「超能力者達」 (Chou nouryoku-sha-tachi)

ITEM Defeated

Previously, Frenda disclosed ITEM’s location to Kakine. He immediately waltzes into their HQ, causing Mugino to flee, before he incapacitates the remaining members. His target? Rikou Takitsubo. He realised that she’s the only threat to his plan, thanks to her ability of tracking down AIM dispersion fields. So he did the logical thing and tried to eliminate her. As for why he gave up on killing her, who knows. I can see why he’d realise that she didn’t have longer to live anyway due to the ability crystals, yet I remain unconvinced. Why would he care about eliminating one girl who could still represent a small statistical threat to him in less than a second, when he’s shown to not care for innocent lives? But at least it gave a platform for an unexpected hero to rise, when it seemed like all hope might have been lost for ITEM.

Another Level Zero Hero

Hamazura demonstrates that it isn’t all about levels, when he defiantly opposes both Kakine and Mugino in the space of a single day. Having previously held a pessimistic attitude with regards to level differences, he puts that aside for the sake of protecting the girl he cares for. To be fair, Takitsubou has been the only person out of ITEM’s posse who didn’t treat him like a lackey. Plus, she seems like the most down to earth member, perhaps becoming a singular source of normalcy within Hamazura’s day to day operations. To that end, he stands up to Kakine. Although I don’t think it was the defining factor that changed his mind in terms of killing Takitsubou, it definitely bought enough time. By that, I reckon Kakine presumably left in a hurry to complete the next stage of his plan.

Having become aware of the fact that Takitsubou’s body couldn’t handle any more crystals, Hamazura realises that he needs to protect her from Mugino. Knowing Mugino’s perfectionist personality, one unable to accept total defeat and humiliation at Kakine’s hand, he realises that she will force Takitsubou to overdose on the ability crystals just so that she can get back at Kakine. And so he tries to run away. But left with no choice, he eventually decides to confront her.

Obviously, a Level 0 would stand no chance if a Level 5 ever got serious. She completely obliterates Hamazura’s hiding place in an instant, reducing everything to rubble with her particle beams. But Mugino severely underestimated him, electing to play with her food, heavily paying the price for it. A whole eye and a couple of bullets fired into her? Yeah, not a good trade off for sticking a screwdriver into his ear. And that was a pretty clean victory for Hamazura I’d say. But from what I’ve heard being mentioned by those familiar with the source material, it sounds like JC Staff cut out the fiery attitude and high intelligence that Hamazura demonstrated in this encounter, reducing him to a scurrying rat who was utterly afraid of Mugino. I have to admit, even though I enjoyed the way the encounter played out, I’m disappointed that they downplayed Hamazura very hard. However, in terms of the episode as a whole, this was merely an entree for the main course.

Accelerator vs Dark Matter

Kakine goes straight for Accelerator’s only weaknessLast Order. Fortunately, Uiharu refuses to give away Last Order’s location, even though she was having her shoulder dislocated. This buys enough time for Accelerator to show up, and while his face doesn’t show it, he’s definitely pissed beyond belief. The two exchange veiled pleasantries before they begin to duke it out. They trade blow for blow, pitting dark energy vortexes against white angelic powers. But for all his angelic aura, Kakine is definitely not any kind of saint. He’s an evil person who doesn’t care about the lives of passing bystanders. Regardless, as Accelerator put it himself, this is where he can truly sets himself apart from Kakine. While it looked like a fairly even fight, if not in favour of Kakine, Accelerator had been consciously protecting innocent bystanders from getting caught up in the deadly range of clashing abilities. And this was all before he figured out what he was dealing with. Once he learned how to compute Dark Matter into his vector calculations, he wipes the floor with Kakine. And he’s even about to nonchalantly kill him off, before Yomikawa intervenes. You’d think it was over, without much fanfare.

But then, Kakine makes the biggest mistake I’ve ever seen a Raildex character make. He stabs Yomikawa through the back, and seeing his family member harmed causes Accelerator to ascend like an apocalyptic catastrophe. He quite literally explodes with utter hatred, sprouting two dark wings while screaming out in rage. The moment gave me some really heavy chills and you could really feel Accelerator’s pain and anger, as his rationality burst apart at the seams. The subsequent pummelling was one heck of an awesome beatdown, because it isn’t everyday we see a calamity tier individual be at the mercy of a higher power, and there’s no denying that Kakine deserved every bit of it based on what we’ve seen so far. But it was pretty terrifying because he has no control over this new form. However, Last Order steps in to stop Accelerator. She steps in to prevent him from falling further into the darkness, and to bring him back into the light. It made for such a symbolic moment. Accelerator had no control over any aspect of his power, other than preventing himself from harming Last Order, showing just how deeply he cares for her and how much hope she brings to him. For such an individual steeped in rivers of blood, resulting in copious amounts of self-loathing and regret, Last Order certainly serves as Accelerator’s beacon for salvation. So it was really heartwarming when she hugged him and reassured him that everything would be okay. And you have to admit, he’s come along quite far since eating a knuckle sandwich comprising of the Imagine Breaker. What a life-changer that turned out to be.

