“Wave of Catastrophe”

「災厄の波」 (Saiyaku no Nami)

Legal Loli?

First things first, Raphtalia transformed from a cute furball into a beautiful lady. Though Raphtalia gains a lot of personality, going from shy to confident, there are a couple of bones I’d like to pick. All these demi-human hating folks suddenly treat her nicely because she’s pretty seems like an odd turn. And I’m not entirely comfortable with the implication where she looks like an adult on the exterior, while remaining a little girl on the inside, because it opens a can of worms. Does that make her free real estate for Naofumi to potentially develop a romantic relationship, just because the moral outrage would be sort of vague? I mean, it’s not problematic enough to ruin my enjoyment whatsoever. But I could understand if people took issue with it. Storywise, it moves things along nicely. I’d fancy a teenager any day over a child fighting against an apocalyptic wave.

First Encounter with The Wave

The other heroes are shown to treat the invasion like a game, rushing to slay the biggest monsters that appear out of the doomsday portal without a care for the endangered villagers. As a significant contrast, Naofumi’s first reaction is to realise the town of Lute was in danger, immediately rushing over to protect its civilians. Sure, the monsters that appear are small fry. Still, we get an opportunity to see Naofumi’s noble and tactical side come to life. While Raphtalia takes down monsters as his sword and aids with evacuation, Naofumi saves villagers and tries to draw monster aggro to himself. The lack of damage on his part should definitely have been a problem. Yet he climbs up a bell tower, rings it to attract swarms of monster, then burns the tower to take down all the monsters.

Unfortunately for Naofumi, the anti-Shield Hero hate train continues on strong. A platoon of the Kingdom’s Army rains down a powerful spell on the battlefield, knowing full well that Naofumi and Raphtalia were within range. I totally empathised with Raphtalia’s fury as she angrily lashed out. For all Naofumi’s wicked grinning, he was highly benevolent to save that toad’s life. If it were me, I would have left the commander for dead. Being an extreme ingrate even after his life was saved, the commander sought to withdraw all forces to assist the other heroes and leave Naofumi and Raphtalia to continue struggling by themselves. Nevertheless, another soldier requests all men to remain and enter formation, with most staying behind to help. At least some people seem to have integrity in this universe, which makes a nice change from the usual flavour of utter scumbag.

Concluding Thoughts:

The animation was pretty damn fluid and fantastic. Nothing extraordinary, admittedly, but certainly far beyond average. Worth of note is that Kevin Penkin comes up with something new every episode and impresses without fail, elevating the fights into a higher tier. That man is truly special and his talents are a treasure for the anime industry. Long may he contribute. For future fights that are higher stake, I don’t doubt that Kevin Penkin will remain consistent. But I hope that Kinema Citrus will endeavour to raise the bar as far as their animations are concerned.

The invasion didn’t come without loss. That said, Naofumi and Raphtalia fended off the monsters rather successfully. And it looked like the other heroes were able to wrap up things on their end. But the contrast is extremely obvious. All the other heroes are delighted and smiling at a job well done, completely oblivious to the destruction and suffering elsewhere, while Raphtalia’s first reaction is to break down crying. But most live to see another day. So, all’s well that ends well? I’ll ask for all people in the know, keep your knowledge to yourself so that those unfamiliar with the franchise can fully enjoy what comes next. Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to say. This is also the final post for me and blogging for the next few months. And at the moment, I cannot guarantee that someone else will pick up Shield Hero. Apologies, but I’d say the prospects aren’t looking too bad. As always, thank you for reading my post and let’s hope this adaptation continues going from strength to strength!


  1. I haven’t read the source but considering how close the anime portrays RPG elements (Sheer number of talents (Both passive and active)), Just like a true RPG I would like to see a boss or elite mob, whose ability can only be countered by a tank. This would give Naofumi a great chance to prove he is not entirely useless as they label him and they absolutely needs his help in certain situations. Also would be a good chance to throw back some dirt at the face of that blond asshole, the king and the rest of the bunch.

    1. The rest of these heros thinks their title grants them some kind of entitlement and protection from suspected crimes. They will know later on if they end up being prosecuted like Naofumi it’s guilty until proven innocent not innocent until proven guilty.

      Trust me if a hero is assumed to have committed a crime and the apocalypse is over, it’s off with his head because he isn’t needed any more.

    2. I don’t know about the source material, but the “redemption” just seems a little too contrived in execution. The cringe-worthy parts are always the “apologetic” citizens brown-nosing.

      It’s just not subtle.

      This series started strongly with the hero’s downfall by fake-rape. The latter parts are a little clumsy, however.

