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「幾千年物語」 (Ikusennen monogatari)
“A Tale for the Ages”

I can feel it — We’re about to experience something insane on this wild emotional rollercoaster.

General Impressions

Wow, it took sixteen (technically fifteen) episodes for the show to finally tell us Senku’s full name and boy who would have thought that it’d be one of the biggest reveals to date? That and who would have thought that Senku as a kid was actually super cute?

Jumping into the actual flashback, it must be wild for Senku to hear someone tell him his past even though it’s been thousands of years since it happened. From his perspective it all happened less than ten years ago but through the miracle of human ingenuity, an entire civilization (or rather their priestess’s) have known about the kid who would one day appear. That and when you consider the various things that had to happen for all of that to become reality, Byakuya must have had some serious faith that Senku would one day be able to overcome the petrification — enough faith that he would go and provide something for his beloved son hundreds if not thousands of years down the line.

That said, this first part of the flashback focused on the moments right before the mysterious green light wiped out the world and a really interesting point has to be that the six members on the ISS were safe from the effects. Looking back on the episode, I feel like that this has to be a huge point to remember for the future since it means that whatever caused the petrification has a maximum effective range. While it may not matter now since the damage has already been done, I can’t help but think that this has to be an important point for the future.

All in all, what a fantastic episode that gave a bit more depth and understanding to all the things that have lead to where things are currently. Honestly, who would have expected that a group of astronauts would be the ones who somehow managed to jumpstart civilization back on the earth? Man, I can’t wait for next week to give us more details on how it all went down and how they all managed to do it. In any case, I’ll catch you guys next week where I hope all of these new questions will get an appropriate answer. See you then!



October 20, 2019 at 11:23 pm
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