「全てを喰らう者」 (Subete wo Kuraumono)
“The One Who Devours All”

This week’s episode was a whirlwind of emotion.

Okay, before we talk about anything else, I think we can all agree that auto battle mode was freaking awesome. First, who would have thought that the Great Sage would be capable of controlling Rimuru’s body? Second, for those of you who have partaken in the source material, am I the only one who thought battle mode was just the Great Sage honing Rimuru’s other abilities by optimizing them for combat? In any case, I have to hand it to the series for giving us a fantastic battle scene where we got to see some pretty crazy moves coming out from both sides. Between Rimuru/Great Sage unleashing some fancy footwork to Orc Disaster just brute forcing his way through every single attack, it was truly a battle on an epic scale. That and I really appreciated how the story took the time to really put the loveable Kijins power levels into perspective by having them get wrecked by Orc Disaster.

You know, if you really think about it, a really interesting question you could pose about Rimuru at this point is questioning whether or not he was powerful enough to defeat Orc Disaster. As a Demon Lord class enemy, it looks like most of Rimuru’s attacks were ineffective at completely frying the guy and it makes you wonder if he’d be able to win the battle without his unique skill Predator. Honestly though, I think the mere fact that we never truly know whether or not Rimuru will win keeps the tension high enough that we can ignore most of the small stuff in the midst of battle. A point that I hope the story continues to utilize as we dive deeper into Rimuru’s journey.

Getting back on topic, let’s take a second to talk about the waterfall of emotions that appeared during Orc Disaster’s flashback. Responsible for the wellbeing of his people, I nearly died inside as we learned what his motivations were. In the face of overwhelming odds and the destruction (by famine no less) of his people looming over the horizon, how can you not pity the King who would sacrifice himself to save his people? God, what a fantastic deal it must have been to learn he could keep his people from starving just by sacrificing himself. Man, just thinking about the moment when the field he’s standing in turns lush gets the waterworks running.

God, after a two week break what a fantastic episode to return to. We got to watch Rimuru show off some cool new skills (as well as defeat a Demon Lord class enemy), Gabiru had an opportunity to realize just how foolish he’s been, and the forest of Jura manages to exist for another day. All-in-all not too shabby of an episode if you ask me! With that said, it looks like the story is ready to pivot into the next big thing and I can’t wait to see what that thing is. See you next week!


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「リトルソルジャー」 (Ritoru Sorujya) by 田所あずさ (Tadokoro Azusa)



  1. I feel that they had to explain more in detail the situation and some skills because it seemed that Rimuru had the fight controlled from the beginning, as not introduce orc lord corrosive gas that leaks out of his body, it allowed him to devour things it touched. It gave Rimiru a hard time and is why he had such trouble trying to eat Geld also the orc Lord can eat rimuru as well, but the real reason why Rimuru won the battle is because he speaks to the orc Lord to make sure he takes on all the burden and sin and then allows Rimuru to eat it I also do not remember that they mentioned that the skill predator is not infallible because it has a failure rate depending on how strong the target is as well as were a pokeball.

    The automatic mode is like a possession of the body that the spirit ifrit did to control shizu, when he absorbed it, he also obtained that ability only that they did not clarify, it activates it because he worries about not hurting his teammates because his powers are dangerous and he does not control them well, he is not very clever nor is a genius in combat only a normal person with skills powerful.
    I mention it because it seems serious that they will not specify because Rimuru won and felt an attempt of false danger the evolution of the orc, even more so when after the fights will be largely strategic for to decide who wins, but I think they preferred to prioritize the aspect of victim of the orc to show how it was used by Geld for his plans and see that it was not the real menace.

  2. I should complain that we have yet another overpowered main character in an isekai but Rimuru is just so pure and he comes from a relatable place, and the show is just so GOOD, I just can’t. Again, they introduce the deadliest villain yet, and Rimuru manages to make me feel sorry for him before being eaten!

  3. For Crying Out Loud.


    I was watching Bunny Girl Senpai, Iroduku, and Yagate Kimi ni Naru last season missing this show. Glad to have given this show a shot-since I just avoid Isekai, over the holiday break.

    That said, Shizue’s and Verudora’s absence is something I REALLY FEEL. I love these characters despite them having very limited screen time. I hope we get to see them again before the end of the series.



      1. slimes, if at all procreating do it by splitting, not sexual activity
        so it kinda makes sense
        also keeps the series wonderfully away from the romance track
        finally Isekai done right!

  4. It was the subtle differences between Rimuru’s Predator and Geld’s Starved that provided Rimuru
    the edge he needed to win. In the Anime, it almost appears that Geld gave up when Rimuru offered
    to devour his sins, this really wasn’t the case; he was defeated squarely by Rimuru.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    The (proper) handling of all of this is important for what happens next, so the parts 8Bit
    chose to adapt made good story-line sense.

