「そして、世界へ…」 (Soshite, sekai e)
“And So, Off into the World…”

Honestly for all the teasing at the end of last week, there were no real surprises for KnM this time around. Besides Schtrom not getting involved in things (because final boss is boss), we instead got to enjoy the sights and sounds of subordinates done right and blondies pulling Super Saiyan. Was it the absolute best? Of course not, but hey, at least KnM stays true to its central tenant of easygoing first, annoying stuff later. Giggity.

We may have missed out on a lot of explanation to help settle away the rapid fire events and antagonist developments of these past few weeks (and oh boy was it ever missed), but considering the KnM left off with a half-coherent ending and a decent jumping off point should the sequel stars align (hah), I’d say it was a good as it could’ve been. For a run of the mill isekai, there’s no higher praise.

Final Impressions

KnM for me is one of those series where appearances prove deceiving. While an unabashedly cookie cutter and generic isekai story, KnM made up for its arguably insurmountable negatives by running with the wind and making the most of its base conventionality. This was a story firmly aligned with all those which came before, but one that used those similarities to forge a path dissimilar enough to actually become unique in its own right.

Where KnM draws strength is undeniably its slice of life bent. Akin to Slime or even Isekai wa Smartphone, KnM relied on lighthearted, romcom-esque scenes to build up its characters, keep things entertaining, and ultimately avoid some of the pitfalls befalling similar isekai series. Shin for example is the prototypical Gary Stu, but steers clear of many of the Gary Stu issues thanks to first shafting the harem in favour of monogamy, and second actually showcasing the ability to turn the support cast turn into enemy killing monsters in their own right (albeit with some help here or there). With a bit of power decentralization, Shin flips the usual isekai plotline on its head and instead offers a pretty enjoyable take on daily fantasy shenanigans. It’ll never win any awards mind you, but as base popcorn material, KnM certainly nailed it right.

Naturally the main issue stemming from this is when KnM tries getting serious—in short, it never really worked. While the series features a decent plot revolving around its demonoids and their leader in Schtrom, the switch into conflict was too fast to really take proper effect, especially when the entire backstory of KnM’s main antagonist was condensed into a single episode. Even for less structurally imaginative isekais such story elements are better paced and better developed, leaving the feeling KnM simply included this because it’s what everyone else does after the show belatedly realized the components were missing. As a result the final 3-4 episodes lack much of the tantalizing bite the first half of series showcased, missing a prime opportunity to reinforce success and solidify itself as above par isekai. KnM was never going to be perfect, but potentially being better than it turned out? It was a realizable possibility.

In the end however I cannot be too disappointed with KnM overall. I knew what I was getting into from the start, wound up pleasantly surprised, and even with the stumbles these past few weeks still wound up liking more than I hated. It’ll be one series that’ll inevitable fade into the background as time goes by, but as a bit of simple, kick back and relax adventuring, you can certainly do worse than this isekai anime.

End Card


  1. You’ll have to read the WN/LN/manga to find out what happens next.
    LN Vol 10 comes out this June 29th.

    Checking the source WN, the latest chapters are in the endgame, with the characters squaring off against the demonoid leaders. There’s anticipation with Japanese fans to see how the author will conclude the serious story, but the author’s been pretty slow with the updates.


  2. I rate this shit 3/10, episode 12 too cliches up to 11, i was just tapping forward watching most of the episode, show went from “wow this is interesting (episode 1)” to “can you stop using every cliche in the book for the love of satan (episode 12)”

  3. one series that’ll inevitable fade into the background as time goes by…

    That nailed it perfectly.

    It’s always going to gnaw at me that this could’ve been better, but I give it 6/10.

  4. I find this show very enjoyable. For the most part, especially the slice of life. Though that is also the part that I felt lacking. We still don’t know much about his club mates. Besides the main pair and Aug, the only one that I think I’ve got a hang of is Rin. And she’s rather simple. Her growth is also the most noticeable, in that things don’t go boom uncontrollably. Would really like to know more about the others.

    I agree that the conflict never really worked. Didn’t really care much about the antagonists, and only view them as a way to get the plot moving. Ironically that isn’t too important in slice of life.
    This was the first time I got interested in the antagonists. I think it’s a little too late. XD

    In the unlikely event that there is a sequel, can’t say I’m interested. Eventhough I really like the characters and love what’s happened so far. The future events doesn’t seem that prospective.
    Especially when these two doesn’t to have much of a role in it.

    1. in the next 13 days 5 new Isekai animes are going to air, it’s just insane how over saturated market got, i want back the days when there was barely any isekai, i remember when Mondaiji-tachi aired, it was just another anime that happened to transport some characters to a new world, it felt so fresh, so awesome, now it’s just trash isekai after trash, no substance at all, just for sake of filling the isekai timeslot.

      1. I dunno — the genre has been around for a long time and I think if you
        look at many Anime, many have an isekai foundation to them. What I think
        triggered this is that many of the isekai now are game related. That is:
        – single protagonist;
        – protagonist is leveled up or has to level up “game style”;
        – harem.

        Nothing’s perfect, but I’d prefer a bunch of isekais over a bunch of
        mecha or magical girl series lacking no other choice. And amazingly,
        Isekai Quartet is getting a 2nd season! It wasn’t bad, just unexpected
        for a short!

      2. For me, I don’t define it as “Isekai” unless the primary plot of the show revolves around someone going to another world. Just because someone is taken to another world doesn’t make it an Isekai show, just like how a show isn’t a romance just because it has romantic elements to it.

        For example, Full Metal Panic is, at its heart, a mecha show, but can also be defined as “slice of life” as it has a lot of that in it. Meanwhile, Escaflowne can also be called “Isekai” but it’s not really. It’s fantasy.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Kenja%20no%20Mago/Kenja%20no%20Mago%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2006.jpg
    I take it someone is pregnant. I like to see more anime characters like her, sexy and evil, gives the perfect Albedo vibe (overlord)

    Anyway, I still don’t get Schtrom’s objective. He completed his revenge so he should have no other purpose except by maybe starting a new family.

    Well, if anything, if Isekai Quartet gets more “transfer students” then I hope our dear characters here get transferred. Want to see Kazuma use Steal in all the female characters


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