  2. I don’t think someone will lieu this show from you which is a shame. But since the rest of the RandomC writters are elitists, pretencious, and border line arrogant when it comes to their opinions and perspectives, its ok.

    That said, I wish you the best of luck to your endeavours and I hope it all works out for you Zaiden.

  3. Actually,I think the other heroes did about the best they could with the wave. They headed for the boss as fast as they could to stop the wave since the monster would never stop coming otherwise. They could have probably split the party in hindsight but they had no way of knowing how strong the boss would be.

    1. That’s not the issue; the issue is that they don’t care about what happens to the villagers. They think that since they’re heroes, they only have to kill the boss and don’t worry about all the innocent people that are being slaughtered. It would be diffeeent if they were actually thinking the best way to save the villagers was to kill the boss and stop the wave ASAP, but that’s not even a consideration for them.

      1. No it’s just that, i feel raphtalia at the end of the OP looks far more mature(18 years old) than this(14 years old) so i wonder if maybe the studio made raphtalia grown gradually.

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Tate%20no%20Yuusha%20no%20Nariagari/Tate%20no%20Yuusha%20no%20Nariagari%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
    I’m with Naofumi – there’s too many options here. He’s got to start the memorization of each ability quick. Rope Shield, Blue Egg Shield, Sky Egg Shield, Sharpening Shield (for others’ weapons), Pickaxe Shield, Eight-sided Shield? Too many to count. Compare this, however, to the Other Three’s weapons. Have they been going the same path as Naofumi – maximizing the options of their weapons? Or just maximizing a few attacks? Time will tell.

    Parents everywhere know the trauma of when their daughter gets her “growth spurt”, but her brain remains at less-than-adolescent maturity. Raphtalia is a sword-maiden, thankfully, and not embroiled in Game of Thrones.

    1. If a daughter is less than mature, that’s a problem with the parents, not the daughter – but ONLY from the outside looking in.

      From within the family, it’s a mirrored relationship -> it’s not logical for the daughter to “blame” the parents, anymore than it is for the parents to “blame” the daughter. It’s kind of like the relationship between the Electric-Field/Magnetic-field or Temperature/Pressure; the relationship cannot be taken in isolation of one another so it is a fallacy to think of “Causality”.

      The bottom line being that if my daughter acts maturely or immaturely, it reflects on my family as a whole, and even our community by extension, not on any individual.

      Thus, while it is appropriate to lay “blame” as a third party from outside the family (because that is the definition of “peer pressure”), it is entirely inappropriate to lay blame WITHIN the family, because my daughter is not a “peer” – she is my daughter (not my equal). Similarly, she will never be in a position to “blame” her husband (who she should support regardless of right/wrong) as her husband will also not be her “peer” but the head of her household.

      So she – like my mother, grandmother, wife and sister and ever “daughter” before – has to think hard about the decision of who her husband will be (with the valued advice and consent of her family). It’s similar a boy who realizes he has to support and defend his own household in the face of taxes and reprobates.

      It’s not true that every parent goes through the “trauma” of a daughter who’s “brain remains at less-than-adolescent maturity”. Our family lineage probably had our own share in the distant past, but none recently who’ve followed “liberal” lifestyles thankfully.

      Discipline, knowledge, tradition, facing up to the realities of life, etc is what encourages maturity, and it’s the tried-and-true method of raising a kid, boy or girl.

  5. Naofumi is right, this entire town is FULL of lolicons. At a time when Raphtalia was young and adorable no one batted an eye towards her. (or Naofumi) now Raphtalia can be an idol if she wanted.

    The wave, it’s more than just an apocalypse. It shows what each hero value more. In Naofumi’s case, he recognized the BIG picture. The Kingdom he protects is more than King and castle, more than the rich nobles. It’s the common folk, those with crops and other goods they play an integral role in the kingdom. If they die or if their towns gets wipped out the desaster will hurt the nation as a whole.


    “This is also the final post for me and blogging for the next few months. And at the moment, I cannot guarantee that someone else will pick up Shield Hero.”

    I guess nobody really reads the write ups then? Anyways, why not make Random Curiosity like a database for episodic screenshots? to confess, I first got into this site making references of which episode is what.

    Oh yes, looking for a particular episode from Code Geass?, Gurren Lagann?, FML: Brotherhood?, Death Note?, Angel Beats? OR HELL Gundam SEED Destiny? Which episode was it when Lucas and Kira make a dramatic meeting?

    It’s this episode:
    Gundam SEED Destiny – 39


    OMNI’s vision has slowly been dying all these years I guess.


