arc, Vol 12 and 13 are connected. ;-?

    3. Episodes 1-5 is Volume 8 (They also cut a decent amount of stuff but since Volume 8 is more a Side Story compilation, it’s possible they will just be Bluray extras or OVAs). Episodes 6-8 are Volume 7 (Because Volume 8 was a sidestory volume, it isn’t too bad its out of order, also with how they did Episode 9 I can see the pacing logic in making Volume 8 first). Episode 9 is the start of Volume 9 and that should take us to the end.

      On a side note of good pacing, the last scene in Ep 9 was actually the last scene of Volume 7 and thus should have been in Ep 8, which kind of deintensifies the situtation when you know Fluder is already an inside agent. That’s why I think Volume 8 helps put that in the back of your mind when reading. Of course, just rearranging this scene to the end solves everything.

      The seasons have been pretty consistantly doing 3 volumes per season.

      At the rate of adaptation, we should be good up to Overlord V for Volume 13 (since the volumes have been mostly getting longer and longer so those remaining 5 volumes have roughly the same page count as previous 6 volumes).

      1. Overlord IV is likely (if not immediately), but I think V is going to be a bit of a wait. The volumes may be getting longer, but I can easily see Madhouse simply shedding a greater amount of the material to keep to the 3 volumes per season pacing we have at the moment.

      2. @Pancakes
        The issue is that 12 and 13 are one arc, so they’re gonna have to rework the 3vol/season somehow unless they want a massive cliffhanger. The remaining volumes are pretty set as far as timeline goes, so reordering wouldn’t really work either. Volume 10 is the aftermath of volume 9. Volume 11 is relatively more standalone, but there isn’t leeway in the timeline to shift it later, since developments from 11 affect the arc of 12-13.

      3. Whoops yeah that’s true, I forgot about that. I wonder if we might be looking at a two cour (whether together or split) then once there’s enough material, it would be the easiest method if they intend on sticking with 3 volumes per season. I don’t personally think we’ll see a season featuring only two volumes, but you never know—I certainly wouldn’t complain if we did 😛

  3. I’m quite liking the Emperor. From the design I thought he would be Gilgamesh-like: blind from arrogance. but the guy is smart, knows what needs to be done, saw through the betrayal, and I like how Demiurge failed to make him kneel.
    Still, he’ll need more than that to protect the world from Nazarick. The one with most chances to do that still seems to be the Platinum Dragonlord.

    1. Arrogance and power tend to go hand in hand, especially for those heading absolutist governments. El Nix for example may have his head on right, but guaranteed he believes he’s the only one who can do what he does. He’s not wrong of course given what we know of the empire so far, but still textbook arrogance 😛

    2. There’s a rather mundane reason that El Nix did not kneel that was revealed at the same time in the LN. It may be mentioned later in the anime, but just in case I’ll spoil tag it:

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Yes, though D&D 3(.5), the version Overlord is based on, didn’t have a low-level spell to detect an arcane caster’s capabilities. That’s why in the new world it’s a “talent”, because it wasn’t in the magic system.

        Detect evil and the like would stun, not nauseate if the aura was overwhelming. Detect magic didn’t have any backlash.

        Example spell description:
        Show Spoiler ▼

  4. “On that day Mankind received a grim reminder. There were powers far greater than humanity and we are but mayflies in their wake.”

    Honestly the Emperor is one of my favourite characters introduced in later volumes. In another work, he would be the hero. He genuinely cares for his nation, its prosperity and it posterity. He has honestly earned his moniker as the “Bloody Emperor” but its not like he did it for shits and giggles. He is not too dissimilar from a Frederick or Peter only to have basically Godzilla show up to wreck his plans.

    1. Count me in as another fan of the Emperor. I also expected another “too dumb to live” aristocrat, but instead we got an intelligent and pragmatic individual. Ruthless, charismatic, not one to bend the knee, but always careful to protect his nation’s interests. And, finally, someone who understands the threat Ainz represents and who is aware he’s been betrayed and knows who the traitor is.

      As Greed has said, reminds me of Lelouch from Code Geass.

      His plan is sensible: gather all those countries (nice foreshadowing), but do it discreetly, as if the Empire was behind it; and find someone inside Nazarick willing to betray Ainz. A pity Demiurge saw right through him, though. Not just for the Emperor; a pity for the narrative. The plan was full of dramatic possibilities (seriously, Nazarick inhabitants betraying Ainz would be quite the promising plot point, and if there’s an excuse for Ainz to act like he’s done is precisely to avoid that scenario), but now the drama is strangled in the crib.

      1. As the saying goes its about the journey not the destination….Pretty much most movies you know how its gonna end for the hero/protagonist so I don’t think its that much different here. Reminds me of Columbo series. You know who the killer is, you know how he did it but its fun watching Columbo corner them. Same here.

