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OP: 「slash」by yama

「大地からの使者」 (Daichi kara no Shisha)
“Envoys from the Earth”

Well, it only took a season, but here we are back with the fun of cute, crazy, and big giant robots. The wait for Witch from Mercury to kick back off might have been annoying, but there’s no denying that time let the hype build up, and considering the stakes of this season I dare say we’re going to get our payoff. After all, when you’re starting out promising bloodshed and radical change, best be sure something is going to prove interesting.

Given how the first season left off with Suletta Smash, probably no big shocker things this episode started by avoiding the elephant in the room. Sure, we danced around the bush and teased the outcome of mama Prospera (well, potential mama) getting her daughter into going full sociopath, but Miorine is away looking out for her crippled father, Suletta is busy dealing with school affairs (read: opportunistic students out to make a name), and the other relevant groups are figuring out their next steps. For all the annoyance of pushing their reuniting down the road it (alongside the ED) does hint towards some of the themes of this season in free will and trust, ensuring in part that drama will very much be on the menu. It’s only a matter of how crazy said drama becomes.

Ensuring crazy as well is the other side of the coin in Prospera and her plans, which thanks to one little chat with Miorine are now fully in the open. While the exact nature of Quiet Zero is up for debate, I think it’s pretty obvious that A: it’s nothing particularly pleasant; and B: it’s going to yield some serious conflict between Miorine and Suletta before too long. This is Gundam after all, insane and utopistic schemes are par the course so the only unknown is which flavour Quiet Zero winds up taking. Will it be some sort of superweapon that keeps everyone in line through fear? Or is it rather some omnipresent system that effects and coerces control to ensure peace and happiness for all? Considering the cybernetic premise at work – not to mention the ominous teaser – my bet is on the latter, but no guarantees can be had until Prospera herself finally reveals all. Gundam plots after all are never surefire things.

For the moment, however, matters are going to be all about Earthian witches and finally dealing with the role Nika is playing in affairs. I wouldn’t expect anyone to die in the latest bout of mecha violence (little early to be offing anyone), but I dare say it’s going to set the tone for what’s to come. Best strap yourselves in boys and girls, this season is going to wild.


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ED2: 「Red:birthmark」by Aina The End


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  1. This Utena rip-off plot is getting boring, and yay…. those two Trinity clone go to school, i mean who didn’t see it coming? …. Just gimme Bob or Punished Bob. They wasted a pretty nice grunt mecha like that Z’Gock look alike for a less than 5 minute silly duel…

    And Nika, i’ve seen netorare heroine who is smarter than her.

    My Tanuki and Parrot can’t be this cute! Okouchi gave her sex hair! Man, so Okouchi is really going to ripp-off Utena and its infamous netorare plot! GOOD FOR ME! But, i hope it is not that narcistic Shaddiq or Faq El(5/0)n… damn, aside from Bob there is noone interesting….

    Quiet Zero? Please no more Instrumentality Project Rip-Off… oh, neither Angel Halo or Destiny Plan too please… man, gundam sure love their zany plan. Legend Galactic Heroes once showcased what happened when one military operation depended on single big zany plan (Geiersburg vs Iserlohn) , and they were punished heavily with 92% rate casualty…..

      1. Yeah, i mean….

        “…..-I CONTINUE TO FIGHT! I CONTINUE TO FIGHT!!….” – O2 – Orange Range

        This is a perfect excuse to expect a lot from Bob or Punished Bob, Weissenreiter look plain as vanilla, and i don’t have a lot of hope when Rebuilt Aerial is just Ashsaber/Weissaber rip off…. better have cool unthinkable gimmick that is not borderline toy just like anything coming from Gundam AGE. AGE was quite neat honestly, not good but… hey, Yurin kinda cute… and Adult Asuno is very cool… Groedek wasn’t that bad if they didn’t be in hurry to kill him too early.

        Prospera barely do anything so far, even Durandal as a Char clone do more in his limited appearance… that is why, i want to believe that “BOB IS A CHAR.” instead of her.

  2. I’m kind of disappointed we were back to school duels again after how explosive the season finale was. I hope the plot moves away from the school because it just seems to distract from the everything else.

    1. I half expect the school setting (or at least the focus on school events) to fade over the next couple of weeks, but there’s some doubt on that front. Cannot help thinking sometimes it’s like this Gundam wants to be Classroom Crisis with some edgy violence.

  3. While I have no-doubt Gundam will deliver gore and violence, even so, this is Anime we are talking about. Suisei no Majo could give us viewers a nerfed version of bloodshed compared to what we saw at the end of last season.

    One thing I am enjoying is how shaken up everyone on Team Earthian is. Anymore wavering resolve from the students and Team Earthian will start to take sides among the teammates.

    1. This is why I’m glad Nina’s role in things is finally being explored. There’s a good degree of missing conflict and objectives on the Earthian side, something which the two Earthian witches should properly reveal.

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