「シズさんの教え子達」 (Shizu-san no Oshiegotachi)
“Shizu-san’s Students”

Boy, we’re zipping through things real quick.

General Impressions

I’m not sure how much of this is related to the fact that I was stubborn and read the source material, but I think even the casual anime-only viewer would notice that things are moving at a breakneck pace and the story is suffering for it. First off, am I the only one who felt a little odd with how Rimuru decided to tackle the task of becoming a teacher? Compared to the Rimuru we’ve seen in the past, it was a little jarring watching him act better than someone else. Sure, you could attribute it to him not having much strength in handling children since most of his interpersonal powers are better suited to an older audience, but it just felt so odd to watch him behave so differently.

Out-of-character behavior aside, I wasn’t a big fan of how this week’s episode handled Rimuru building up his relationship with the kids. Again, it’s probably more related to him being a bit heavy handed when it comes to forcing some respect out of the kids (and also testing whether or not he’d be able to get them to burn up some of that excess energy), but I can’t help but feel that things would have felt so much better had there been a little bit of build up to this point. If I remember correctly all we got last week was Yuuki dropping a huge truth bomb and cutting right after Rimuru met the kids. Honestly I wish that the episode spent a bit more time with the kids and less on trying to advance the story to Rimuru finding the land of the spirits.

Minor gripes aside, this week’s episode was pretty fun at its core. Besides watching Rimuru strut his stuff to demonstrate just how much of a monster he is, I really enjoyed watching all the kids show off both their powers and personalities. Seeing how they’re going to be the focus for the last arc of this season of Tenshura, I’m glad that they’re more than just emotional fodder.

With the location of the land of the spirits found, we can only pray that things go well for Rimuru. Luckily he’s been on a bit of a hot streak since he came to this world and I can’t imagine things being too tricky. In any case, I’ll catch you guys in two weeks since I’ll be out of the country. Please be nice to whomever ends up covering the show!




  1. …watching him (Rimuru) act better than someone else…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I’ve said it B4 and I’ll say it again – this should have been a 3/4 cour series.
    I think Anime-only fans will feel that there’s some missing depth in the second
    part of this series — it’s still enjoyable to watch, but it feels watered down.

    Hey – anybody know if Made in Abyss S2 is ready yet..?

      1. I thought they had already officially announced season 2 of Made in Abyss? I remember it was a while back, though admittedly I haven’t paid much attention to the series since.

        The first season of Made in Abyss concluded with Chapter 26, and they’re on Chapter 50 or so now. They could easily start a second season this Summer if they want too. If it came down to it they could do what did they with Log Horizon and have the author give them story beats for later plots to wrap said season up.

      2. Made in Abyss won’t get second season for a long while

        They are making the next arc into the movie called Dawn Of The Deep Soul and that’s take up to chapter 38.

        I’m not even sure if we are even half way through the current arc. There are not enough content for another season.

  2. The quick pacing is very likely due to Ep 23 being the last episode slated to cover the main story.

    Remember ep 24’s the anime-original episode written by Slime’s author, while 25 covers the Veldora’s Slime Observation Journal bonus story at the end of each LN. (Basically a recap of the volume’s events from Veldora’s POV within Rimuru.)

    1. Interesting how they’re delaying the release of the Episode 25 on DVD, I think the one that comes with the manga by nine months. Maybe they’re timing it for a Slime Season 2 announcement or even its release

  3. I have to admit that since the second cour of the show started I have been less enamored with it. It’s gotten, well, kind of boring. It’s still a nice slower show, but that clearly isn’t the intended effect either. Oh well, only 4 or 5 more episodes to go.

  4. Slime’s author admitted he initially wrote Slime’s original webnovel for writing practice/fun, and was making up the plot as he went along. Although he was able to fit in all kinds of things and heroic feats by Rimuru, he admits this lack of pacing and structure made it difficult for him in adapting the novel for anime; he had to reexamine the story structure and see which scenes were important to keep for adaptation.


    It ties in with some sources saying the anime is mostly following the manga version of Slime; likely due to its faster pacing over the LN’s perceived lack of pacing.

    Today, Fuse feels the 2 major themes of Slime are “the friends and partners Rimuru makes on his adventures” and “do what you can do for today”.

    1. It ties in with some sources saying the anime is mostly following the manga version of Slime;

      Except it’s not any more. As soon as the Orc Disaster storyline was over, the anime started skipping massive amounts of content even when compared to the manga version. And it is suffering for it.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken/Tensei%20shitara%20Slime%20Datta%20Ken%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2032.jpg
    Strange, he has the typical villain-like features- is fat and has the mustache, yet he doesn’t seem to be a bad guy.
    Can our slime turn into a dragon? He turned into a wolf once. Anyway, the flame spirit must have a new roommate.

    1. yeap.. some shortcuts they took to introduce him, let him lost many “deepness” of character.. So just with this introduction his foremost interest with Rimuri is “profit!”

      I just hope they could fix that with an “flashback memory”.. But i also understand the “tightness” of Anime Production..

  6. This is actually about what happened in the manga. We only skipped one major event (the diplomatic trip to dwargon) which was a side bit anyway. Otherwise it was exactly this fast in the managa.

  7. Some skiped parts: after the sky dragon attacked, merchant uncle used a healing pot from tempest to save a wounded woman. When he invited Rimuru to dinner, part of the convo was about him getting exclusive shipping of the products from tempest.


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