      2. @Kurik:
        No it isn’t the same. I honestly don’t care how Demiurge and the crew handle it, at that point it won’t be slightest bit interesting as already Nazarick’s side has become boring.

    2. Not only El Nix, but a lot of these later characters are quite interesting from a personality perspective. It’s probably the best indicator of how Overlord’s author is growing as a writer considering much of the complexity we’re now seeing wasn’t so defined earlier in the series.

  5. A couple of observations:

    1. I’m surprised that Solution was not part of the maid party. It’s either she’s become too well known in E-Rantel and someone would connect the dots or she’s too sexy for the meet and greet.

    2. E-Nix’s observations were interesting from a human standpoint. Ainz has everything a ruler would want. Wealth, military power and beautiful women (does he count Shaltear and Albedo among the beauties?) E-Nix’s standard for a queen? It looks like someone who is not his equal or superior.

    3. His counter for Ainz’s threat? Gather a coalition of the willing to oppose ainz while he prepares to backstab them. By finding someone in Nazarick willing to revolt against the master.

    4. He doesn’t have the background information, but there are only 2 ways shown so far to that pose a threat to Nazarick:

    a. A world item like “downfall of castle and country:

    b. Another player that is willing to fight Ainz.

    Of course salariman is already ahead of him thanks to Demiurge.

    Finally, I like this plan of world domination. By coopting the elites. You already saw this in the Lizard man village and Carne village. Re-Estize is ready to fall with Renner and Eight fingers already under Nazaricks’s influence. Flauder is Nazarick’s foothold in the Bahamut Empire. It may not work everytime, but it beats having to garrison every place you conquer.

    Btw, this is how the Romans got to make and maintain an empire.

    1. Well they changed it up abit from the LN all the Pleiades except for Aureol Omega was used to serve Jircniv and co. (granted they were a dozens strong entourage) and yes that includes Entoma (which is the one reason why I find it odd that any one would mistake her as beauty) XD

  6. Glad they managed to show Fulder’s secret role in the anime. It was tricky, and it wouldn’t be the first time Momon’s behind the scenes actions have been omitted.

    And now this settles it: Momonga’s anger at the Workers for invading his tomb is the ultimate hypocrisy. HE conspired to have his own tomb invaded, and it was all to have an excuse to meddle in the Empire’s affairs. Any excuse about defending himself from an invasion or infestation is void. The Workers didn’t know what they were facing; Ainz, Demiurge and Fulder did.

    1. Note that Ainz wasn’t happy with exposing the Nazarick’s location. Which was why Aura was supervising the construction of a fake Nazarick during the Lizard man Arc. I suspect if the workers had given Momon a different answer during the Worker Arc, they’d all be alive right now.

      1. Ainz could have always said ‘no’ to that plan too. He accepted it, so it’s on him. Being angry at their invasion, regardless their motivations, is funny when he knows he himself is to blame (or perhaps, as his short rant about Demiurge’s plan suggested, he was so angry precisely because he knows it).

        As for the Workers, that’s even more hypocritical of Ainz. As far as everyone knows, Momon is also an adventurer for the money. In fact, in a previous episode we saw that earning money as an adventurer is very important for Ainz. He’d be offended if someone dismissed it as “That greedy Momon, he only cares about the money” when it was to support Nazarick’s operations!

        Ultimately, Ainz was just looking for reasons to blame his future victims instead of himself.

      2. @ Mistic

        Actually I would think if their motivations are what matters the most to Ainz in how he’d deal with them.

        I was always under the impression that if they had answered as individual parties instead of as a group (ie “we’re in it for the money, but…) and Henran didn’t try to use the hope of other members of Ainz Ooal gown as his bluff, Ainz would prolly be open for negotiations.

      3. I also think the Worker’s answers affected their fate in part. It doesn’t eliminate Ainz’s hypocrisy, but if Arche for example had opened up about her reason for needing money I could have seen Ainz giving amnesty to one or two of them. Ainz may not be “good”, but he’s still pragmatic and understands the value of having a good collection of pieces on the board.

      4. It wouldn’t have changed anything as Ainz has already decided that they all have to die for just thinking of attacking Nazarick, not to mention that he confessed that he understood that the thieves were just trying to save their lives and he should have enough brains to understand that they didn’t actually insult his old friends.
        Also, when he found out that Demiurge has captured innocents, women and children and was uncomfortable with the idea of torturing them, he had ordered them all killed instead of using any other options. Due to having become a Lich, Ainz’s morality is all over the place, and it’s something that gets worse with time.

      5. @Devastator001 @Pancakes
        I must agree with Nayrael here. Throughout the arc, Ainz wasn’t looking for reasons to spare the Workers, but to kill them and feel justified in doing so. A very important difference.

