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OP: 「刹那の誓い」 (Setsuna no Chikai) by (Neko Hacker feat. Akari Kitou)

「All because of you」

Ah yes, time for my favorite anime married couple, the Yuzakis! Today’s slice of life pie did not disappoint. First off, they take a trip to the movies after Tsukasa’s post- Sharknado boredom. Let’s face it, Nasa’s not there to watch the movie-he’s there to watch his wife. Her reactions are incredibly adorable.

What comes next was even better. Upon casually suggesting that they hold a wedding in the next week, it becomes obvious that Nasa (Enoki Junya) has no clue whatsoever about the money hole otherwise known as a wedding. Tsukasa then asks him to act out “how do you arrange a wedding ceremony”-with a sponge phone-simply hilarious.

Tsukasa (Kitou Akari) and Kaname are right though, weddings are not something you can have on a whim-it takes a lot of time and money-upwards of $3000. Nasa’s reaction that a wedding must be a year long excursion because of the cost was hilarious. To be fair though, you don’t have to have your wedding at Disneyland-there are ways to do it on the cheap. I’ve been to weddings that were potluck instead of expensive catering and other ones that dispensed with bridal parties and pricey banquet halls altogether.

Chitose and Charlotte wanting Tsukasa to have a wedding so grandmother can see her in a wedding dress-bad idea. (Also, why are they practice sparring?) It becomes the family’s wedding, not the couple’s wedding-I’ve seen it happen in weddings before. I’ve heard people say that weddings are for the family and not for the couple, but I personally think that’s ridiculous-they’ve (presumably) already had their weddings, let the couple have their own (if they even want one).

I mean, to be fair, if it’s all about the dress (which is about the only draw for having a wedding, IMHO), Tsukasa could just wear one without needing a ceremony, reception, and all that jazz. There’s no rule out there saying she can’t do that. It’s not fair of friends to push them to hold a wedding if they’re not prepared financially for that (and if, like in Tsukasa’s case, don’t want to put time and energy into it). And if the friends are serious about making the couple have a wedding, those friends had better be ready to help them out with all the planning and preparing. Not to mention that Tsukasa and Nasa are already married-it’s not like they need a ceremony and all that to begin with.

All that aside, I think this is the first time they’ve shown grandmother (unless I’ve forgotten something from the first season). At this point, we know more about Nasa’s family than Tsukasa’s-most everything about her is still a mystery. From the OP, it looks like grandmother will play a role in this season and will perhaps enlighten us as to who Tsukasa is, something I’ve been burning with curiosity about-though they have dropped hints here and there.

Tsukasa does have a point-they are still in their honeymoon phase and should absolutely treasure what they have in the moment instead of throwing their whole selves into pulling together a ceremony that will cause more stress than bliss. I think perhaps she realizes that the happy happy honeymoon stage won’t last forever- reality eventually sets in. Living in close quarters with someone, you’re bound to have disagreements and differences no matter how in love you are. Hence the importance of embracing the present. As they say, the proof is in the pudding and the proof of their marriage is in how they spend their time together, in their bond more so than in a special dress or horrendously priced dog and pony show.

It was sooo adorable how embarrassed they got at buying the wedding magazine together at the conbini. Seriously, whenever I watch these two, my heart feels like it’ll explode from all their cute lovey doveyness. That ending with the cuddly marriage vows-absolutely kawaii. What a cozy, heartwarming start to another season with anime’s sweetest married couple!



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