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OP: 「」 (WE WILL) by (Leilla)

「ようこそLiella!へ!」 (Yōkoso Riera! e!)
“Welcome to Liella!!”

At this point, Superstar is very much both a guilty pleasure and a feel-good series for me, full of emotional and heartwarming moments that are poignant and never feel forced. Kanon is simply way too good for her own good, but at the same, she has gone through some stuff that has molded her and made her the person she is today.

With that being said, I can confidently say that I’d very much like to cover Superstar vs Yurei Deco the former coming from a studio that demands high quality such as Science Saru, with series that have garnered my heart and attention, all the same, Heike Monogatari and Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na were both exceptional and the animation and sound design were top-notch, meanwhile, Yurei Deco is just missing that je-ne-se-qua, that Science Saru has garnered from, creating a flashy presentation with style and overflowing storytelling that is heart-rending all the same.

Maybe I was just expecting flashy visuals with exceptional storytelling, while the story is undoubtedly there for Yurei Deco, the visuals are just not.

There’s nothing else to say.

Second, apologies for the late coverage of this premiere, NHK E is weird and I completely but missed or forgot that Superstar S2 existed. Anyway, enough said, coverage is here!

Superstar S2 episode 01, sees the introduction of a new character in the form of kohai’s joining the high school Kanon and company go to. All of Leilla being second years now, they take the role of senpais, Kinako Sakurakouji (Suzuhara, Nozomi) makes her debut against the hot Tokyo landscape, if memory serves right she’s from the countryside outside Hokkaido, and is not used to this kind of weather. After some walking, she makes her way to the school where she meets up with the whole cast of Leilla, I’m glad everyone is back with their same old personalities. It seems Keke got some type of extension on going back to Hong Kong. But is not willing to disclose the deets just yet!

Finally, Kinako bursts into their practice and gets bombarded with some of that Leilla power, but soon after they realize she’s not actually there to apply to the school idol club. Bummer! But will Kanon and Co be able to convince her to change her heart and make her way to the stage of Love Live? What kind of turmoil will Kinako have to go through to become the center that can fill in Kanon’s shoes!?

The OP comes on and guess what?! Leilla is going to become much bigger! Dam you OP for always spoiling what’s going to be great about the season! With different color uniforms and everything Leilla is one hell of a group, more girls mean more stories and they could even apply some type of style like Nijigasaki where the girls split into subgroups, you never know!

The rest of the episode was pretty tame, typical for a S2 return, but filled with slice-of-life moments, Leilla has run into a problem because they set the bar so high for themselves, new students think twice about joining because of the fear that they might not be able to keep up with their practices

There were more characters introduced during this episode, but I’ll talk more in-depth about them as they become prominent throughout the season. The red hair stalker girl, the science girl, and the live streamer all make an appearance.

Other than that, I’m excited Love Live Superstar is back for a second season, and we even got a new song this episode! Can’t wait for more Superstar to make its way across the Galaxy and into my retinas!

Let’s Go!

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  1. It’s great to have more funny faces and over-the-top reactions! This was the premiere I’ve been waiting for and it didn’t disappoint.

    The school “friend-zoned” Lleila because they’re “too good for them”.

    Sumire commutes from Waikiki. Very nice. Lol. I want to see more backgrounds.

    1. This series is very beautiful for sure and I personally am in love every time they perform, it’s like I’m living vicariously through them lol.

      Oh yeah, that was really funny, add one more struggle to their career, now they are “too good” ahaha XD

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