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Senryuu Shoujo – 05

「占い少女」 (Uranai Shoujo)
“The Fortune Teller Girl”

As tempting as it may to think the future can be read
Careful not to let the ‘psychics’ get into your head.
Reading into symbols may be a ‘second sight’
Or maybe be suspicious when the tarot deck’s not right.
Since this is fiction after all our logic rides back seat
This is more the episode where the main cast gets complete
If you recall the ED you’ll know the females numbered five
Can we assume we’ll get a plot now the last one has arrived?
Senryuu Shoujo having plot will obviously feel wrong
Although that’s what ‘prophets’ do, they push stories along
Right now all she’s done so far is ship the central pair
Everybody did already so perhaps there’s nothing there
Half of that pairing though is unnaturally thick
As always the power of breasts will have to do the trick.
Really though the takeaway should be one important rule
Don’t rely on fortunes or you’ll look like quite the fool.


May 4, 2019 at 9:20 am