OP2.1 Sequence


Episode 20

「シンセサイズ」 (Shinsesaizu)

Episode 21

「三十二番目の騎士」 (Sanjyuunibanme no Kishi)
“The 32nd Knight”

Episode 22

「剣の巨人」 (Ken no Kyojin)
“The Sword Giant”

After a three episode hiatus due to a two week vacation in Japan, we’re back with some Alicization goodness! Also, if you didn’t know, Sega Arcades in Japan are doing a Alicization promotion with some cool swag.

God, I can’t imagine how frustrated I’d be if I had to wait a week in-between each episode. Luckily I had the pleasure of getting to watch episodes 20, 21, and 22 one after another and it was just a blast.

Starting with the first big thing that comes to mind, who would have thought that Eugeo’s mini arc as a Integrity Knight would have been so short? Thinking back to the moment when Quinella was able to play to his insecurities and get him to drop his core protection, I can’t be the only person who thought that it would be a pretty big struggle for Kirito to get his best friend back. That and if you think about how Eugeo’s been struggling with his emotions throughout his entire trek up the god damn tower, it wouldn’t be too hard to believe that his psyche was broken to the point where he truly didn’t care about anything anymore. But in good ol’ Sword Art Online fashion, we got to instead see the power of love and friendship triumph which finally gave Eugeo a moment to look real damn cool.

On that note though, it’s tough to ignore just how lucky Eugeo was when it came to where Quinella placed the Piety Module. Sure the power of love and friendship was enough to jostle his memories enough for him to snap back to reality, but the sheer luck of having the actual Administrators leave a convenient gap in his memories that Kirito could exploit was pretty damn good once you think about it. I guess this could truly be a literal case of plot armor since this has been in the works since episode one…

Getting back to the story, can we talk about how cool it was to see Kirito blast the crap out of Chudelkin? Besides showing off just how far that new sword of his can really go, there was something insanely cool about seeing him in his classic Black Swordsman outfit back from the Aincrad arc. But by insanely cool, I’m referring to the fact that if the code for his outfit exists, the possibility of something going crazy and unleashing all of his skills/power from the Aincrad days might be there too.

Crazy theories aside, I can’t believe we’re finally at the point where Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice (and Cardinal) are facing off against Quinella. As the “final” boss of the Underworld, it makes me wonder just what’s going to happen in the next few weeks since there are still a ton of episodes still left. That said, I’m not crazy enough to think that Kirito and team will be able to defeat her without pulling out something ridiculously powerful and I can’t help but believe they don’t have it just yet.

In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week at our regularly scheduled time. See you then!




  1. Well, at least the mind-control was done away with fast. I hate mind-control sub-plots. They’re never done well unless the process takes an absurdly long time. Alice is one thing since there was never a doubt that she was 100% a victim in every sense, but Eugeo made me cringe. Insecure or not, you don’t fall prey to the woman that’s solely responsible for all the hardship in your life just because she gets naked and offers you “love”.

    That aside, on to the event that really mattered in these three episodes. Let us take a moment together to mourn…


    Giant sword golems? Pfft, we’ll deal with you later in typical hammy SAO fashion. Naked psycho bitch? Just the latest in the line of nutjobs that missed a loophole Kirito will plow right through. But how could they kill the lovable spider?!

  2. I’m just going to say, it’s been hard as a LN reader to watch these episodes because they are rushing through them so fast. A bunch of the explanations were left out leading to the thing feeling rushed and making Kirito look more OP than normal.

    1. “Besides showing off just how far that new sword of his can really go” That wasn’t his sword’s ability it was just an sword skill with some insane concentration to change the range.

    2. Oh, I should read somewhere on what was skipped in the LH. Maybe it would answer some questions that has been plaguing me. Notably I feel that this season may end soon with Kirito still in a coma.
      Kirito did a good job explaining how the Real World humans would delete everything. But I wonder if Quinella can accept the fact that she is someone that is in the mercy of her “gods.”

      Notably, the humans did wanted to upload AI into robots and you wonder if Quinella qualifies. In Sci-fi movies, people always imagine that AI will rule the world. So one would wonder what can happen if Quinella becomes an AI that rules the world.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Sword%20Art%20Online/Sword%20Art%20Online%20Alicization%20-%2020%20-%20Large%2026.jpg
    Honestly, seeing that Blob getting NTR’d was nice since I hate him. Though Alice should have aimed for the head. Anyway, I doubt that blob is dead now.

    I would have liked it if Eugeo kissed the villainess to see if she would change but I guess that wouldn’t occur. I notably think this is the first time a villainess, or any female character, showed so much skin in the middle of battle.

    1. “I would have liked it if Eugeo kissed the villainess to see if she would change but I guess that wouldn’t occur.”

      Even if she allowed him to kiss her for some reason she has frozen those sorts of emotions:
      ”Having realized that the sub-process has become a threat to her, Quinella sought for a way to keep it locked in within herself. Noticing that the sub-process could only take control of her body during times of emotional distress, Quinella decided to freeze her emotions to stay in control of her body at all times.
      Through these inhumane experiments, she was able to test which part of the Fluctlight should be altered to change a person’s memory, thought patterns, emotions etc. Having tested this ritual long enough, Quinella applied the ritual on herself and was successful in freezing most of the emotions that were the cause of her unrest: fear, anger, etc.”

      ”Chudelkin ran towards Administrator and blamed Eugeo for not killing or at least weakening Kirito and Alice more. Eugeo, managing to walk around, then stood beside Kirito and Alice. Administrator told Chudelkin to attack them and he flipped his body and used his head as support, while his hands and feet remained in the air. He then proceeded to summon 10 cryogenic elements and threw 5 of them at the trio in the form of icicles, but Alice intercepted them. Then he launched the last five after transforming them into a huge ice cube, but once again Alice stopped the attack by using her Fragrant Olive Sword’s Armament Full Control Art.
      Administrator ordered Chudelkin to freeze Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice using his Sacred Arts while keeping them alive, and Kirito noted that the room they were in was rather large and intricate; the walls were made of untainted glass while a canopy embedded with crystals was supported by pillars covered with decorative swords. Chudelkin generated twenty cryogenic elements on his hands and feet and attacked, but was stopped by Alice’s Armament Full Control art. Administrator scolded Chudelkin for his incompetence, but he made a request: should he defeat the trio, he wished to get one night to do as he wished with her. Administrator dishonestly agreed to this deal, giving Chudelkin a burst of motivation. He generated twenty-two thermal elements and released them to create a five-meter tall flaming demon that resembled himself. ”

      ”With each step, Charlotte grew in size until her body was large enough to send heavy tremors through the floor each time she propelled herself by kicking the carpet. Charlotte engaged the golem, but after a short struggle, had four of her legs severed, and was stabbed through the torso. “

  4. If they defeat the administrator soon I’m assuming they would go ahead with repelling the invasion from the Dark territory. That’s what I would like to see anyways.


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