    8Bit has made some other sensible choices — when the Orc fed his arm to the kids, they tastefully
    didn’t animate them eating it (whereas when the Orc Lord’s guard offered his body to the Orc Lord,
    that was shown for its powerful effect).

    It was very satisfying to watch Rimuru pummel Lord Gelmud, and the Orc Lord’s treatment of Gelmud
    flowed nicely. It was that aftershock that stunned Rimuru from taking action and allowed the
    Orc Lord to become (briefly) the Orc Disaster. If anything, 8Bit didn’t emphasize the level-up
    that actually happened. The Orc Lord was less capable than Gelmud (so could have been easily
    defeated by Rimuru), but the Orc Disaster became a serious threat.

    I like how all of this is playing out. Yes, the battles are decisive and relatively quick and it
    appears that Rimuru can never loose defeating all opponents before him (just wait ’till Milan
    shows up, though). But this is good; other Shounen’s Anime’s take fight scenes to ridiculous lengths
    sometimes lasting several episodes (I’m looking at you One Piece, et. al.)

    I know Slime isn’t a Shounen Anime, but the balance of storytelling and action is perfect in this story.
    Rimuru doesn’t always win his conflicts by overwhelming force, either. Look at how he handled the Orges.

    Anyway, I don’t know how far they’ll make it in the adaptation — there’s some really good stuff in
    the Manga and LNs I’d like to see adapted.

    I know I’m a gonna be really sad come April 1, 2019 … Maybe they’ll skip a season and we’ll get
    a second installment …

    1. loved how Gelmud was hoisted by own petard (trope!) and got killed by his own creation he wanted to manipulate
      too bad it was before he could spill any beans about true master pulling HIS strings (maybe the evil blonde bishone that summoned Shizue years ago?)

      1. Yeah, that was good and tropey.
        Show Spoiler ▼

        But I’m okay with that as nothing is going to be absolutely perfect, but
        this comes damn close as a cohesive story.

  5. Second, for those of you who have partaken in the source material, am I the only one who thought battle mode was just the Great Sage honing Rimuru’s other abilities by optimizing them for combat?

    …I can’t imagine how you would have concluded that if you’ve read the manga version. It was very clear, at least to me, that Rimiru had handed control over to Great Sage.

    Now, because Rimiru has an enormous magical capacity, theoretically he could have pumped enough energy into something like Black Lightning to kill the Orc Disaster outright. But that’s only in theory. Rimiru has both consciously and unconsciously restricted his use of nearly all of his powerful offensive abilities, and the middle of a battle is not the best time to rework them. Also, as powerful as those abilities are, none of them are truly the epic-level one-hit-kill that he would need to finish off a regenerating enemy.

    Also, the Kijin weren’t completely outmatched by the Orc Disaster. They were able to hurt him: just not enough to finish him off. It’s possible that all of them working together might (I repeat, might) have been able to beat him, but it would be a very close battle that could just as easily go the other way.

    1. I think I read it about 2 months ago roughly at 4AM in the morning (bad life choices were made on that day).

      I don’t disagree that the Kijin were able to hurt him, but boy is it a testament to your toughness when you can just power through getting your head cut off.

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken%20-%2014%20-%2009.jpg
    Finally! A protagonist who doesn’t allow the Bad Guy to just roll on and on about his terrific Plan.

    “My Predator is greater than your Starved.” Does this mean Rimuru-chan has the Orc Lord’s regeneration now?

    And yes, “auto-battle-mode” with Great Sage was pretty cool. It almost took care of the Orc Lord on its’ own.

  7. @if you really think about it, a really interesting question you could pose about Rimuru at this point is questioning whether or not he was powerful enough to defeat Orc Disaster. As a Demon Lord class enemy, it looks like most of Rimuru’s attacks were ineffective at completely frying the guy and it makes you wonder if he’d be able to win the battle without his unique skill Predator.

    You can turn this question around, “could Orc Disaster have beaten Rimuru without his unique skill Devour”. its a weaker predator and its what caused the orc healing himself, kaijin head cutting and rimuru fireblade cutting hand. the orc and rimuru were basically mirror image in terms of healing. without that i’d say orc bute force comes short of rimuru’s destructive fire/lightning.

    the question would be if demon lord class enemies have similar healing capabilities.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. Had some free time to catch up with this series. This was boring, predictable, Rimuru is far too OP, every fight scene with him is totally boring, there is never any threat, he steps into the fight while smiling! It totally destroys every build-up. Then the poor Kijins must all try to defeat the demon lord – everyone and his dog knew from the beginning noone would have a chance. Their attacks only served to show the difference in power level – everything just to depict how strong and awesome Rimuru is – yet again – as if we hadnt known this already…. Sorry, I really cant see what everyone likes about this show. It works when its a comedy, the side characters are fine too but not developed enough, but whenever the show gets serious and involves Rimuru, everything falls apart. Boring.


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