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To Aru Kagaku no Accelerator – 07

「制限時間(ダウンロード)」 (Daunroodo)

Ahh got to love company earned days off, because a three day weekend means more anime, and on a summer Friday that means finally catching up on this ridiculous season schedule on time. Yes, I might be proud of this accomplishment. At least Accelerator helps paper over Pancakes patented shirking of anime blogging duty (only on occasion) though, because after the cackling carnage of last episode, it’s time for the big boys to finally make their appearance.

While my concerns of Accelerator still finding a way to bite off more than it can chew remain, it’s nice to see the show understanding this risk by properly returning to its central story. From teenage rabbits gone wild to ghosts souls in shells, we’re back with the necromancy focus of this season and its one (or two) main perpetrators. We now know for example our current mad scientist (because every Index scientist is mad to some degree) is after a power up of some kind for new girl Hirumi, and this power up involves gently uploading the slaughter of thousands into a Sister—since you know they obviously haven’t collectively observed that already. Sure, may be the tried and true pseudoscience of Index fame diligently at work yet again, but at least we’re avoiding the usual spiels of justice in its varying absolutist forms this time around. Well, most of them (*looks at DA*). Got to take your victories where you can get them, no matter how small.

Where things will really get interesting however is in how Accelerator will properly mesh its magic hiding in plain sight with the science paradigm flying (literally) all over. It should be clear by now for example our Rosenthal girl isn’t practicing science as the Index-verse knows it, since the copious use of geometric drawings and the implantation of souls in dead bodies is even out the bounds of even the Index-verse’s more, erm, accomplished researchers. Considering Accelerator is destined to occupy both sides of the magic-science fence in the future (spoiler alert), I expect the first signs of that to start appearing before season’s end, because with our little blondie making Academy City’s albino badass into saintly master material, you damn well know it’s going to be a little difficult keeping him separated by the second system making the Index world tick.

There’s a lot at play as we start approaching Accelerator’s endgame, but in the end it’s all going to come down to which bad boy uses his powers best.



August 23, 2019 at 9:02 pm
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