OP Sequence

OP: 「異世界かるてっと」 (Isekai Quartet) by Ainz (Satoshi Hino), Kazuma (Jun Fukushima), Subaru (Yuusuke Kobayashi), Tanya (Aoi Yuuki)

「集結!カルテット」 (Shuuketsu! Karutetto)
“Gathering! Quartet”

With the deluge of isekai we’re getting almost every season now (this one is an outlier—just see what summer has in store) everyone guaranteed has an opinion on this (sub)genre by now. Either you love it and cannot get enough or hate it and wish it all dead; middle ground simply put does not exist. Yet Isekai Quartet might be the first isekai to challenge that collective belief, because regardless of potential opinion I swear this show couldn’t get more fun.

As highlighted in the handy dandy RC Preview, Isekai Quartet is a four franchise crossover short featuring the main characters of Kadokawa’s main isekai series. You’ve got the Konosuba quartet (heh), Overlord’s ruling class, Re:Zero’s party of happiness (read: Rem), and Youjo Senki’s little iconoclast genderbent blondie and friends for added amusement. Together all wind up pressing a big red button in entirely appropriate ways and find themselves transferred to a new world where they’re, well, going back to school. Stupid concept? Yes. Utterly hilarious? Oh yes indeed. I wasn’t sure what to expect for this one when previewing it, but damn if it isn’t an ingenious idea to help keep featuring some of these characters in the anime sphere, especially when the show has done a fantastic job at nailing the various personalities of all involved. Kazuma and crew for example are pretty much the one speed party trainwreck we’ve all come to love, but top it off with Ainz doing the usual and Tanya going maniacal crazy? And Kurt von Rudersdorf acting as the bloody principal? Darling you had me at go and funky doorbell/elevator sounds. While the true test will inevitably be seeing how these interactions, banter, and various mini story arcs play out going forward (I can already see the Emilia makes new friends episode from a mile away), so far at least this is one anime short I’m really looking forward to. It may not be the “best” isekai has to offer—particularly if you haven’t seen one or more of the featured series for reference—but no one said a little lighthearted levity was ever a bad thing.

After all, with chibi designs, ED sequences, and school shenanigans this cute, it would be incredibly difficult to give it up that easy.


ED Sequence

ED: 「異世界ガールズ♡トーク」 () by Albedo (Yumi Hara), Aqua (Sora Amamiya), Emilia (Rie Takahashi), Tanya (Aoi Yuuki)


  1. Sounds like original VAs, which is good.

    Dunno if the concept is just gonna flail of stupidity –
    I thought it’d be more of a parody of the respective series,
    but a school setting? And where’s my Death March and Smartphone?

  2. Somewhere somehow I want a Lina Inverse and Megumin scene. (I know Lina a good deal in the past now, but Megumin is basically doing her spell especially the first time she used it)

    1. Interesting question as all of these series were published under the Kadokawa umbrella of companies, including Sword Art Online. I would guess its probably a rights thing, perhaps they couldn’t agree internally to use the series. Just because they are all owned by Kadokawa, doesn’t mean they will all be on the same page about things.

    2. Plus there some interesting chemistry of the three series. One pure light fantasy world with weird & comedic elements and the other three are just ….4% darkness with elements of time looper which the user can not tell with anybody even they see wants to and gamer who stuck in dark avatar body & force to play as a Supreme Dark Lord. And finally a 99% a dude who reincarnated into girl in the world fantasy in ww2 theme that seek vengeance against god and kill & use anyone at his or her disposal.

      In another words, a super chaotic battle between the good, grey or bad, and twist.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Isekai%20Quartet/Isekai%20Quartet%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2003.jpg
    And here I expected the “useless goddess” to be the one character stupid enough to press the button (as Ainz lampshades)… On the bright side, if not for Megumin pushing that button, there wouldn’t be funny scenes like this:
    Aqua: “Kazuma! The world’s getting all weird!”

    And that’s just for starters!

    Anyway, it was nice that they kept some of the BGMs from their respective home series. And I also have a hunch that most of the comedic moments in this show will be traced back to the KonoSuba quartet. (Though I wouldn’t mind subversions with the Re: Zero, Overlord and Youjo Senki cast.)

    Looking forward to some hilarious crossover shenanigans.

      1. Aye, true that. The KonoSuba cast can carry the comedy in this show if needed, but I do hope they don’t have to.

        Now that I’m thinking about the other series, I can’t wait to see Lalatina’sDarkness’ interactions with Shalltear (if Ainz’s “punishment” in episode 5 of Overlord season 2 is any indication), and perhaps Tanya and Ram.

        It’d also be nice if I got interested in the other three shows thanks to Isekai Quartet. Not to mention it already did its job hyping me further for the KonoSuba movie.

  4. I got an change to watch some episode:

    – it is funny to watch 🙂
    – If you love the voice of your favorite char in this, then this is for you
    – small funny snacks

    i wished that the Strike Witches was nearly the same quality

  5. i repeat myself. If you want something to smile about and just have fun with your favorites Chars and Seiyus then this is your anime this season. Try it out


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