        The most triumphant example is his anger at the trespassing itself. Ainz knows very well that HE (and Demiurge, and Fulder) conspired to make it happen, yet he manages to shift the responsibility and actually be enraged by it. In private, he voices his misguivings about the plan, but utlimately follows it to the letter and even finds reasons to show more cruelty than needed while ignoring the chances to be more merciful.

        I mean, it’s understandable. Despite being a lich, that’s a very human thing to do. Ainz was uncomfortable with the plan, but couldn’t take it against Demiurge or himself, and our brains are programmed to reduce the stress of conflictive decisions. Ainz’s whole behaviour was a text-book example of what psychologists call moral disengagement:


        Of course, the most successful cases of moral disengagement can resonate with people not invested in the conflict, thus the sad prevalence of situations such as victim blaming (“The victim did somthing wrong, that’s why bad things happened to them”).

      6. @ Mistic

        Oh definitely agreed, my comment was more about Ainz being open to changes should the opportunity arise. Unlike his Floor Guardians and Maids he’s still not at the point where he openly despises humans, he can identify uses for some his subordinates would easily miss and has no qualms about using them as such. Ainz may have agreed to Demiurge’s plan with the intention on killing all the Workers, but I don’t think he would have had an issue changing course on that should he have found a use for some while in the midst of slaughtering them.

        In this regard I’m primarily thinking of the elf slaves, if Ainz was going to stick with the plan in its entirety, he would’ve killed them too for simply setting foot in the tomb, no matter their life circumstances and lack of choice.

      7. I fear that the only reason that the slaves are alive is because they were so broken that they have given up on life, so Hamasuke and the Lizardmen had no idea what to do with them.

        This may sound kind at first, but had the slaves turned around and tried to run away, or had the enemy in front of them been original Nazarick dwellers rather than residents of this world, they’d have been massacred like everyone else.

      8. @Nayrael

        I don’t think the elf slaves were broken to that extent.(otherwise they wouldn’t feel such joy at Erya getting crub-stomped by Hamsuke).

        I guess what I’m getting at is despite how hypocritical Ainz actions is in regards to the workers, Ainz still chose to be merciful when he could afford it, as Pancakes had said he could have easily wiped everyone out as easily. (Although this is more likely he wants some intel on the Elf lands and Slaine theocracy).

    2. The funny thing with that in ainz his case relies on a simple detail that only got a short and vague explanation in one of the volumes.
      “Repaying good with good and evil with evil. This is the norm of the world.”
      And in a later volume when dealing with the current novel arc if i am not messing up the time line ( timelines can get confusing at times as the part of enri becoming village chief is placed around volume 5 with sebas tian still in the capital gathering information, so before ainz got notified about tuare even though enri became chief in volume 8 ) ainz also mentioned something about doing jobs with the sole purpose of money should be evil.

      1. Given that he does evil onto others without suffering evil himself, and how quick he is to judge others by their appearances despite the fact that apparently Momon is in it “only for the money” too, the aforementioned lines can reveal two things:

        1. That Momonga is becoming blind to his own double standards and risks falling into self-righteous moral myopia.

        2. That the writer is becoming blind to his protagonist’s double standards and risks falling into protagonist-centered morality (or at least protagonist-centered justifications).

        The former can be an interesting narrative choice, if played right, even if it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The latter is problematic, though, and I hope it’s not the case.

      2. Timeline with Tsuare and Sebas is Vol. 5 and Vol. 6 Me of the Kingdom Arc, Enri Becoming village Chief of Carne is around Vol. 8

        I think Ainz Do Good unto Good Evil unto Evil is mostly his personal moral code, in the sense if you do him a favor he’ll repay it, but do him harm and he’ll harm you in return. Which in D&D terms he’d be around the Lawful Evil spectrum of alignment as he still has his own moral code as twisted as it is (prolly the lowest among Nazarick is Neutral Evil I guess?)

        Him working for money though is mainly because he doesn’t want to touch the gold reserves of Nazarick (even though it’s literally billons in reserve).

    3. I think he couldnt come up with a better plan that’s why he couldn’t refuse. as a salaryman stuck in a powerful form suddenly thrust into kingship without prior experience and with servants venerating his every actions, i think youll find ainz is as much a prisoner in his current role as he was when he was a salaryman and he is still human in logic but without being affected by emotional trauma. though, the story doesnt seem to particularly focus on such themes anyway.

