「英雄王ガゼル・ドワルゴ」 (Eiyou Ou Gazeru Dowarugo)
“Hero King Gazel Dwargo”

All’s well that ends well. Also, thank you story for addressing my concerns about Gobuta.

General Impressions

Man, as much as I wished that we had more happen this week, there’s no denying that it feels good to watch an arrogant and pompous jerk get what they’re due. Especially when the sound designers go out of their way to really make sure we can feel the impact of a punch that Kamina himself would be proud of. A point that leads me to another one — boy does this show know how to reward its viewers with little payouts here and there. Limited by a typical anime’s run time of 23 or so odd minutes, it’d be really easy for things to fall into the trap of unloading a ton of exposition on us without anything actually happening. In Slime’s case though, you have to love how they hide all the word vomit amongst key moments that are related to whatever’s at hand.

If I were to pick what made this week’s episode feel so good though, it’d probably have to be watching someone like Gazel Dwargo show off just how intelligent he is. Too often do we have people in positions of power who shouldn’t be anywhere near them and boy is it nice to see that the man leading the Dwarves is more than a buff dude with good hair. For the cherry on top though, how can you not appreciate how in a few minutes Dwargo showed off just how skilled he is at handling people? Watching him drop his powerful words of disappointment on various fronts just felt so damn good that it’s tough to put into words.

Overall, another fun episode that kept things moving along at a decent pace. While it remains to be seen just where the heck things are going to go from here, it feels good to know that people are starting to recognize Rimuru’s power. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week where we’ll hopefully be able to see him be even more awesome with some new companions by his side. See you then!




  1. https://randomc.net/image/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2023.jpg
    The bearded judge is one thing, he probably knew the king would see through everything.

    However, the “lawyer” is a different story. I had expected that the king would execute Mr. Shady and use him as an example to anyone that twists the justice system.

    1. That was a weird bit of translation – they didn’t make it clear that the proxy (lawyer) was speaking on behalf of the defendants, not for Vester. Seeing how utterly corrupt he was, its not unreasonable to think he was what we would think of as the prosecuting lawyer.

      1. I see, I couldn’t tell if it was a public execution or a “secret” execution. I am not sure what sort of punishment was given. However, I would wonder if the King ever worries about stupid nobles rising up and causing a Civil War.

  2. Another refreshing thing here is when Vesta actually acknowledges he screwed everything up with his own dumb ego. Too often you see guys like him devolve into recurring throw-away villains because they refuse to accept that they were wrong when even the guy they’ve been “doing all of it for”(which is often BS anyway) calls them out on being an idiot. Dwargo again deserves props for that since he acknowledged that Vesta was trying to do good in his own stupid way and even thanks him for the stuff he actually got right before, but still makes the right call with a huge kick to the ass.

  3. a bit slow, certainly these two episodes would have been summarized in only one, at least the animation remains solid until now, but I feel that at some point this would rush considering the opening which shows characters that still do not appear in the manga

    1. 2-cour! We don’t often see >1-cours that are as well constructed as this.
      And that’s great as I was worried that the show’s pacing didn’t seem to match
      the OP and that things would really get rushed in the next 7 episodes.

      I really can’t wait to see how he get his “human” form – does he have to
      “predator” somebody?

      1. @Aex – cool, thanks. I’m going to start reading
        the web novel. Started getting into those WN –
        nice, pleasant light reading.

        I have to admit, I had no idea this adaptation
        would be so interesting and entertaining. I mean,
        A Slime! It flew under the radar of so many viewers,
        but what a surprise! But, he’s more like a squishy
        ball – not slimy like the name implies…

  4. All right more plot progression! I do not like that king, he’s obviously gonna be an obstacle.

    … the ED, for some reason, has brand new animation that spoils a ton of character arcs.

  5. I cannot figure out why the producers feel so pressured to spoil the series as much as possible with the OP, and now the randomly newly animated ED. The first 5 episodes have been very good, so… why?

    1. That’s the way OPs and EDs do things. And, quite frankly, none of the scenes in them would spoil anything for people who don’t already know the details about them. Yes, you can point out things and call them spoilers, because they relate to events in the future of the story, but to non-readers those are all just cool scenes. Only once the story gets to those events will they go “oh, that’s what that was about” and usualyl the response then is feeling proud of themselves for making the connection, not angry about seeing tiny snippets of useless information ahead of time.

      1. I didn’t find anything particularly spoiler-y besides Rimuru getting a shiny new body at some point. Like, there’s that hero girl that beat up Veldora, and a bunch of ogres or whatever, and some girls, and a lizardman, and Gobuta showed up and looked almost impressive throwing a kick.

        Didn’t seem like a big deal.

        And on the plus side, my god I can’t get enough of Bishie Rimuru’s animation after killing the snake and turns around in human form. It’s so smooth and a little bit bouncy on his feet and its so good.


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