「本気」 (Honki)

I honestly don’t know which is more impressive, Corona-chan single handily crashing the global economy (with some help from timely Russo-Saudi oil price war shenanigans), or Plunderer now throwing caution to the wind and going full shounen. Well that’s a lie, because with obscene powerups and split personalities now a thing, little Corona sure has some work to do to catch up to these numbers.

Following in the vein of info drops and reveals this week was pretty much explaining just what Licht’s hidden power actually is and how strong it can be. And oh boy, it certainly is strong. While pure Count increase was more or less a given considering how Plunderer has structured its main mechanic (the shounen gene is a dominant gene), doubling it at minimum and triggering it externally with induced split personality as a side effect? Well that’s different, and in a good way. Besides explaining why we haven’t seen Licht go Super Saiyan just yet, this power up method hints towards the big upcoming battles being a test of reservation, with the victor (in the good guy books) being the one who damages the least of the surrounding environment and its denizens. Our pervert extraordinaire has to eliminate a big baddie? Best hope Hina or Lynn have their feminine charm maxed out, because a failure of seduction might lead to significant collateral damage.

The real fun as always though will be in how things advance from here, and once again there’s plenty of hints to be had. It’s a good bet Sonohara will soon be joining the crew for example, as rapid personality switch to good natured cutie pie guarantees a spot on the Licht competition bandwagon (kouhai status is an immediate leg up didn’t ya know?), while Jail is back and stronger than before because obviously gut shots are a tried and true method for overall bodily health. Seriously, is the guy’s Count actually 45000? I have my doubts given we saw his 12500 decrease to 12499 previously (unless we’re dealing with Jail holding a Ballot), but it would explain how Jail can keep up with Licht and match him at times. In either case I expect some major explanations relatively soon considering the big baddie and his accompanying objectives are set for their grand entry.

Hold onto those horses boys and girls, because barring some virus delay shenanigans and complementary downtime things are about to get a little wild.

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    1. The power levels make perfect sense when you realize the number reflect the power in different ways. Two people, one with 10.000 the other with 500. The first one can give the second one an order and the 2nd must obey, because of the numbers. But the 1st guy has 10.000 points in baking while the 2nd has 500 points in murdering. The 2nd one will kill the 1st one in any kind of fight. When the 1st guy gives the 2nd guy an order and the 2nd guy refuses, they can fight. But the 2nd one will always win because his numbers are about battle. Also, a ballot just amplifies your power.
      There is a reason why the 10.000 ballots are so important when though there are people with 100.000 or more points. They serve a different purpose.
      If you get on Suu’s wild ride you will never get off.

        1. They WERE the Non-Killing army when they were founded. But things went wrong. Very wrong. Basically every kind of wrong possible.

          Trust me, it does make sense. As many twists and turns as the story will have, it does make sense. Ask me anything.

        2. Licht absolutely hates killing. Even in his crazed state he is somewhat able to resist the urge. Especially since said urge is not his own entirely. He’s not in a berserk state, it’s more like a trance where he identifies anyone as a potential enemy. It’s different then what Sonohara had where she saw EVERYTHING as an enemy.

          1. ehm ehm then again how does it make sense when he just turned 10 people in to bloody mist, leaving only the one that did most killings of innocents alive. Did she at least lose the “bet” because there were no cool hands taking anything from anyone like in early episodes when “ace” fought the smug commander or whatever.

          2. He hates killing but he will do it. The people he turned to mist were brandishing weapons and threatening others. Hina, Lyne and Pelle were unarmed thus not classified as enemies. That is why he kept asking. Even in his crazed state he does not kill at random.
            The hands only come when a star bout is agreed upon and the battle is over. Technically the battle was never over.

  1. just went and red the manga. Overall a nice trainwreck , but the author should stop trying to end EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER in a cliffhunger, usually quickly resolved. Nana best girl

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    1. If you look at episode 18, (https://randomc.net/2020/05/13/plunderer-18/) the latest one so far, it explains everything although there wasn’t any info about the 7TH ACE.

      But it will all makes sense for those who didn’t read the source material though I sometimes wonder if Geek Toys intentionally change some scenes for budget cut. After all, I won’t be surprised if there’s a studio change for next season’s renewal which I hope it happens because that’s when things go messy good unless you might wanna avoid watching to save your brain energy in figuring WTF is going on like you did on that Riverdale show. Yes…PLDR somehow has way better plot twists than that bonkers show.

  3. I no longer understand what’s going on in this Anime, the story isn’t smooth with all the plot holes. (possibly due to a lot of cut content from the Manga)

    I will just watch Plunderer just to see Nana, that is all.


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