    But to be fair, Random Curiosity has survived all these years. All other anime blogs which sprang out at the same time as this(2004) or the later 2000s are dead… Thanks alot Reddit.


    Wait, does she like Naofumi? damn.

    Crazy Sunshine by The Pillows
    1. To quote Zaiden (good luck to him with the studies btw.): “Apologies, but I’d say the prospects aren’t looking too bad.”
      So it’ll likely be picked up by someone else. Apart from Slime I don’t think there’s currently any show generating more comments, so this should help as well.

  7. First things first, Raphtalia transformed from a cute furball into a beautiful lady.

    In a week. Given the cut-off conversation at the armor shop, I’m waiting for the revelation that demi-humans age as they level and Naofumi is unwittingly leveling her to death by old age.

  8. This episode is the moment when the work earns its name. Naofumi has been slandered. He has been despised. He has been left to his own devices to starve when the other heroes feasted. In his place a lot of people would have just sat down and enjoyed a picnic while the other heroes fought the Wave. It would have been in his own best interest to tag along with the other heroes and hope to earn some glory to improve his reputation.

    Instead, Naofumi’s instincts lay with the people of Lute. He was promised no reward. He knew that they thought he was scum. He went to their defense anyway. This is heroism, protecting those who need it regardless of what he might obtain from it.

    To be fair to the other heroes, they are not evil so much as they are callous. They simply see this as a grand isekai adventure, they have not really internalized the fact that real people are suffering. At worst they think of them as video game NPCs. Not one of them thought to leave behind some party members to stall for time; protecting Lute Village long enough for the local knights to muster to their defense.

    Melromarc is actually a kingdom with some serious social divisions. Attempting to murder the Shield Hero through fratricide, abandoning the villagers so that the Shield Hero would have to keep fighting the Wave on his own, they really sell the idea that some of the people are really scum. If I had to hazard a guess, it was a noble commander doing all these shenanigans while the lower born among the knights decided to stay behind and defend the people.

  9. So do Demihumans just age (or maybe age to adulthood) much faster than regular humans? The episode was kinda vague on this. (Maybe their age is linked to their “experience” ie. like a video game? would fit I guess)

    1. If my memory serves me correct from the Web novels and the Light Novels

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Well, in that case I will minor spoil you, because you are a weakling.

        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. I actually prefer the “Determinator” type trope vs. the plucky isekai from our world type story. Naofumi has been hurt just enough to turn him into a “I’m going to save you despite yourselves” type hero.

    1. Yeah, I think you are going to miss a good series as it gets interesting.
      You should try the next two episodes, IMHO.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  10. I am starting to think that with xp sharing on, Naofumi and Raphtalia can level up much faster than larger parties, unless there is mechanic that gives to all party members 100% of xp of slain monster?
    If so, we soon will have Naofumi the immovable object and Raphtalia the death incarnate.
    And Raphtalia is growing up both mentally and physically, she is standing now firmly on her own legs, and can bargain with traders, talk down a knight, and definitely doesnt want kiddie lunches anymore…

  11. This is an odd show for me. It’s also one that three episodes may be insufficient to get a feel for it.

    The problem is that most of the people are still pretty unidimensional. The most heroic hero has absolutely no redeeming qualities and indeed, is aggressive in pursuing his opportunities to look worse (slide 11). His moll is still a bitch but somehow managed to become less interesting than before. Even Motoyasu is willing to shunt her aside without even thinking about it (although that may just be his special talent). Raphtalia , up ’til now, is too simple for words.

    So really, at least so far, the only characters who have any character seem to be the least of heroes and the armourer.

    As for the plot… the apparent big issue of the second episode was pretty much a non-issue before the episode finished and is now forgotten.

    That all said, with our having experienced the first wave, the stage has been set for the story to move ahead and for the characters to reveal some depth. I’m curious to see what happens next.

    1. no harem antics this siekai has…
      one girl is quite obvious
      after the “fals flag” of first episode Naofumi would accept only someone he shared a longtime bond and shared suffering

  12. Zaiden, I hope you continue to share your opinion in the anime adaption since you have read the LN. If you have time, a comment about your thoughts of an episode in Pancakes’ entries is greatly appreciated.

    It’s very interesting. I have read the manga to the latest translated chapter and have read the first two LNs and I have to say, the anime is adopting the darker and more cruel circumstances of Naofumi. Humor which happens a lot in the manga is absent in the anime.

    1. For sure.
      As for myself, I read several manga chapters after watching the 1st episode which made me even more interested. Thankfully, I stopped myself from reading all of them. For now at least.


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