OP Sequence

OP: 「恐竜あげみざわ☆」 (Kyouryuu Agemizawa) by 恐竜フレンズ

「#1-1 はじめまして! / #1-2 猫がいたよ」 (#1-1 Hajimemashite! / #1-2 Neko ga Itayo)
“#1-1 Nice To Meet You! / #1-2 There was a Cat”

I legitimately can’t figure out what words I want to use to describe Gal to Kyouryuu.

Gal to Kyouryuu is such a wild show that I’m still not sure what I just watched. So, instead of trying to go over the episode itself, I think I’ll just highlight some of things I felt while watching the episode. Not necessarily because this is a better approach, but I’m not really sure how else to tackle this show.

Similar in style to the little of what I watched of Pop Team Epic, Gal to Kyouryuu is broken up into various skits that will wildly jump around in terms of animation style. From simple 2d, drawn animation to full blown 3d, there’s no saying what you’ll get while watching an episode. That said, I think there’s a lot to be desired when the show decides to jump away from its basic 2d style. Luckily, a majority of the show isn’t in 3d.

Now, the part you’re probably the most curious about — what the heck is this real life part where there’s an old man instead of Kaede? An actor named Mieharu takes over and essentially recreates everything that we saw earlier in the episode (with a little extra tacked on at the end). It’s not particularly great, but I can appreciate the attempt at humor using some forced comparing and contrasting with the earlier part of the episode still in your short-term memory. Besides that though, I think the real life skit loses a lot of the charm that Kyouryuu has with his expressions being stuck until the camera cuts away.

Overall, I’m not quite sure what to say about this one. I was expecting a show that might feel like it’s coming straight out of left field, but something about the latter half of the episode just didn’t rub me the right way. Had the show been actually just Kaede-chan and Kyouryuu the entire time, I feel like I personally would have enjoyed it more but I don’t know how you could make a full-length episode out of that. That said, it’s not like I hated the episode and I think I still have enough interest to see how episode two plays out.

PLEASE, let me know what you thought in the comments. If I’m missing something big, please let me know what it is because I’m still lost even after watching the episode a second time haha.


ED Sequence

ED: 「Peaceful Days」by 高橋竜子


  1. I just kinda rolled with it until then end with the stomach ache and the other “real”
    character saying he failed. And BTW, does the Dino toilet?

    So the neighbor isn’t surprised by the blue creature in the apartment considering
    it (according to the dialogue) wasn’t there yesterday…

    For me, I’ma just going to follow the series for the Dino eyes and count how many
    different ones they’ll come up with! Also, looks like there will be other fantasy
    characters so it’ll be fun to see the weird direction this leads!

  2. What do you think is the result of the unholy union of “Foster’s home for imaginary friends”, cookie monster, Gal culture, and dinosaurs?

    This show.

    It’s like someone took everything that was awesome about Pop Team Epic and then injected the remainder into one of their eyes while injecting PCP into the other.

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