「新天地でやり直しって言ったよね!」 (Shintenchi de Yarinaoshitte Ittayone!)
“You Said I’d Get to Start Over in a New World!”

And here I thought I wouldn’t be able to stomach another isekai. Luckily, Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne managed to scratch all the right itches and made me cognizant of some that I never knew about.

General Impressions

I’m not sure if I’m just weird, but I really enjoy it when we have shows where the protagonist is able to exploit some kind of insane mechanic in-order to essentially prove their dominance. In essence, the base idea of an isekai is something that really tickles my pickle. However, what’s important here isn’t the fact that the protagonist has something they can exploit but how they utilize that mechanic. Unlike some shows (I’m looking at you Isekai Cheat Magician even though I watched all of you) where the character comes in guns blazing, I really appreciate it when the protagonist has some kind of logical limit imposed on them. Because outside of providing some sense of internal conflict, there’s something magical knowing that the main character probably has something deep in their back pocket that can help them just in the nick of time.

So, when it comes to a show that can scratch that itch, I was really surprised just how well Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne did it. You have Mile who wants to be an average girl with the most average of abilities but instead ended up being pretty damn monstrous except you can get on-board with things because of her personality. Toss in just how self aware she is about the whole thing and you have this interesting premise that creates a rather interesting expositional loop for the story to use.

At this point you could say all isekais are just a dime a dozen with how many are getting pumped out. And I would almost agree with you except time and time again I’ve found that there are some isekais that change the formula up just enough to make them worth watching through their entirety. So, if you’re looking for a fun show to pick up that has fun characters, pretty well-drawn designs, and an adorable protagonist, I’d definitely recommend this one.


ED Sequence

ED: 「ゲンザイ↑バンザイ↑」 (Genzai↑Banzai↑) by マイル(CV: 和氣あず未)


  1. As already described in episode 1, it seems that God’s definition of “average” is more like “median” in statistical terms.

    With regards to her social class status…
    Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I got the impression that the being she called God (he only said that she could call him that if she wanted to) deliberately misinterpreted her wish because he hoped to jump start that world again. He referred to it as a failed world. Show Spoiler ▼

        Also, she was given the chance to reincarnate with her memories because the little girl she saved Show Spoiler ▼

  2. RenaSayers
  3. The series, no matter what happens next, had me solidly at

    “There’s no mistaking it! You’re tsundere!”

    I dummo how serious this will get as far as people dying (that sword
    play with Sir Knight was pretty realistic), or if it’s just gonna be
    “Slice of School Life” but the animation and voice acting is a pleasure
    to watch and this made my list after its first episode.

    Now she’s undercover for some reason, so let’s see if there’s a dark
    thread in this comedy-plot…

  4. Anime & manga version skip an LN/WN arc establishing Adele’s early life before she became Mile and met her adventurer friends.

    Show Spoiler ▼


    The nanomachine mascot’s form here is apparently anime-original.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    The little girl Misato saved Show Spoiler ▼

  5. you could say all isekais are just a dime a dozen with how many are getting pumped out.

    Note this largely applies to isekais written on open novel-writing website Syosetsuka ni Narou.
    Narou is like The Cradle Of Life/Habitat for the current isekai genre.

    The problem is the bandwagon effect – everyone wants a piece of novelist fame, and the threshold for writing your own Narou novel is very low. As a reflective essay put it, “you get both the wheat and the chaff…most users are used to the chaff, they don’t mind it. Not many people on this site take (their output) seriously.”

    Some strive for quality writing, but most write for fun, to destress, or make quick money. Most focus on getting popular ratings to attract a publisher’s attention and get that book deal. Hopefully you can sustain yourself with producing more works, and you have a writing career.

  6. 12 Minutes into the Episode and it is Approved from me. The kindness and cuteness cached me. As if say in a warm summer like breeze, “Welcome back, konsenzin-sama! (Master)”

    Well, the backgrounds have a “Water painting style texture” and i do not mind at all. They fulfill their purpose

      1. Oh yes…
        This Seiyuu receive extra points from me. Her voice play was very funny and i laugh tears 🙂
        Thank you

        Well, to enjoy all the “hidden jokes” you should know some cliches of animes. But with this all aside you will feel like coming home

        Cute girls doing cute things in a fantasy world

      2. I really want to find out who the seiyuu was for this character is.
        Have researched for hours and she isn’t credited anywhere..

        Can someone help me find the voice actor for Arledy-sama?

  7. An anime original first episode that, in my opinion, wasn’t really written that well, but at least it managed to get the basic idea across. Cute girls do cute fantasy adventuring things while failing miserably at being average.

    1. I was thinking that they could have made a very good introductory episode with mostly material from the manga and not gone with 90% plus anime original material. No villain in the manga or the novel was anywhere near as stupid as the one in this episode. I didn’t care for the mascot character they came up with either. She talked to the nano machines, but as far as I remember she didn’t see them.

      1. I would give them a pass on the nanomachines. Strictly speaking you don’t need to see them but in a visual medium it makes more sense, and the nanos themselves said they could allow others to see and hear them if mile said so back when she first talked to them.

  8. I try to explain this kind of Animes with an AMV that i found while searing for it…

    What is this Secret of this kind of Animes? What “emotion” it creates?

    Well, first here the AMV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rINrDjNiZbU

    Now, did you recognize all of the Animes that was used in this AMV?


    Now, the other way around. What did you recognize in this Anime so far? What “memes” or cliches did you found out from your own Past?

    See, ca you already see it, the light that both emit? It is the same Warm Sun, right?

    Welcome in your own wonderful memories and their binding within yourself

    p.s. Episode 02 is out, but i read here and there already some comments and think i want to explain this to you

    (Sorry for that or Thank you very much!)


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