OP Sequence

OP: 「WITH」 by (Minami Kuribayashi)

「魔王、笹塚に叫ぶ」 (Maō, Sasazuka ni Sakebu)
“The Devil Screams in Sasazuka”

New season, new studio (Studio 3 Hz) but the same old antics between our characters. Bickering is as usual between the sparring pairs of Ashiya (Ono Yuuki) and Hanzou (Shimono Hiro), and Maou (Oosaka Ryouta) and Emi (Hikasa Youko). Though they are heroes and demons come to conquer (or protect) the human world, their squabbles are hilariously mundane-Ashiya and Hanzou fighting over food rage and the outdated washing machine. The wrath over the unreplenished barley tea was justifiable, in my opinion. I’ve been through that many times with my siblings while growing up (and sometimes was the one responsible for someone else’s food rage). There’s nothing worse than not having your cold beverage immediately handy on a roasting hot day (and the few hours it takes to brew barley tea is not a convenient wait time).

Coming from Enta island, the characters’ perspectives on what’s normal is obviously going to be way off-funnily so. Case in point-Suzuno (Itou Kanae) thinking that $300 for a bicycle is no skin off her nose. Finances are a big deal for Maou and his roommates while they learn the struggles of balancing a budget on a small paycheck-made that much more difficult by a spend-happy NEET and general lack of real-world common sense. Watching Emi stop by their hovel to gloat over her luxurious A/C was hilarious-I guess heroes do win out in the end.

Ashiya is so damn intense. Relax dude-working part time will not endanger the spotless cleaning of a 1 room apartment. He cheaps out on everything and then vehemently insists that it’s the best option. Speaking as someone who likes to economize (but not to the point of buying a semi-automatic washer-didn’t even know such a thing existed), I can jive with convincing yourself that cheap is best. Which sometimes it is-though not in the case of an antique washer.

Finances aren’t the only battleground they must fight on in 21st century Japan. Combat-experienced devils tremble at the sight (and touch) of a cockroach. Who knew something so small could be more fearsome than the creatures and heroes of Enta Island. It was a nice touch to use the Latin names-I was wondering what those names were-definitely sounds more devilish than just plain old cockroach (or gokiburi).

The mysterious child channels some Momotarou or Kaguya-hima vibes there, a child popping out of plant life. I can definitely see a nod to Kaguya-hime with a moon appearing on her forehead. This looks to be an interesting story-how in the hell (quite literally lol) did a child came from Maou and Emi without their knowing it (soul-crushing news for the infatuated Chiho). She could be a child from the future (although she doesn’t look like either of them). I have a feeling it is more like a misunderstanding and she’s not literally their child. The most likely culprit seems to be that tree in Maou’s Castle that had a mysterious magic light popping off of it, which would explain the apple part of it. I’m planning on tuning in next week for more devilish antics and I hope you will too, especially if you enjoy comedy and/or are a fan of the 1st season!

ED Sequence

ED: 「水鏡の世界」 (Suikyou no Sekai) by (Marina Horiuchi)


  1. Okay, let’s not mince words. This was terrible. In multiple aspects. And I’m saying this as a huge fan of the show, who has rewatched S1 at least 10 times, and who knows the LN and manga intimately. I am seriously shocked.

    1) The artstyle is horrible. We have a strange mishmash of uber-cutesy eyes-open-so-wide-that-they-would-pop-out-of-their-sockets for the girls, mixed with pseudo-SD-parts (especially at the mouth) when the guys yell and scream. It turns the characters into kids, and it feels like the target audience has been reduced to toddlers, too.

    2) Horrible scriptwriting. Showing 3 minutes of Ashiya chewing out Lucifer is not funny, it is annoying and really grating on my nerves. Was this supposed to be funny? Or were the 3 minutes wasted on a cockroach supposed to be funny? Why the f*ck should we care about fully or semi-automatic washing machines? I was groaning, not laughing.

    What makes things extra painful is that the appearance of Alas Ramus is one of the absolute highlights of the source material. This is when the story really kicks off, and I am completely convinced that the old animation team would have turned into something special – but this was COMPLETELY botched. I can recall chuckling about exactly one scene: Chiho phasing out over Maou’s hug.

    3) The voices. What has happened with the funny and lively banter? I don’t want to blame the VAs, because they are forced to voice what the scriptwriter f*cked up, but I really need to get used to them, as well.

    What a terrible, terrible disappointment, with an incompetent studio butchering one of my favorite shows. I might not even follow this if things don’t get better in the next 1-2 episodes, and simply deny its existence.

    Never would have thought this possible.

    1. Especially when they skipped actually funny scene like bel wanting to make an actual full fledged bon fire for obon. they started the scene at mao doing it but skipped the begining.
      i mean if you are gona waste time to end the episode on alas ramus revealation, why skip actual content and replace it with crappy one ?

    2. It’s unfortunate they had to change studios for the second season-it shows in the carry through of the premiere. I still enjoyed the premiere somewhat, perhaps in part because I’m not familiar with the LN and don’t remember in perfect detail the first season.

      Princess Usagi
  2. Supposedly they tried to make art style same as novel, but I personally closed it within 4 minutes and deleted the episode. For me there is no Hataraku Maou Sama S2 if it’s going to be like this.

    1. That’s interesting, if they tried making the art style the same as the novel. I haven’t read the LN, but am now curious to look at the artwork for comparison.

      Princess Usagi
  3. Cool I been waiting to post here about how great it was but Mentar totally ruined my motivation to for reasons I 100% do not agree with and do not understand. THat’s okay. It’s not like i waited almost a decade for this. Nope.

    1. I’m not sure why the studio changed for season 2. Since there was a long interval between S1 and S2, it would make sense if the original studio was busy and unable to do it.

      Princess Usagi
  4. Quick FYI that Hataraku’s author is now writing a new LN series, Dracula Yakin/Late-Night Shift Dracula. Currently 5 volumes are out. https://dengekibunko.jp/product/dorayaki/322106001056.html

    It’s an urban fantasy series about a vampire who works the titular late-night shift at a Tokyo convenience store, and the androphobic lady exorcist from Europe who ends up crossing paths with him.

    There’s also a manga adaptation of this too, but unfortunately it only covers LN Vol 1; likely meant as a short promo for the novels.

  5. Sorry, another ‘S1 was better than this’ comment.
    Almost can’t watch this.
    Will wait for a cool action scene to make a judgement – it better happen within the next 4 episodes.


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