「グッドモーニング SAGA」 (Guddo Mooningu SAGA)
“Good Morning Saga”

There are so many things both wrong and right about Zombieland Saga that’s is tough for me figure out where to start.

General Impressions

Starting from the top though, I must admit that the show’s insane premise somehow managed to capture my attention and kept it the entire time. On the surface if you told me zombies and idols were going to be combined into some kind of crazy mashup, I’d look at you as if you were insane. But in practice, it sort of strangely works. Through a combination of blatantly ignoring why these girls are zombies to circumstances playing out in near perfect fashion, Zombieland Saga can definitely be your guilty pleasure show that you’d never attempt to explain.

Looking back at this first episode though, I think my favorite part is still the wild fact that Miyano Mamoru plays one of the lead roles as the manager of the zombie idol group. Coming off of my Steins;Gate 0 high, I’ll never refuse any opportunity to hear more of his amazing voice. That and I love it when he gets to play characters that get to really utilize the type of crazy that only his voice can create. So when there are moments where a zombie is asking how in the world did it become a zombie only to hear “just like in the movies” and “a little bit of this, a little bit of that”, I feel pretty confident that it only works as well as it did because of how Mamoru delivers it.

That said, I have to give Sakura some props for putting up with things as well and she did. Because as much as I love Mamoru’s character, I know that I was getting real annoyed that we were being kept in the dark while also getting thrown around from point to point. Something about the lack of any sufficient answers was rubbing me the wrong way and the fact that all the other girls were still “asleep” didn’t help either.

Overall, I think Zombieland Saga had a fun intro episode. It touched on all the main points while leaving a lot of room for the story to pick whatever direction it wants to go in. Add in a ton of extra side characters that we’re still waiting to hear from and I think you have a show that has all the elements to be a fun watch. For me, I’ll definitely be back for at least episode two since I’m really curious just what kind of personalities the other girls have.

And with that, I’ll catch you guys later!


ED Sequence

ED: 「光へ」 (Hikari Eh) by 源さくら(本渡楓)、二階堂サキ(田野アサミ)、水野愛(種田梨沙)、紺野純子(河瀬茉希)、ゆうぎり(衣川里佳)、星川リリィ(田中美海)



  1. Not a minute goes by from the episode start and we already have a ridiculous death, followed by a classic case of “WTF did I just watch?!!”
    Really enjoyed this good-in-a-bad-way (or is it the other way around? We’ll never know) episode.

    1. It’s also because, in a lot of zombie movies, it’s NEVER actually explained how exactly the outbreak starts. Even Romero’s “Dead” movies or the “The Walking Dead” series have yet to get to any sort of answer as to what caused the dead to start rising up whereas something like the “Living Dead” movies (“BRAINS!”) usually have some chemical that’s responsible for starting it.

      1. Well, i know of an old 70er Movie where an Meteoroid hit earth and Humanity slowly changing

        Well, they did not become Zombies, but they somehow changed their Body structure and only 2 Human left on earth, but in the end.. they got him and he betrayed the lat one

        My age is getting on my memories.. I do not remember the name of the Movie, dam it

  2. i thought i am about to watch some zombie apocalypse of sort (zombieland movie duh) and it has been a long time since, gakkou gurashi, and HOTD then, comes the comedy and the death metal rock hahahha… this anime gonna break your expectations since it already did for me in this episode 1. while it is definitely not the good animes out this season, i will definitely watch this for all of the ridiculousness and stupidity WHICH IS DAMN GOOD.

  3. The whole sequence at the concert was epic. That was one BRUTAL DISS of the Death Metal scene! I’m guessing the creators of the anime have a very poor opinion of the genre.

    Death Metal fans are depicted as a bunch of cretins who can’t tell a musical performance by a real band from the random antics of a group of mindless zombies — and by random antics I mean grotesque screaming, spastic shaking, vandalizing the venue and biting the audience. They loved it! In fact, everyone thought it was, like, best concert ever.

    That was some vicious disrespect…

    (Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Actually, I give the authors two thumbs up for a job well done. They sure understand Death Metal. ^_~ )

  4. I wonder if most of the novelty of the premise will last for all of this one episode. Much of it stemmed from all but one of the girls being mindless walking corpses. It looks like most, if not all of them, have regained their human personalities as of the end of this episode, however. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if this thing simply degenerates into a mostly generic idol anime from here on out. Because a zombie with a human mind isn’t really all that different from a regular human besides having a rotting body, and you can only pull the gross/freak out and contortion cards so many times before they get old.

    1. Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.
      Could be really good entertainment, or whatever.

      I was really impressed by the overall seriousness of the artwork.
      It looked good – more than what you’d expect for a run-of-the-mill
      gag Anime. Of course, character development is moot; they’re dead!

      Also, the ED was a great (I love those types of themes) melodic
      contrast to the episode. Anyway, I was definitely surprised.

  5. What a riot!
    Dare I say, this combination “makes sense”? What surprised my was that this isn’t just a parody about zombie idols, it was also apparently a satire of many other things. The animation and direction was amazing, not a cheap production.
    I don’t mind that they didn’t explained how the girls were turned into zombies, actually this was a good thing. Never mind the details for now, instead it gave us a dose of how the episodes will be.

  6. It took me four episodes to realize that Kotaro put makeup on Sakura before she “woke”, and that’s what triggered her. I thought she was supposed to look normal at first because that’s what she thought she was, but it was just the makeup, which washed off in the rain.

  7. Like Red vs Blue character Tuck in Season 11 ep 7 said when Caboose found a giant robot as pet, This so fucked up! Hahaha! In a funny way.

    Zombie Idols, this will be laugh to remember.
    What’s next zombie girl or idol meet boy. Hahaha

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