“The Little Girl Begins Her New Life.”

「ちいさな娘、新たな生活をはじめる。」 (Chiisana musume, aratana seikatsu o hajimeru.)

It’s not easy, picking up a random little girl in the woods and bringing her back home to raise. Dale continues to learn and overcome the emotional difficulties inherent to being a father figure. In this episode, he deals with two specific things – jealousy as a father and panic when Latina got lost.

Paternal Envy

We get to see that while Dale struggles with jealousy towards Kenneth, who seems like he’d be a pretty awesome dad himself, Dale is very wary to prevent it from affecting Latina and her development. Of course, this jealousy is petty and mostly played for laughs. However, it is important to observe that Dale is actively trying to recognise the best choices to make for Latina in terms of her growth, even if he might feel personal over it. This is a promising sign that reassures me he will be a patient and excellent father figure, who will always be considerate towards Latina’s feelings and needs. It also helps that alongside reliable folks like Kenneth and Rita watching over her while Dale’s gone off to adventure, the regular visitors to their pub (with a lot of townsguard in the mix) are also always going to be keeping an eye out for her. She should be pretty safe for a long time to come, until the power scaling begins to hit the titular demon lord level in the distant future.

Meeting New People

Latina herself might be well-behaved and intelligent, but she’s still a kid. So it was very believable to me that she got lost like that – especially because I got lost like that in shopping centres when I was a child. Of course, Dale gets extremely worried and anxious, rushing all over the city to try and find her. But this unfavourable turn of events actually proves to be fortuitous. Despite starting off on the wrong foot, she meets some kids her age and manages to befriend them. Latina even uses magic to heal one of the kids knee scrapes – though I would like to highlight that even Dale doesn’t know she is capable of using it. So I’d be interested to see what kind of implication that might bear in the future. I would also like to know what the rest of her magical skills and affinities consist of. But right now, I’m happy to leave that for another day – though it has certainly piqued my curiosity.

Concluding Thoughts

Uchi no Ko continues to warm the heart this season, with overwhelming cuteness and extremely wholesome moments, though I still find it difficult to get over the fact that Latina is called… Latina, I’m having a relaxing time watching this show and I look forwards to watching it weekly, in between other offerings from this season that are slightly more intense. Admittedly, pretty much no real kid is going to be like that. But in fiction, it’s making for a heartwarming and entertaining viewing experience. Also, I’d take it as an alternative form of wish-fulfilment, since I’m isekai’d out at the moment. Though I’ll definitely get back to watching those shows when my batteries have recharged, and for now, Uchi no Ko will top me up for my moe needs this season. Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to talk about. As always, thank you for reading my post and see you next week for some more diabetes-inducing demon girl goodness!


  1. I wonder if FBI is monitoring the comments here… But anyway I will just protecc zat smile and cuteness I am sure FBI will lwt it pass.

    Religion of Latina? Where do I sign up?

  2. It’s not easy, picking up a random little girl
    in the woods and bringing her back home to raise.

    Tell me about it; the most I’ve been able to pick up
    in the woods is poison ivy. 🙂

    Anyway, I like sugar in my coffee in the AM — 2 spoons.
    Too little and it’s belch; to much and you I can’t enjoy the
    coffee from the sweetness. The latter is how this series
    is hitting me. It’s like forced sweetness — I get the
    point; he’s attached to her — father / daughter. It’s over
    the top sweetness that detracts from other things in the story.

    It’s too much.

    My hunch that she could use magic was right also magic use is
    pretty rare (going by the kid’s reaction). But I wonder if
    she doesn’t have family that’s worried and looking for her
    as well. Seems mighty presumptuous to just assume she’s there
    for the taking…

  3. Is this the only fluffy feel good kind of SoL this season? Only others kinda close are the weight lifting girls one or Joshikousei no Mudazukai but that seems like straight comedy. I guess there are a couple others that are more ecchi but not looking for those either. Where are my Yuru Camp, Flying Witch, or Barakamon type of show?

    Not that this isn’t good, It’s just usually there are least 2-3 of that kind of series. Oh well.

  4. As someone who does not normally like slice of life shows, I find this 20 minutes go by way too fast!

    And does anyone notice how small she is next to Kenneth and shes working with mini potatoes that fits her hand and Kennith’s potato is like 100x larger lmao.


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