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「ルナール (狐人)」 (Kitsunejin (Runaaru))
“Fox Person (Renard)”

That’s just so sad. Haruhime was a kind young girl who had so much empathy, being mindful enough to share her food with the poor and starving. It’s no wonder Mikoto and her friends love this girl so much, and sought to give her a happy life. Then to discover after years out of contact, she had been deceived and forced to work as a prostitute must be a massive punch to the gut. And to be unable to do anything… it’s horrible to feel powerless. Yet that’s the predicament our protagonists find themselves in. As much as they’d like to help out, they risk inciting another war with a stronger familia in Ishtar, which would put Hestia in a really bad spot. So they go about it the legal way, seeking to earn money to set this girl free, and putting the familia debt secondary.

But I’m getting an ominous vibe. The existence of the killing stone must be tied to Haruhime being a renard, given how Hermes reacted. While a regular low tier member of a familia might only cost 2-3 million valis, I get the impression that Haruhime is partially indispensable to Ishtar’s plans and definitely can’t be going for that price. But opportunities might come in ways they don’t expect. Ishtar’s trying to be sneaky in illegally whisking away Bell to get one over Freya. Kidnapping an adventurer in the dungeons seems like a massive no go. I think Ishtar’s being greedy and overlooking the risks, because what she’s doing is illegal which means if she’s exposed, she has an insane amount to lose since it would give Orario’s guild and other familia a cassus belli to move against her. Especially because they’ve been trying a reason to justify such an action for years, as Aina reveals to Bell. Secondly, if she plans on making Bell her boy toy to make Freya distressed, he still has that status which prevents him from being charmed by anyone because of his undying love for Ais. Her recklessness has me thinking that Hermes might have intentionally slipped the information for reasons. My first guess would be that he’s just a troll who wants some high value entertainment, so he decided to help stir the pot. My second guess would be that he’s provoking Ishtar into making a mistake on Freya’s behalf, because she’s an extremely cunning goddess and I could see her playing brutal politics akin to Game of Thrones. I’m excited to see how this turns out. While Bell is only Level 3, meaning that I wouldn’t be confident in the Hestia familia’s ability to go toe to toe with Ishtar’s familia in a head on fight, context in the way of politics and laws give Bell & Co what I consider an edge in this upcoming confrontation. Though big yikes if anyone becomes a victim to Phryne. Yeah… that kind of outcome would give me nightmares for weeks to come. Anyways, that’s everything I wanted to discuss! As always, thanks for reading my post and see you next week for more on the escalating conflict between the familias of Hestia and Isthar!

Note: I’ve recently found that the mobile game releases fun little sub stories for each of the anime episodes. You can find the latest one here!

August 26, 2019 at 4:22 am
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