      1. I loved that line! It revealed that Ainz was aware of his own contradictions.

        I wished for something like that in this arc. Sadly, while Ainz was honest enough to tell the Workers that he was uncomfortable with Demiurge’s plan to begin with, and that he understood that the Workers were just trying to do whatever they could to survive. Yet he still seemed blinded to the hypocrisy of his own self-righteousness. The last step in self-awareness was missing.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20III/Overlord%20III%20-%2009%20-%2019.jpg
    This picture pretty much sums up how the rest of the world sees our salaryman from Japan.

    The young Emperor surprised me in this episode. He’s smart, not brash, but correctly judged Ainz with “money, power, beautiful women”. The Emperor also watches his servants, and correctly guessed his top wizard’s betrayal in his quest for knowledge. Too bad Demiurge beat the Emperor to that conclusion.

    The whole reason the Emperor still stood against Ainz in the long run was because Ainz revealed himself to be an undead, and the Emperor cannot trust undead. If Ainz had foresworn turning innocent humans into undead, and declared that to the Emperor’s party as part of their alliance, it might have changed the Emperor’s mind.

  8. Question….I have seen Ainz come up with some good plans in the first season. Demiurge wasn’t calling the shots. Have we gotten to a point now where Ainz is solely reliant on Demiurge for plans going forward as he himself can’t see what Demiurge is planning? Wouldn’t Demiurge eventually (if not already) pick up that Ainz isn’t as capable as he once thought he was since they are all evolving now?

    1. Demiurge et al are so used to the players of the game having all the good stuff, high stats, probably reading stuff online about the Tomb of Nazwick, etc, that they call them “Supreme Beings”. The NPCs literally cannot believe that the players (only Ainz now) cannot have I.Q.s of 300 to match their epic-level stats and power.

    2. Ainz is uncannily lucky much to Demiurge’s grin.

      Also, I think they refer to them as the supreme ones simply because of their AI status as NPCs in the old game. “the rebel against their creators” probability is there and an option for a future narrative (eclair revolting?) but i think the writer is almost solely focused on the rise of power storyline though.

    3. I wouldn’t say Ainz is reliant as much as Demiurge simply comes up with stuff and Ainz just runs with it because why not? Demiurge only has the best intentions for Ainz Ooal Gown in mind so many of his schemes are already in line with Ainz’s goals overall.

      As for Demiurge picking up on Ainz’s lack of thought it’s very unlikely, he’s too loyal for that (as in cannot even comprehend himself being better) and as well shown believes any concern can be accounted for by Ainz playing 4D chess to his checkers. I think Ainz is safe from questioning for a good while yet.

    1. jircniv is not gilgamesh at all.

      i think they adapted his behaviour alright, though i may get your discontent that his art looks like gilgamesh and you tend to think he is arrogant but he really is not as arrogant as gilgamesh and not as self centered at all.

    1. I don´t know if this will be cover by the anime but the light novel explained in painful detail why Fludel betrayed El Nix, it´s not about power, it´s all about knowledge, in his case magical knowledge he thought completely out of human reach. He truly loves El Nix as a son and he knows he will never be as powerful as Ainz but the idea of getting his hands in completely new magical knowledge is enough for him.

  9. There is one person that may betray Ainz. It’s just too bad he’s too busy cleaning Nazarick’s toilets xD

    It’d be funny if the Empire had the Kingdom send Momon in to deal with the threat of Ainz Ooal Gown.

    1. Everyone in nazarick knows his creator made him that way ( think his creator was ankoro mochi mochi, which can be translated to sweetbean paste with mushrooms ) so they overlook that aspect of him, but still don’t really like him. He is part of nazarick and created by one of the supreme beings, but otherwise they would kill that damned prinny within a moments notice.
      Which would be a bit of a shame as Delta ( pleiades with gun ) would lose a plush toy to cuddle.

  10. https://randomc.net/image/Overlord%20III/Overlord%20III%20-%2009%20-%2011.jpg
    One of the more interesting scenes this episode. The girl is actually allowed to run away! It took some convincing with logic to prevent it.
    Makes me wonder who those four knights are. I mean, who actually makes a contract with soldiers including a clause that allows them to run away? When we first saw her, I thought she was just practical. But knowing that it was part of the T&A was surprising.

    1. Well, at last we know that they act like trustful bodyguards. Perhaps they even grown up together.. no then they did not need an contract or something.. well, lets see. Perhaps they are some kind of Magic User or Battle Magic.. But do not ask me what tier level they have

    2. The LN explains that Jircniv took the 4 strongest warriors that he could convince into the Four Knights. He made a deal with her, and he was OK with her never even swearing an oath of loyalty. If she decides the deal isn’t worth it, or that someone else can fulfill his end of the bargain better than he can, then she is free to do as she wishes.

      Normally Jircniv wouldn’t have brought her for something like negotiations, but Mare killing one of them left him no choice. One of the Four has to remain in the capital, but she can’t be left alone with that duty.


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