「ほんの僅かな酷い代償」 (Honno Wazuka na Hidoi Daishou)
“The Slightest Terrible Cost”

Geeze Engage Kiss, already hitting the gas huh? To be honest I wasn’t expecting to get most of the answers to this series’ outstanding conundrums barely three weeks into the festivities, but I’ll certainly take the clarity and indication of where things are heading. After all should be readily apparent from the reveals this week of some serious tradeoffs coming down the line, with the only question being the circumstances of the deal. Given we’re also in sci-fi harem land, best be sure such deals will be, shall we say, very interesting.

Considering the story Engage Kiss is gunning for arguably the least surprising info drop here is that Shuu has a volatile relationship with the enemy. Having literally demonic creatures kill off your family tends on doing that to people, and given the indication that Shuu’s sister is alive somewhere (the corruption bit is enough of a hint for that) no real shocker the kid wound up contracting another demon in Kisara to help him with his revenge.

The major unknown of this of course is just what exactly Kisara is after. A contract is a two-way affair after all; Shuu is giving up his memories to power up Kisara, but there’s nothing which says Kisara specifically needs Shuu for this purpose. My personal bet is to do with love: Kisara is almost obsessive with her claiming of territory, gets some hilarious pleasure at rubbing it into Ayano, and yet clearly regrets what she’s doing to Shuu’s very real past. Kisara likely wants what Ayano once had, if only a caricature of it, but not enough to fully believe the fantasy stands a chance of becoming reality. Still enough in of itself though to ensure that hard decisions await both parties once Shuu inevitably tracks down the demon he’s after, because nothing says pathos like forcing a choice on who lives and dies.

Part in parcel of the guaranteed hardships coming is in the other female half with Ayano. Much as mentioned back at the start she was Shuu’s girlfriend previously, with their breakup almost certainly down to Shuu’s contract with Kisara and plans for revenge. Given the memories Shuu is sacrificing the guy likely wanted to avoid weighing down Ayano with such permanent forgetfulness and therefore chose (in his mind) the least painful option. Given Ayano’s simmering attachment though this did anything but, ensuring that she will inevitably become an unwitting participant in Shuu’s mission thanks to him always winding up bringing her mother’s company into the fight (as so succinctly indicated here). Make no mistake, this doesn’t mean Ayano will become a victim, but rest assured Shuu will have to choose between her and Kisara in the heat of the moment at some point, a choice which could easily involve the death of one.

Who also wants to bet Shuu’s sister as literal demon will be the one presiding over the decision? I for one am very interested finding out where this path leads.




    1. That’s one series I didn’t think of as immediate comparison, but looking back it definitely follows in the same footsteps. Hopefully this doesn’t rush as much as Black Bullet’s adaptation did though 😛

  1. Animation quality is down, which I guess is what you’d expect after the first couple of episodes as they try to save enough budget to keep the action scenes looking reasonable. Some of those cuts in the cold open, though, it looks like they drafted in the local kindergarten to help out. And Kanna, little sister, that was a low blow too 🙂

    Still, I guess it just about makes the cut after the obligatory 3 episodes.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out Kisara is in Shu’s sister’s body.

      I’m still hoping for a happily ever after ending. Contract machinations don’t mean the show had to end badly, and I like this show and these characters more than enough to welcome a deus ex machina ending that allows them all to get that happily ever after ending.

      1. I’m hoping something like that isn’t the case with Kisara, having her fully separate makes for some more interesting choices IMO. I do, however, expect a deux ex machina ending; I might go on about hard decisions here but that’s only in the context of setting up the plot to give us the happy moments later on!

  2. colour me interested
    besides the political machinations side, there is some real drama now to offset the comedic antics coutesy of our romantic trio
    and then there is some greater evil lurking about, corrupting people towards demonic possession

  3. > Considering the story Engage Kiss is gunning for
    > arguably the least surprising info drop here is that > Shuu has a volatile relationship with the enemy.

    Shuu seeing his family killed by a demonic creature is tragic. While what Shuu sacrifices as payment to gain the power needed from Kisara to bring down these mutations would be considered volatile. Think about it, what if Shuu sacrifices his memory of what a firearm is and unintentionally shoots himself in the face?

    More on Kisara’s volatile relationship with Shuu, early in the episode, Kisara stuck a cutout photo of her in Shuu’s family pic. Kisara is HELL bent on keeping Shuu, but why did Kisara need to bring up Ayano’s dress and how it’s what she wore on Shuu’s first date with Ayano? Ayano is a third wheel, a competitor, a potential distraction between Shuu & Kisara.

    1. Don’t think we have to worry about Shuu sacrificing those sorts of memories, it appears he has control over what he gives up and I seriously doubt Kisara would even agree to accept such ones considering their use. Much more likely is Shuu agreeing to give up memories of who he is or who his family is, particularly if presented a situation where such sacrifice could save one of them.

  4. What exactly did Shuu use as a bullet? Looks way too big to be his tooth. Have to wonder if they just kissed or did Kisara also supply the bullet instead of just draining his memories.

    Also noticed that Kisara looks suspiciously like Shuu’s mum in the photo. Not sure that trying to look like someone’s mum is a good way to appeal to them.

    1. That I honestly don’t know, personal guess is a demon’s claw or horn since it fits with the power Shuu is utilizing. Very likely Kisara supplied/materialized it given she’s effectively Shuu’s source of power.

      Also lol now all I can think of is this turning into some twisted reverse-Oedipus scenario. Now that would be tragic(ally hilarious) to see.

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