「集う者達」 (Tsudou Monotachi)
“The Gathering”

Another episode, another handful of people realizing just how fantastic Rimuru is as both a person and a leader.

General Impressions

I was wondering when the story was going to dive back into the political side of things and there couldn’t have been a better time than now. With the Jura Tempest Federation doing pretty darn well for itself and looking more and more like a bustling city each and every episode, it would make sense that focusing on the logistics behind the scenes would make the most sense. And sure, we got a taste when Dwargon formed a treaty with the federation, but I think we all knew that Gazel had every intention in getting in early when it came to being allies with Rimuru. That said, dwarves are not humans and it’s always felt like Rimuru would have trouble when it came to bridging the monster-human barrier. Luckily it looks like the people in charge of the Kingdoms of Blumund and Falmuth have some good people in-charge — that or maybe it’s just Rimuru’s ability to read others and use all those years he spent slaving away as a salaryman to good use. Honestly, who would have thought that he’d be smooth enough to handle the public’s perception of the Orc Lord’s defeat and establish good will for the entire federation?

Things aren’t all rainbows and sunshine though since it looks like the Orc Lord was the least of our problems. With the threat of the other Demon Lords looming over the federation and some kind of terrible monster about to possibly break free from its seal, it’s tough to not think that one of the two above things will be wreaking havoc soon. If I had one hope for the future though, I’m really praying that the story would be able to continue giving Rimuru unique (and clever) ways of tackling whatever issue he’s facing. Not too big of an ask if you ask me!

Overall, another fun and fantastic episode that managed to hit a lot of high notes throughout the emotional spectrum. Toss in an over abundance of awesome Milim moments and I don’t think we could have asked for a better episode. That and the story seems to be slowly building up to the next big battle which has me super excited for however Rimuru’s going to tackle it. In any case, see you guys next week!

Spoiler Talk

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  1. The pacing for this show went from 0 to 100 real quick. They skipped some really good development about what all the town monsters think of Rimuru and a funny scene with Youm.

    They finally have Millim some decent clothes lol.

    1. I’d say more like somewhere in the 40’s. Last episodes’s Demon Lord Conference was a big loss, but here they hit all the important points very well at the cost of some fun fluff. It’s all still well within the “great” range for an anime adaptation IMO, and we’ll have four-to-five episodes to take good care of the kids and a certain pint-size powerhouse. Again, lot of talking in Vol.4 that can be skimmed and summarized if I remember right.

    2. Not me. I hated the butt hanging out. It doesn’t look particularly sexy to be honest. Just trashy. It was a departure from the manga, that gave her a lot more coverage and made her look a lot better. It was one of my biggest disappointments in Milim’s character design in the anime. And I liked her a lot in the manga.

  2. Gawd, is this series about the rise of Gobta? There’s a dwarf that’s
    gonna be might jealous of not getting any attention, I think …
    Pretty funny that the Knight Spider terrified the scouting party, but Gobta
    just casually takes it out for dinner!

    Still lovin’ the series, but I don’t think they believed they would do
    as good a job as it turned out to be (things like that happen sometimes),
    ’cause there was enough quality source material for 3 or four cours.
    There’s a lot of material that was skipped that really could’ve added to
    the fullness of the story. The story is still well-told, but hindsight …
    The quality is still pretty high and I don’t see any sloppiness in any
    of the art.

    So one of my concerns, based on what we’ve already seen with the Orc’s
    attack on the Orges village is that is was only “adapted” in the 1st ED.
    So when we see the kids “arc” in this ED, is that all we’re going to see?

    Anyway, can’t wait for next week!

  3. My only real gripe with Rimuru is while he’s not trying to necessarily hide how strong he is, he isn’t trying to prove it, either. People keep coming in and saying “smiles suck, you all work for a slime, so you all suck” and he just takes it, which makes for some good comedy when Shion or Milim snap, but the issue is never really resolved.

    Youm doesn’t really care in the end, but What’s-His-Face from Carrion’s forces could report back that sure, Rimuru’s forces might be good, but since the leader’s no big deal there’s no need to worry about doing stuff when Milim isn’t around. Instead Rimuru could’ve just handed him his ass at half-strength(and let him think it was full strength) to not tip his hand too much and avoided future problems from other arrogant mooks under Carrion. Just seems like an obvious oversight.

    1. I think Rimuru only gives attention to those things that matter and
      ignores those other annoying insects. He even says he doesn’t believe his message
      will be delivered. And his casual dismissal was the greatest insult “Well, I can’t
      kill him…” clearing indicating that Rimuru had complete control over his actions
      and the situation, and let him leave because he wanted him to, not because he
      felt in any way threatened. Just MHO…

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken%20-%2017%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
    I was expecting to hear “If I die, I will curse you!” again. Am surprised that, even with their “upgrade” in gear those three STILL are running from monsters.

    I didn’t see why our slime had to punish our cute demon lord for avenging the damage that was caused. IF someone hurt my subordinate, especially that BADLY, I would want pay back.

    Anyway, for Besta, I am surprised to see his brain function well. Regarding the previous episode, if you throw someone in that manner, while wrapping his body around the same way for a dead mummy, I would be shocked if the treated person is alive.

  5. Milim got some decent clothing, but it is sailor uniform so lolicons will eb even more delighted…
    Anyway, power level over 9000, diplomacy skill: zero!
    Event arrogant and violent emissaries of foreign power deserve to be heard.
    You can throw them into well later if you really want war, right?
    And if you are as our MC is, keen on eeping peace, not at all costs but at costs lesser than incurs going to war with Demon Lord(s), being polite never hurts.
    On the other hand I think that our slime’s ploy of “I just helped the human champion’s” might backfire because at least some of the Demon lords might mistake this for truth and decide they can deal with our slime easily…

  6. Good review, certainly most of the criticisms I have read about this anime are quite bad really expect a shounen of action or constantly expect problems and evil villains that make life impossible to Rimuru.


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