Concluding Thoughts

Let’s face it, there were definitely areas where this episode failed to live up to expectations. That’s a whole Level 5 esper fight they cut out between Mugino and Kakine. Think of how epic it could have been! They also reduced much of Hamazura’s heroism. And while not as important, they also didn’t show us Frenda’s grisly demise. Perhaps a bit too grisly for regular TV, but it would have done a fine job of hammering home how deranged Mugino had become. Nevertheless, this episode was still full of awesome moments that made it worthwhile. Accelerator vs Kakine was truly epic, especially once Accelerator sprouted black wings and went crazy with anger, before Last Order calmed him down. That little bundle of cuteness truly believed in Accelerator’s inherent goodness, and she was confident that he’d never hurt her, even though he could barely restrain those black wings of destruction from obliterating her.

So, I’m beginning to see a trend here. Both Hamazura and Accelerator used to be real scumbags. However, that all changed after Touma punched them, shattering their illusions so to speak, forcing them to reconsider their previous perspectives. My proposition? Forget about criminal correction facilities. Since it seems so effective, Academy City should hire Touma to punch people day in day out, to help them turn over a new leaf. Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading my post. Sorry about the delays – something something Competition Law formative essay deadline. And yeah, look forwards to seeing the story return to Touma & Friends!



  1. Index’s editor says ideas had been floated of doing an anime reboot of Magical Index; there were concerns the 8 year gap between seasons would limit viewer appeal since it was less fresh in people’s minds.

    “…the question of making the new Index anime a reboot or a continuation was a (continuous) subject of debate…In the end, we had to put the (longtime Index fanbase) first,” (editor Kazuma Miki) said. “There are a lot of fans who want to see the entirety of the original Index story adapted, so we made season 3 with that in mind.”


    1. That was probably a good decision. Eight years isn’t really enough to warrant a reboot when there is more story to tell. I don’t particularly care about seeing the the story’s entirety but more is better.

      I wonder if the MISAKA network didn’t have some role to play in the confrontation between Accelerator and Last Order.

      FWIW, one of the things about this show (and many others) is how you have one person who is indifferent to human life, is capable of taking it at will, and is vengeful to boot. And then you get into a fight to the death with her and somehow manage to eke out a victory. And then she gets left there unconscious. Now she may bleed to death on the floor, but given the nature of villains around these parts, that’s unlikely. Why not just finish the job then and there?

      As to Kakine’s last error, he did come across as a pretty defective person so I guess it was fitting for him.

      1. It kinda work with Full Metal Alchemist. They reboot the series and proceed to continue it until the end. It did took them around 65 episode though, so I really can’t imagine how much did it cost.

      2. I only watched that show’s first series (2003). I don’t recall where I read it, but didn’t the reboot came because some people weren’t pleased with the results (although I don’t know any details and was under the impression that it was quite popular). If that was the case, I could see someone on the publisher’s side wanting a reboot. I had issues with the first season so never bothered to watch Brotherhood.

        Isn’t that what happened with Negima as well?

        For this show though, they’ve done four full seasons with the same studio, so they can’t be unhappy with the outcome. The Raildex anime has too much re-doing as it is, what with the whole MISAKA/Accelerator bit being re-done in ‘S’. From the pace they’re moving at so far, it seems like they have a lot of story to tell with season III.

  2. These “Angels” here, works totally against the 10 God’s commandments

    Let alone

    2.nd Rule is violated beyond hope: You should not use my name for power and vain (and such)

    5th Rule: You should not kill

    7.th, 8.th, 9.the and 10.Rule

    So many violates of these rules. They are just taken the Angels Powers by force.. Nothing more.. And an Dark Angel here needs to save the day…

    1. Mugino was only dragging the top half of Frenda’s body along, and she’d stopped even pretending to hide how psychotic she is. I think we can fill in the rest easily enough to know that Frenda deserves everyone’s extreme pity.

      1. I seriously doubt she’s ever been cut in half and spouted blood like a busted fire hydrant while being unceremoniously dragged around Academy City before, though. Sorry, but unless they scoop out her brain and shove it into a machine or something, she’s dead.

