「爆炎の支配者」 (Bakuen no Shihaisha)
“Ruler of Explosions”

Well that escalated quickly.

General Impressions

Boy, was I the only one who thought things got a little too hot a little too quickly? With Shizu’s transformation into Ifrit occurring at blazingly fast pace, I thought it was a big shame that we didn’t get an opportunity to watch her and Rimuru share some more screen time together.

Okay, bad fire puns aside, I must give credit to the show for using its slower pacing in its favor. Seeing how Shizu has only been around for about half an episode, I was blown away just how well they managed to build up her story in just a few flashbacks. A child that experienced World War II only to be swept away to a different universe where the first thing that happens is the god damn god of fire is forced into her. Cool as it might be to have the power to wield fire, I’m not sure if I’d sacrifice the ability to control my actions. Especially if that means accidentally barbequing one of my own friends! All that said, the setup to Ifrit erupting from her body felt so natural that I remember getting scared about just how much time was left for the battle itself.

Amazingly we were also graced with the biggest fight of the series yet. With Rimuru staring down the god of fire, I was happy to see that even as strong as he is, he managed to keep his expectations in check. Which in turn made his surprise anti-fire properties feel that much better especially when we got to see the Great Sage save the reveal until just the right moment where we got to experience a unique feeling of intense humor.

At the end of the day it looks like all’s well that ends well. Rimuru managed to take care of a pretty significant threat, the village he’s trying to create avoided getting burned to the ground, and most importantly it looks like Shizu and Ifrit seem to have been successfully separated. Boy, I can’t wait to see just what happens next week. See you then!


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  1. If anyone bothered to watch his death scene attentively, there was mention of fire immunity being “granted” back then…
    so Rimuru freaking about getting to die again was fun to watch since I knew he was in zero danger.
    Im womdering what remaining powers -if any -will have Shizu now that her inner fire demon has been cast out. I guess she has some skills acquired on her long years of adventuring, but how strong she will be without all the fire powers?

    1. I remember reading the novels like years ago, was the mood like this? I can’t remember if Rimuru always had a lighthearted attitude like that and never scared of anything… kinda whack

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2035.jpg
    Oh, this is perfect! Our dragon won’t be lonley. Notably, have those two met before? I can imagine that long lived species must have met each other at least once? Anyway, unlike Veldora, I can’t tell if that fire spirit has any intelligence, all he did was Roar in the anime.

    When did our slime gained heat resistance?

    1. When did our slime gained heat resistance?

      When he died. He was feeling both hot and cold from being stabbed, and he gained heat and cold resistances, which then combined to form thermal change resistance.

  3. Especially if that means accidentally…

    It wasn’t an accident, she was forced to do that by “that guy.”

    Anyway, and sadly, it doesn’t look like Shizu will survive this as she’s
    not in the final credits where they all stand together, so I’m guessing
    she died shortly after Ifrit exited her. I don’t know, hence the lack of
    spoiler tag.

    I’m just absolutely amazed that this didn’t make the top 5 list on some
    Anime site(s), just sayin’ ????

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken%20-%2007%20-%2017.jpg

    Based solely on the intro scenes each time, I thought Shizu was going to become Rimuru’s adventuring friend, until The Big Blond Master found out and “triggered” Shizu to kill Rimuru, because of Veldora inside Rimuru. That seemed to be what the intro was forecasting, in my opinion. So this episode seemed way too early to be happening for me.

    Since Rimuru can only Disguise what he eats via Predator, does that mean there’s going to be a human-with-a-horn girl who dies, Rimuru offers to eat her (since he’s too late to heal her) in order for the girl/demon to keep on “living” with the demon-horned adventurers?

    Spoilers if you answer according to the manga!

    1. Based solely on the intro scenes each time, I thought Shizu was going to become Rimuru’s adventuring friend, until The Big Blond Master found out and “triggered” Shizu to kill Rimuru, because of Veldora inside Rimuru.

