“War Prostitutes (Berbera)”

「戦闘娼婦 (バーベラ)」 (Sentou Shoufu (Baabera))

Bell comes to a resolution in following through with Mikoto’s wishes. After venting his frustration, then seeing that pale glow of energy in his fist (Argonaut time?!?), he gains the belief to forge ahead and persist in rescuing Haruhime against all the odds. Their plan is for Bell to stir up a ruckus by randomly attacking and destroying things, drawing attention away for Mikoto to sneak in and whisk away Haruhime. Well, it wasn’t perfect by any means. Hestia’s sixth sense was really onto something, since Bell ended up in severe danger of losing his chastity to Ishtar, if not for Liaris Freese bailing him out. It also turned out that Mikoto never had the strength required to take out the people guarding Haruhime at the Hanging Gardens.

With how impressive she can be, it’s hard to remember that Mikoto is only Level 2. It was quite the reality check when she got absolutely pasted by the Level 3 fighter. But her resolve shines through, when she pulled a Chiaotzu by self-destructing to wipe out enemies, so that Bell could have the opportunity to save Haruhime. This proved to be absolutely critical. At first, I was extremely confused that Phryne didn’t kill Haruhime herself with the Killing Stone Sword. She’s Level 5 and definitely had a much higher chance to outmuscle Bell and succeed, compared to any other Amazoness at the scene. My initial theory was that though her speed is impressive, her power mainly comes from her physical strength. Hence the possibility she left the job to a lower level but speedier member of the familia. Some actual context is that since Aisha destroyed the previous Killing Stone (something we saw in a previous episode, which resulted in her being beaten within an inch of her life then charmed), Phryne did not trust her and decided to keep a close watch. This proved to be vital. In a foot to foot race against a mook wielding the Killing Stone, Bell just about edges her out. Every second really counted there, and through combined effort with a dollop of luck, they were really able to save Haruhime. Provided Ishtar doesn’t have another Killing Stone hidden up her sleeve to use, the relevant authorities are going to follow through against her familia with affirmative action.

With the combined forces of Hestia and Takemikazuchi forcing their way through the entrance, I’m expecting them to show up and partake in the fun and chaos next episode. Freya’s also mobilised her forces, so I think it’s pretty much game over for Ishtar and her familia. That said, I reckon that things are yet to be wrapped up. Until these assisting forces arrive onto the scene, anything could happen. For those of us who haven’t read the source material, I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what happens and speculate in the meantime. Given that the next episode is titled ‘Argonaut’, I’m extremely excited about what is potentially going to come, especially if it comes anywhere near to the iconic Minotaur fight from the end of season one. Mikoto might really die since she fell off the tower. An angry Phryne could go berserk and try to kill any one of Bell or Haruhime. But a mix of Argonaut and Level Boost is one heck of a wild card that can be enough to overcome the level difference. Seeing them fight for their lives until help arrives would make for an entertaining watch. I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading my post and see you next week, because the Argonaut is guaranteed to appear.


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    Are they the same stones, it that something you can just mail order repeatedly?
    Like to know if the author had based this on an actual written language. Anyway, can Bell impregnate a Goddess, was wondering if that was possible from the start

    As for that Amazon toad, Bell REALLY needs to kill her. Seriously. He will save many men by throwing a firebolt into her mouth

  2. As for that Amazon toad, Bell REALLY needs to kill her. Seriously. He will save many men by throwing a firebolt into her mouth

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