      2. I did some thurough research on Frenda on the company dime. Yeah I am completely mistaken, Frenda is gone for good which sux I liked this girl.

        Mugino, she’s weird she has a few screws loose.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index%20III%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2008.jpg
    Alas, poor Frenda…now half the girl she used to be. (Time to put those morbid Frenda jokes/memes to bed…)

    I don’t know how Mugino managed to walk through a crowd of people while being blood-soaked without that same crowd noticing and giving her a very wide berth (read: “Run, you idiots!”). Another moment where the “Unusually Uninteresting Sight” trope gets ree-hee-heeally stretched in this anime adaptation.

    Oh my God! He harmed Uiharu! The bastard!

  4. However, that all changed after Touma punched them, shattering their illusions so to speak, forcing them to reconsider their previous perspectives. My proposition? Forget about criminal correction facilities. Since it seems so effective, Academy City should hire Touma to punch people day in day out, to help them turn over a new leaf.

    Remember my Son/Daughter, someone on this World is stronger then you and he/she will hit you in the Face…

  5. To be honest, this entire third season of Index was very hard to follow, I dont read the novel so I dont know the source material, but I was confused as hell as to everything that was happening, hell it took me a while before actually realizing that the whole thing happened because Frenda gave away their location. But yeah I am equally disappointed they didnt animate any fights between Mugino and Kakine, considering her only real fight scene shown was in against Misaka in Railgun. I would’ve loved to see more of her fight seriously. But now shes just a crippled 1-eye cyclops who got Touma-punched in the face by another lv0 dude, lol.

  6. RenaSayers
  7. Gotta love how underestimating opponents coes back to bite level 5s in the ass
    Mugino being beaten by Hamazura of all people, level 0 with nothing more than courage, determination, brains and very mundane weapon.
    Kakine thinking he can take on Accelerator since the latter has been nerfed as a “reward” for his “slay 10k low level mobs” quest. Newsflash: even nerfed Accelerator is still number one in Academy City.
    Alas poor Frenda. Half the jokses about her were badly cut, rest was awful.
    (nothing good dose of retcon and prosthethics cant fix, though… ask Darth Maul)
    Can’t but love the scene where Last Order talks down the berserk Accelerator into powerig down. Talk about shining beacon of light in the darkness.
    One question I want answered – did Yomikawa survive the Kakine backstab? With the Death’s Canceller around it is not impossible….

  8. https://randomc.net/image/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index/To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index%20III%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2009.jpg
    Anime logic, when a female villain is walking around the city, with blood, there is not too much panic. In the Railgun manga, I remember someone bragging in how he had a prison that can counter level 5, doubt it.

    I somewhat hope to see that athletic dark skin girl again.I am trying to find athletic girls, with a little muscle, in anime. kabaneri’s yukina is the finest example.

    Dumb question, but did uriharu ever thought Last Order was Misaka Mikoto’s relative? I find it strange that someone, who hangs out with Mikoto a lot, doesn’t notice someone that looks VERY similar to her. Notably, before Acceletator jumped in to save uriharu, I am shocked no one stepped in to say “Hey stop, what are you doing to a frail girl?!” Anime mob characters are usually useless.

    I am also wondering whose corpse did Hamazura burned.

    1. Well, the Accelerator-Kakine fight was far more panic-worthy, and people there were all “Sigh, this shit again” 😛 I guess that Espers going crazy and violent is a common thing in Academy City.

  9. I had been spoiled about Frenda’s fate, what I didn’t know though was who did it. So of course I had expected Kakine to be the culprit and was surprised when I found out that Railgun had painted an imagine of Mugino that was less crazy than she actually was. Damn.

    Also, it wasn’t clear to me whether Kinuhata was okay.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    As for the Accelarator-Kakine fight, even this fight was shortened with the camera zooming out once Accelerator got serious. Next thing you see is Kakine lying on the ground defeated. Disappointing.
    btw. who was Accelerator talking to on the phone? Crowley?

    Will Mikoto ever find out what happened to Uiharu’s shoulder and act accordingly? Probably not is my guess.

    All in all this arc has been a disappointing experience to me as an anime only watcher and I have to wonder whether it’ll even have any impact on Touma, Index & Mikoto’s part in the story. Hopefully Index 3 doesn’t end up the same as FMP IV.

  10. It was definitely a let down episode. While 8 years is a bad to do a remake, I think if they are finishing off the regular series, it might’ve been a better idea to have it all be one show. Because even I at times this episode was struggling to recall things.

    Dorian S.

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