“Stone Road”

I knew there was a good reason why we all pay so much damn money for good food. Also, I love Suika.

General Impressions

Before diving into anything, let me just express my happiness that Suika has finally officially joined the story! As one of the most uniquely designed characters in the story, I was waiting for the moment we would get to see the tiny girl who always wears a watermelon rind as a mask. And boy did the story not disappoint. Besides providing her a fantastic voice actress, I loved how her personality managed to make it past that mask of hers. With a childlike charm of someone who was looking for someone to accept her as she is, it was just fun watching her do her thing.

Moving on to this week’s bigger question that got swept under the rug after Iron and Ramen stole the show — just how in the world do the inhabitants of the village know about things outside their isolated village? From folk lore that was created thousands of years ago to animals that could never appear in Japan, the whole idea of the people in the village knowing about these things seem extremely suspicious. Looking back at Senku’s logic behind it all, it makes you wonder who would go out of their way to rewrite the stories that were told in the past. Stories that provided both entertainment and knowledge.

At the end of the day though, solving mysteries like that pales in comparison to saving Ruri. And in order to save Ruri it looks like Senku and his Nation of Science is going to need a lot more manpower to overcome the first hurdle of creating iron. Luckily it looks like Senku has once again created a trump card using the power of science and its ability to completely envelop the taste buds which in turn leads to a burst of endorphins. Hopefully it’ll be enough for him to persuade some villagers to come help out since I can’t imagine just the four of them being strong enough to generate enough heat to cast iron. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week!

P.S. Please do not post spoilers if you’ve read the source material! There’s a lot of good content coming and I’d love to let anime-only viewers experience it to the fullest. Thanks guys <3




    1. Good call on the wind tunnel. You can also set up a double tube system to the side of the hearth if running water is available and use aspiration to get your air flow. At least make your bellows bigger.

      Senku talks about burning wood which is never going to give you enough heat or carbon to reduce iron. Use charcoal or coke.

      1. A Ventilator, but sturdy build. because if it would be made out of cloth and wood it would break of fatigue even before they reach the needed heat

        Also, i would recommending some gear translation inventing. Like Bicycles had it, but he do not have access to it now. first things comes first. Manpower

  1. Congratulations, Dr. Stone. You actually made me go search for sulfa drugs. When they said antibiotics, I thought penicilin for sure. I thought it was the first antibiotic used. Turns out it was sulfanilamide. Penicilin was discovered first, but used later due to nobody paying much atention to Flemming’s research.
    I checked the chart Senku drew and everything adds up to synthetize this compound. Ammonia, a cyclic carbon compound (aniline), Chlorosulfuric acid. Doesn’t seem like any special reaction conditions are necessary, so yeah, looks like it can be done in a stone world.
    Of course, call we still call it stone world once they produce iron?

      1. imagine some Studio Ghibli Movie, with nearly the same Island setting here. What they do to get resources and such. here Dr. Stone still lacks on it (manpower and tools or “mass production”)

        p.s. i am talking about Princess Mononoke

  2. While i am at it:

    Do you know, that you need charcoal for an natural Water filter?

    and here we go and dig it out of the earth to burn it for energy. So how do the groundwater works now without it? The Rain fallen from the sky, is it 100% pure? Do we still need to Filter it? Then why we go there and betray Nature of this important critical charcoal? or even steal Sand on Riverbanks

    in the end. We can not eat our Money

    1. Don’t confuse coal, the mineral mined from the ground, with charcoal which is made by heating wood in the absence of oxygen. While activated charcoal is used in manmade water filters, neither of these substances has anything to do with natural water purification.

      While nothing in nature is 100% pure, in the absence of extraordinary pollution rain water can be consumed without filtration. Basically water is as pure as it’s going to get when it’s falling as rain and afterwards collects contaminants from the ground.

      The sand that they are gathering is iron sand composed mainly of magnetite, Fe3O4. There is no damage to the environment from harvesting it for iron production.


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