      Um… no, Ifrit has merely been slowly working to take over Shizu’s body permanently, and finally succeeded. The demon lord had nothing to do with it, beyond having placed Ifrit into Shizu in the first place.

  5. Basically the slime is like any other another overpowered isekai protagonist, but for some reason everyone ignores that fact and likes that character even if it’s the same as other idiots like the smarphone guy and other bastard clones of kirito.

    Fede 5000
    1. Yep, let’s be honest here: Rimuru is not only overpowered, but he’ll always have the skills he needs to overcome the problems in his path. If he doesn’t already have them, he will “eat” them, copy them, whatever.

      And yet, he doesn’t feel as offensive as other Isekai protagonists.

      Why? Perhaps it’s because of the ironic contrast between his cute, harmless slime appearance and his unbeatable powers. Perhaps it’s because of his humble attitude and his attempts to do good without imposing on others, bullying them, showing off or proving how right he is all the time. But I personally believe it’s because of the judicious use of comedy. The show never stops making fun of him. We have a good example in this episode: when Rimuru is revealed to be resistant to fire, it’s played for laughs instead of trying to make him appear as an awesome badass.

      It also helps that the show is sensible enough to give the spotlight to other characters. Even the trio of seemingly useless adventurers managed to get their own epic moment here.

      1. It helps that a lot of Rimiru’s success comes from building relationships with other people and helping them to work towards common goals rather than just relying on brute force or overwhelming power all the time. The fact that so many of his goals are based on cooperation and development means that there are still threats that can appear and be credible without necessarily being things that Rimiru can’t deal with.

        It provides a very interesting contrast to Overlord, where the biggest threat Ainz faces is from his own followers – there’s nothing in the outside world barring missing World Items that can threaten him, and he’s got a bunch of those aces in the hole already. If I had to sum up each series in a single word, Overlord is about Exploration, while Slime is about Growth.

        Let’s be honest, Isekai stuff is generally escapist pulp fiction. I generally read it for interesting settings and world building and fun characters, and don’t feel the need for everything to be ‘AND THEN PEOPLE DIED SO WE CAN BE EDGY AND THE FANS DON’T FEEL ANY INVESTMENT IF THERE’S NO RISK’. Like One Punch Man, you can have a strong protagonist as long as you give a lot of attention to secondary characters and their plights and struggles.

        Not that Rimuru is some unbeatable Super Slime.

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    2. At no time does the anime try to tell a story of personal improvement of the protagonist as if it were a naruto-style shonen where they have that message of striving and training constantly although in the end they end up winning the fights for sudden power up.

  6. I’m a little sad that we didn’t get quite as much detail in the light novel here – at least in the English translation, Rimuru uses such a slang loaded ‘That’ll be a big ol’ yep!’ when Great Sage asks if he wants to activate Predator and eat Ifrit. Although in the LN, that was also a fade to black moment as well, so them adding the extra bits from the manga makes for a great addition, I think.

    One thing that they imply in this episode and will probably cover more next episode is that Shizu Show Spoiler ▼

    Looking forward to the Ogres / Oni being introduced and the beginning of the next arc. While I know it is unlikely, I’m really hoping we get to the Show Spoiler ▼

    arc – given what we see in the opening, that would introduce and resolve all the characters whom are teased there, and would be a great closeout for the first season and would hopefully help propel another season along fairly soon.

  7. Destiny is a fickle friend. (–_–) Am I the only one to expect this would happen? I am being serious here. So someone told your fortune, who you will be with in the future and your not concerned this person may actually meant to be your enemy possibly your nemesis?

    It’s a good thing Slime has both a reliable body and even clever mind.


  8. For as cool as the fight scene was, it felt like a big ol’ flop to me. Ifrit had no personality (he had no LINES), I have no idea what he’s doing or why, and everything was resolved (seemingly) with no major repercussions.


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